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Archives Search Engine.

You are welcome to use this search engine to search the archives, and find more information on any topic that is of interest to you.

Do not try to search on these keywords:
K-list, Kundalini, gateway, Spiritual awakening, Tantra, Yoga, Mysticism, Shakti, how to empath, psychic, mystical, physical, mental, experiences, paranormal, spiritual emergency, serpent, Goddess, Jung, schizophrenic, bipolar, ADD, evolution, enlightenment, SEN, KRN, KRC.

These words are in the meta-tags or footer of all 12,000+ posts, and are therefore unsuitable for an archive search. If you used any of these words as a keyword for your search, you would get back links to the entire archive which would probably crash your browser. However, variations on the words will work, like searching "schizophrenia" instead of "schizophrenic."

The search engine can be a little slow. Please enjoy a few moments meditation while waiting for the results! If it returns an error message, it may be that the server is simply busy. Do try again.

Enter a keyword:

Note: When the results give you a digest, you can locate your keyword within it by using your browser to search that page. Choose "find" from the button bar (Netscape) or "Edit -Find on this page" from the toolbar (control-F in Iexplore) and enter your keyword in the box that pops up.

GNU search engine by Extropia. Installed by druid.

I have also installed this Google search engine for searching this site or the web.

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Kundalini can be unsettling to your physical and mental wellbeing. Use the advice offered at your own risk.

  • All email addresses on this site have been spam proofed by the addition of ATnospam in place of the at symbol symbol.
  • The posting address for the K-list has changed over the history of the list. Originally established as the Kundalini-l[AT], June 1996. Relocated to Kundalini[AT], Dec. 31, 1998. Relocated again when, the host of moved it lists to Dec.1999. Relocated again to Kundalini-Gateway[AT] 17 Jan 2000 by the will of the members, who didn't like merged with, which was purchased by Relocated to this domain Jan. 2003.
  • This precious archive of experiential wisdom is made available thanks to sponsorship from
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