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If you are not a member and you would like to send a message to the list, you can send it to the list moderators and ask them to forward it to the list. However, it is suggested that you subscribe to the K-list so you can read members responses.

mod-squad at

All K-list posts are publicly archived on the web, so that they can be of benefit to future seekers. Posting to the list is giving consent for the post to be archived. If you are shy, then post under a pseudonym or send your post to the moderator address and ask for it to be forwarded to the list anonymously.

Please, do not ask us to remove your posts from the archives. The archives are part of the list history, its chronology. Once consent to publish has been given, it cannot be revoked.

If you were so naive as to post under your given name, and now you find that employers are finding your list posts and giving you odd looks, then you may request for us to remove your name from the archives.

We may, or may not honour your request. We would suggest that image and ego are intertwined, and perhaps what occurs is Divine Guidance inviting you to be more open about yourself and stop trying to control how you appear in the eyes of another.

Editing the archives is a time consuming task. Send us the URL of the posts your name appears on, and please make a donation in support of the Kundalini Gateway.

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Feel free to submit any questions you might have about what you read here to the K-list moderators, and/or the author (if given). Specify if you would like your message forwarded to the list.
All posts publically archived with the permission of the people involved.
Reproduction for anything other than personal use is prohibited.
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