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     dotScience, Philosophy and Kundalini
 dotChakras and Kundalini
 dotKundalini Yoga
 dotChristianity, Gnosticism and Kundalini
 dotKundalini Resources
 dotKundalini and Miscellaneous Topics

Science, Philosophy and Kundalini

Kundalini Research In India (ICR) This article discusses the state of modern research about kundalini going on in India today.

The Toltec path by Laura Paxton

Thinking Allowed Dr. Lee Sannella, a physician and author of The Kundalini Experience: Psychosis or Transcendence? Dr. Sannella is the founder of the Kundalini Clinic, and is an expert in dealing with individuals, both Eastern and Western, who are experiencing these symptoms of kundalini rising.

Meridian Institute "The Treatment of Schizophrenia" by David McMillin

Science Meets Occultism : Scientific Authors Who HaveUtilized Modern Occultism

About the Kundalini Paradigm (KRF) This brief essay describes the evolutionary nature of kundalini.

Shaping a Brighter Tomorrow (KRF) This interview with Gopi Krishna discusses his life, k-awakening and his philosophy.

Kundalini, Evolution and Scientific Proof (SDMedia) This discussion of the evolutionary nature of kundalini speculates about its eventual scientific documentation.

The Enneagram and the MBTI electronic journal dedicated to providing a forum in which the relationship between the two personality systems can be explored in depth and in detail, and publicly debated.

An Interview with Gopi Krishna (KRF)   In this interview, Gopi Krishna discusses kundalini in general, his own awakening, his philosphy of life and also the potential for scientific research into kundalini.

Nondualistic Vedanta Here’s a basic description of energy from the Rishi Society, a group which promotes a universal theory of unity, which unifies physics, mind and consciousness.

Proposal For A Scientific Investigation Into The Biological Mechanism Responsible Behind Human Evolution An article discussing the possibilities of a scientific investigation into kundalini energy.

Stairway to Higher Consciousness-Kundalini Yoga Here is an excellent in-depth discussion of kundalini yoga from a philosophical/scholastic point of view.

Raising the Kundalini This is an excerpt from the book, “The Spiritual Philosophy of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti” which discusses kundalini from a philosophic point of view using many traditional sanskrit terms.

The RishiSite World Nonprofit seeks to develop theories to unify physics, mind, and consciousness. Read about quantum field theory, general relativity, and Vedanta.

Kundalini: A Web Conversation This site contains a variety of very original science-oriented articles on > kundalini and related subjects. Some of it reads more like science fiction.

Are Infinite Carotid-Kundalini Functions Fractal?


Chakras and Kundalini

Nadis & Kundalini (was from WWWSpirit) This article describes the spiritual organs through which kundalini flows.

The Human Auric Field, Chakras System and Kundalini This article by Kevin Warrington serves as a brief introduction to the Auric Field and gives a personal look at Auric Healing

The Chakras And Channels Of Energy This description of the chakras explains the changes that take place as they are activated by awakened kundalini.

Kundalini Yoga (from: Spirituality, Yoga, Hinduism Page) This description of kundalini yoga focuses on the chakras.

Kundalini Shakti and Chakras This article discusses the phenomenon of kundalini flow and blockages in connection with the various chakras.

The Chakras was at ( Understanding your chakras is important in having healthy energy and Kundalini flow.

Alternative Culture Magazine Article on the chakras and kundalini, especially the root chakra, or Mooladhara.

Chakras are not part of either a Celtic or a Nordic tradition but from my perspective they exist and working with their energy has always been a vital part of my tradition.


Kundalini Yoga

Fire Serpent Tantra

Kundalini Yogas FAQ Kurt Keutzer's “This FAQ by [Kurt Keutzer] gives an overview of those kundalini yoga practices which require conscious effort.”

Siddha Mahayoga FAQ by Kurt Keutzer.(WWWSpirit) or Kurt Keutzer's  These FAQ’s by Kurt Keutzer discuss k-awakening through shaktipat, which is the awakening of kundalini by contact with a kundalini master.

The Path of Siddha Mahayoga or Kurt Keutzer’s
This is Kurt Keutzer’s description of the process of k-awakening by shaktipat in the tradition of Swami Shivom Tirth.

Kundalini Yoga A substantial resource on the subject of Kundalini Yoga that is home of the Kundalini Yoga Mailing List, and also contains full details and copies of previous lessons from a new on-line itroductory course in k-yoga by Gururattan K. Khalsa, Ph.D. (aka Rattana).

Mastery of Kundalini Yoga Yoga classes and Meditation workshops are offered for all levels. Programs are geared towards helping the student realize their highest potential and awaken to their True Nature.

3HO Foundation Main Page The homepage of one of the largest k-yoga organizations, 3HO, which was founded by Yogi Bhajan.

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Here is a brief description of some actual k-yoga exercises as taught by Yogi Bhajan of 3HO.

The Path of Kundalini Maha Yoga This page from the site of a particular school of kundalini yoga contains a great basic description about kundalini, and it’s awakening.

SahajaYoga Main Page Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi has created a form of yoga, Sahaja Yoga, to awaken kundalini. Her organization has created a rather extensive website, with much k-related information, including a shakti-charged meditation guided by her voice on “shock-wave”.

Tantra : The Art of Philosophy Discusses the tantric imagery, in which deities are geometrically represented as Yantras, the concepts of kundalini, chakras depicting the human body and other tantric icons.

Kundalini This excerpt of the book 'Taming the Kundalini' by Swami Satyananda Saraswati discusses the process of k-awakening through kundalini yoga using a lot of sanskrit terminology.

Theory and practice of Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga Here’s a good general description of kundalini yoga. main paths of yoga

yoga styles

Yoga Internet Resources   A great collection of yoga links, including many for kundalini yoga. It is part of the “Holistic Healing Web Page”.

The hOMe Foundation

Yoga Technology Press Publishers since 1988 of a popular and practical range of books on Kundalini Yoga & Meditation by Gururattan K. Khalsa Ph.D., including a free ezine on k-yoga.


Christianity, Gnosticism and Kundalini

Kundalini Energy and Christian Spirituality This series of 4 articles explores “what happens when Christians begin to experience kundalini and reflect on it in the light of their own tradition”. Kundalini is examined in its traditional eastern interpretation, in terms of Jungian psychology, personal k-awakening, and then in an open-minded k-friendly interpretation of how Christians can deal with k-awakening.

Christ and the Kundalini This Gnostic Christian point of view integrates the kundalini experience and Christianity (from “Knowledge of Reality” magazine).

Moses and the Gnostic Rod of Aaron (KRF) or   This Gnostic interpretation of the Book of Exodus points out the kundalini symbolism contained within it.

On Serpent Symbolism and Kundalini The serpent in the bible is given a Gnostic interpretation as a symbol of kundalini.

Serpentine Power In Greece And India by Prof. Dr. Francisco Diez de Velasco

Testimony: Kundalini Awakening Received Through Toronto A fundamental Christian warns that the “Toronto Blessing” is really a demonic force, just like kundalini.

Shalom Place An Online Christian Spirituality Center with Philip St. Romain.

Historical Sources and Knowledge of Kundalini This article from “Knowledge of Reality” magazine cites references to kundalini in various holy books and historical texts

Comparison Between the Kundalini Practice and the So-Called Toronto Blessing  A fundamental Christian warns that the “Toronto Blessing” is really a demonic force, just like kundalini. Heh.

The Binary Serpent  by Heinz Insu Fenkl. This article explores serpent symbolism.

The Secret Teachings of the Bible "On this web site,we take a different approach to show just how all of the major religious ideas and myths in the Western world have originated and what they mean..."


Kundalini Resources

Kundalini Mail List- Subscription Page [K-list] Gateway.  Subscribe to the Kundalini List.

Kundalini List Archives
Kundalini List posts from 1996 are available here. (broken link)
European Mirror Site [K-list] Gateway

Kundalini Cybrary (KGateway) This reference guide of suggestions sent in by subscribers of the Kundalini List provides a good starting place to find information about kundalini and related topics.

Friends Online (ShTransformation) This list of “individuals have had Kundalini experiences and are willing to connect via e-mail to anyone in search of a Kundalini kindred spirit.”

Kundalini Book List (ShTransformation) These “books specifically address Kundalini awakening; quite a number of them are firsthand accounts of the Kundalini experience.”

Kundalini Bibliography (WWWSpirit) or (Keutzer) This "bibliography of works related to Kundalini. focuses primarily on works in English from the Indian and Tibetan traditions."

Kundalini Network of Netherlands The Netherland’s Kundalini Network homepage offers local support and contacts. They don’t have the same emphasis on the dangers of kundalini as the Scandanavian K-Network pages.

Kundalini Network & Information in Scandinavia: "Our attempt is to create a forum where different opinions and viewpoints available on the subject, can meet and interact, hopefully enabling further understanding of what contact with these Kundalini energies implies."

Spiritual Crisis Network UK : "A spiritual crisis can be described as a turbulent period of spiritual opening and transformation. Spiritual crisis is also referred to as spiritual emergency, where a process of spiritual emergence, or awakening, becomes unmanageable for the individual."

(broken link) "" How To Use The Internet For Spiritual Growth Gloria Greco’s homepage has a variety of articles and resources about kundalini and related topics.

The Yoga Directory contains a list of yoga teachers, yoga centers, organizations, books, music, yoga therapists, health products, yoga retreats, vacations, personals, and yoga traditions.


Kundalini and Miscellaneous Topics Science, medicine and religion have merged! Spiritual Improvisation: Theater Games for Enlightenment, Books for actors and performing artists.

Radiatory and Kundalini Healing (WWWSpirit) The combination of energy from a healer’s soul with the healer’s kundalini is claimed to be a very powerful method of healing.

The Serpent's Prayer: The Psychology of an Image By Greg Mogenson, M.A., Jungian Analyst, Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts (London, Ontario, Canada)

Kundalini Awakening Through Courtly Love (WWWSpirit)(via the wayback machine This essay speculates that the intense romantic courtly love in the Camelot tales had the power of awaken the kundalini of ladies and their knights. History and worship of serpents.

Serpent Symbolism.

Mahatma Gandhi Writings Online

Hyperspace Tantrics Visions of the Otherworld from several paradigmatic perspectives such as Physics, Celtics, Vedics, Tantrics, Psychics, and Chemical Experiences of a Hyperspatial Nature.

Kundalini: The Joy Of Celibacy…or ditto This article discusses the benefits of celibacy in accelerating k-awakening, and it gives some practical advice for those who may be considering it.

Caduceus and Kundalini in Ancient Egypt

The Spiritual Journey: Kundalini, Creation And Enlightenment This page describes kundalini and the concept of enlightenment. Several paths including k-yoga and tantra are discussed here.

Guidelines for the Sacramental Use of Empathogenic Substances Do Psychedelic Drugs Mimic Awakened Kundalini? This report analyzes a poll of users of psychedelic drugs to compare their experiences with those of k-awakening.

Psychedelic Drugs and the Awakening of Kundalini Michael Hoffman, ego Ego Death and Self-Control Cybernetics

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