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Kundalini Gateway Sitemap.

Home: Gateway page for the gateway.
Sitemap: This handy directory page.
Extended Sitemap: All pages listed. Updated Jan 29/2003
K. List FAQ: What you need to know if you are subscribing to the list.
Posting: Would you like to send a message to the K-list?
History: Founded in 1996. Section includes selected threads on many topics.
Emailing the Moderators: Send a blank post to the autoresponder robot to get the address.
List Archives: Probably the world largest collection of information about living with the process of Kundalini.
Archives Search Engine Do a keyword search of the archives to find out almost anything you want to know about Kundalini!
Kundalini FAQs: Index of FAQs by Kurt Keutzer.
Caution: Approach this energy with humility and respect.
Symptoms: Signs and symptoms of awakening. By El Collie. Soon to be indexed and linked to member comments and experiences of each symptom.
Threads: Collected discussions on various topics that come up on the list regularly.
Experiences: Index page of experiences of awakening that list members have shared.
Member Essays: Some very wise people have posted to the list.
Meditations: Index of meditations and visualizations to stoke or soothe the serpents.
Art Gallery: Art and arfitacts from some talented list members.
Poetry: Index page of inspired poetry by list members.
Cybrary: Books: Books recommended by members.
Cybrary: Music Music recommended by members.
K. list Polls: Over the years, there have been many different polls and surveys taken of listmembers, ranging from health symptoms to paranormal experiences.
Chat room: Where members gather in real-time to celebrate and share energies.
European Mirror Site: Hosted by Frans.
Volunteers: The team of moderators and web helpers that make this possible.
Volunteer info Special information for voulunteer web assistants. More information.
Related Lists: The K-list family of lists. Many list members were inspired to create new lists to explore their special interest in different paths of awakening.
K Links: Member pages, and many web references.
Banners. Link to us with these banners.

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Kundalini by Sharon Webb.spacer main footer blank Some caution is recommended when dealing with Kundalini.
Feel free to submit any questions you might have about what you read here to the K-list moderators, and/or the author (if given). Specify if you would like your message forwarded to the list.
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