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Info page for web volunteers.

Thanks to those who have offered to help update and expand this website!

Some info about the site, about me and how it is set up to be smoothly handled by many.

First of all, I am an unusual web designer in that I am completely self taught, and my pages are lovingly hand coded with text based html editors. That means, as soon as you open them in a web page based editor like Communicator or Frontpage, you mess up the HTML code and the result will not fit in with the rest of the site.

I am the only person who consistently has responsibility for mainatining this site... volunteers come and go, and some of the volunteers who have edited these pages with anything but a text based editor have cost me countless hours and days of time repairing the results so that the pages are once again consistent.

This is a very large site. The basic site itself is about a hundred pages and growing, and add in the archives and the number of pages gets into the tens of thousands. If any of the basic HTML form is changed, even to add an extra space in the formatting of the HTML code, then that page will be left out when I use search and replace to update many pages at once. If I notice it has been left out, then I will have to go in and repair it by hand so that the page will work next time. With so many pages, possibly I will not notice, and as time goes by with many people working on the site eventually I will have to spend more time finding and fixing inconsistent pages than if I had done the page myself, in the first place.

Sorry if this seems cranky, I love it that people get so much from the site and want to give back, I really appreciate the volunteers, because this kundalini net empire is way more than one person can do... but some of the volunteers have been like a bull volunteering to help out in a china shop. I spend too much time repairing the wreckage, afterwards.

However, it does not have to be like that. I have set it up to be really easy for anyone to create a page and send it back to me for uploading, so long as you do it in word, notepad, homesite, arachnophilia, or some other text based editor that will preserve the present formatting.
Arachnophilia is an excellent program to use, and appropriately it is free- "careware". To pay for it, you go around for a day being extra kind to people you meet. You pay for through a spiritual focus! There is kindness in the act of contributing to this website, which has been a huge comfort and breakthrough, for so many. The directory structure: The root directory, or holds all the basic site pages, such as the K-list FAQ and this page, as well as a bunch of metaforms ('this page has moved' form.) that redirect people to pages that have been moved, renamed or removed.

Most likely the content you will be updating, will be in one of the subdirectories. Each subdirectory has it's own blank web page form that you can fill out to add a page.

The sub directories and the forms for them are:
/art/ formArt Gallery form
  /art/graphics/ is a subdirectory that holds the images for the gallery.
/awaken/Tales of Awakening form
/essays/Member Essays form.
/history/ list and website history form
/img/ Where all graphics and images go, except the art from the art gallery.
/k-list/ Thousands of list archives, and several subdirectories. /meditat/Meditations by members form.
/poetry/ Kundalini Gateway : Members' Poetry: Index
/polls/Kundalini polls form.

Go to the page that has the form for the section you are adding to, and left click on it or go to 'file/save as' in your web browser, and save it to your harddrive. Usually you are given the option to save it as html only, or to save the entire page, including the graphics. Choose html only. Some browsers would rewite the page to decribe where the images appear locally on your hard drive if you try to save the whole thing for off-line browsing. We don't want that. The page will have blank spaces where the images used to be when you preview it, and the fonts may look different because the CSS (cascading stylesheet that controls how fonts appear and behave) is not loaded. No worries.

Open the form page in a text based html editor and resave it under a new name to describe your page. Leave the initial letter or letters behind the underscore _ alone, because that prefix identifies to me what subdirectory the file belongs in. Type the new name over the word "form"and save it again as a .html file.

Short filenames with no capitals or special charachters are preferred for the Unix servers that host the site, and the possible limitations of future volunteers.

Looking at the raw page in a text editor, you will see that the third line of text is the title. For example:

Kundalini Gateway: Kundalini Gateway: Member Essays: ESSAY NAME. AUTHOR.

Block out the stuff in caps and put in the author, or whatever it calls for in normal text. Leave the "Kundalini gateway"etc. portion alone.

Next, scroll down 2/3 of the page to where you will find a dozen lines of white space. At the top of the whitespace you will find more all caps text indicating where to put the title, author and content. Add line breaks and paragraph breaks where needed. If you do not know how to do that, dowload this plain text file that explains it.

Save it again, then send it to me as an email attachment, or put it in the shared files of the yahoogroups website and notify me that it is there, so I can pick it up and upload it to the site. Do not notify the whole list that it is there.
If you have some experience with web design, you can also update the index page for that section by adding a link to the page you have just created. Go to the index and save it to your hard drive as you did for the form, then resave it adding the same initial letters before the underscore in the filename as you left alone when renaming the form for that dorectory. So, if the form was for a poll, it was called po_form.html because "po_" is the prefix for filenames that go into the polls directory. You rename the polls index page po_index.html so I will know it is the index for the polls section. I will rename it index.html after I upload it to the correct directory. The letters before the underscore are a filing system to help me keep track of what pageis about what subject and goes into what subdirectory. For example, if you are adding a poem and an essay to the site, the indexes are both called index.html but they are in different subdirectories.

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