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Related Lists.

The Kundalini List has enjoyed steady growth over the years, and has been the inspiration for a number of other related lists.

blue gem K_Goddess List
blue gem Kundalini Phenomena List
blue gem Kundalini_sex List
blue gem Kundalini-support
blue gem Harshasatsangh list
blue gem Nonduality Salon
blue gem Ravens and Doves
blue gem Kundalini Food Fights (temporarily indisposed)
blue gem Kundalini-Politics
blue gem Shamans (temporarily indisposed)
blue gem LaKundalini List (in Spanish)
blue gem Australia

K_Goddess List.

Kundalini awakening thru Modern Primitives rituals, Tantra, Guru/chela as a D&S relationship, BDSM shamanism, SM as Sex Magick. Openminded, spiritually oriented, Adults only.
For a fuller explanation of this list topic, go to this page.

Kundalini Phenomena List.

The spiritual and evolutionary process known as Kundalini awakening can be joyous or harrowing to those undergoing it. Many esoteric philosophies suggest ignoring all psychic and physical phenomena and staying focused on the goal: enlightenment and self-realization. This list community views the destination as being ultimately in the hands of Spirit, and focuses instead on sharing thoughts on the beauty and discomforts along the journey. The destination is universal, the paths to It are individual: religous intolerance and prosetlyzing are discouraged. Here awakened travellers of all paths may meet in harmony to share tales of thier adventures, and to assist fellow travellers who may be encountering difficulties along the way. The joy is in the journey.
Post message:

Kundalini Sex List

The sexual symptoms of awakened Kundalini, Tantra, remote group energy sharing, Goddess worship, exploring archtypes. ADULTS ONLY.
For more information:
Post message:

Kundalini-support forum.

Bob Boyd's support forum:

Harshasatsangh list

This spiritual discussion group is an open Satsang and is blessed by Sri Ramana Maharshi, the great Jnani Sage of Arunachala. HarshaSatsangha is in the best tradition of a joyous spiritual fellowship for facilitating the Recognition of the Eternal Reality that is One's Own Self. "I Am That!" This is the uncompromising, simple, and yet Radical Truth proclaimed in a variety of ways by the ancient and modern Sages of Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, and Taoism. In Advaita Vedanta, the highest teaching emphasizes the complete identity of the Individual Soul with the Supreme Soul. In Tibetan Buddhism, Dzogchen is considered the supreme teaching and represents the nondual focus on one's innate wakefulness. How beautiful the variety of expressions in so many different traditions! We embrace this variety with great joy and in fellowship in HarshaSatsangha.

No religion or teacher or tradition has a monopoly on the Essential Truth of Reality which is Our Own Nature. In this context, HarshaSatsangha focuses on the aspirations and experiences of individuals on the spiritual path. Everyone interested in any of the Shiva and Shakti traditions, and the related yogic and tantric paths as well as those practicing primarily the cognitive methods of the pure nondual teachings of great Jnanis such as Ramana Maharshi are welcome to join. The discussions are typically expected to focus on Self-Realization, Kundalini Shakti and Its Manifestations, God-Realization, the Goddess, Enlightenment, and various types of Samadhis (Savikalpa and Nirvikalpa). Discussion of various teachers and teachings can also be enriching as long as there is mutual respect and a feeling of amity in the conversation. Humor and poetry and other artistic expressions of the spiritual life are encouraged and supported. May God Bless everyone with Peace, Joy, and Understanding. May we all nourish and heal each other in the spirit of Compassion, Wisdom and Love. OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti. Peace to all living beings.
For more information:
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Nonduality Salon.

This is the Nonduality Salon, the first email list to be dedicated to nonduality. The list owner and moderator is Jerry Katz,... The topics should relate to self-realization or nondual perspectives, for example, nonduality and art, nonduality and education, nonduality and music, movies, activism, travel, solitude, philosophy, religion, surfing, ecology, mathematics, Hiphop Kulture. Wherever you see nondual perspective, feel free to report or talk about it here. Also definitions and explications of nonduality are welcome. Please, no gossip. The playing out of the guru/devotee dynamic is not encouraged on list. Just talk about nondual perspectives, being, the Self, etc.
This is the Nonduality Salon, the first email list to be dedicated to nonduality.

Ravens and Doves.

Have you had a sudden, unexpected spiritual experience while working the 12 steps or other recovery process? Did you have, An epiphany with your Higher Power? Chakra/Kundalini awakening? Shamanic type journey? Other extraordinary event? Did it rock your world and cause other people to think you were crazy? Have you stayed clean and sober in spite of the skepticism around you? If any of these events were a part of your recovery, you can feel at home here. Spontaneous spiritual emergence, although seldom spoken of in recovery literature or meetings, is a timeless, very real phenomenon that transcends cultural and religious boundries. Regardless of your beliefs or disbeliefs, a person's consciousness can be "...rocketed to a fourth dimension." At Ravens and Doves we can support each other as we share stories (however strange they have seemed to others), talk about adjustment difficulties and get real poetic about the most wonderful moment of our lives.
For more information:
Post message:


Food, nutrition, vegan vs. omnivore, etc. please post to:


Kundalini Politics and World Events:


Kundalini and Shamanism



After several months looking through internet I haven´t found any list for people going through the kundalini process in spanish language.

Pero creo que debe haber unas cuantas personas por ahí, buscando un lugar donde poder hablar de sus experiencias y comprenderlas un poco más. Me apoyo en la sincronía, en que gente así acab´ra dando con la lista poco a poco y la reconocerácomo un lugar agradable y confortable donde estar un tiempo y compartir sus ideas, conocimientos y experiencias.

But I think there should be a good amount of people looking for a place qhere they can speak about their experiences and understand them a little more. I put my confidence in synchronicity, that this kind of people will finaly find the list and that they will see it like a confortable and nice place where stay some time and share their ideas, knowledge and experiences.

El proceso de la kundalini todavía no es muy bién comprendido y existen pocos lugares con información fiable acerca de él.

Los pocos lugares/listas que hay están en inglés así que he decidido crear esta lista para gente que hable castellano.

Está especialmente dirigida para personas que estén experimentando el proceso, pero cualquier otra persona que por la razón que sea esté interesada en el proceso es bienvenida igualmente.

Este lugar está abierto a cualquier prespectiva o enfoque, creencia o religión.

Así que si te decides, entra sin mayores problemas...

Veo está lista un poco como una extension de la k-list. Quién sabe? Quizá traducir algún mensaje de vez en cuando buscando un poco más de consejo o quizá en un futuro me decida a traducir algunas páginas relacionadas con la kundalini que ahora solo está disponible en ingles ( pr evio consentimiento del autor, por supuesto).

I see this list, more or less, like an extension of the k-list. Who knows? It could be I translate a message from time to tieme looking for a little more of advice or it could be in a future I translate some pages about kundalini that right now are only in english ( prior consent of the author, of course)

La lista está abierta y ahí se va a quedar. Así que cuando llegue la gente bienvenida sea.

The list is open and is going to remain there. So when the people arrive they will be welcomed.



A Yahoo group for Australians who are experiencing a Kundalini awakening:
I've created a Yahoo group for Australians who are experiencing a Kundalini awakening, the group is named Kundalini_Oz. The aim of the group is to offer support, providing helpful local information and sharing experiences with like minded people in our own country. Sometimes, travelling this path can make you feel isolated emotionally and physically....and we already live in such an isolated but beautiful place. It's reassuring to meet people from your own country, possibly living close at hand...offering friendship and closeness. For more information and subscription details please visit the groups home page at:

Look forward to meeting you... Amaargi List Owner

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