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The K-List

The K-list was created in June, 1996. It is the oldest and most successful Kundalini email list on the web, and has become a very strong and thriving community, even though it has moved servers and providers many times.

This list is for the free exchange of information, advice and friendship among those interested in, undergoing, or in any way involved with the awakening of Kundalini energy.
By the very nature of the phenomena, such a process touches upon every aspect of life. As a result, this list is set up to be a sacred space in which list members should feel able to post openly on any subject which is related to this topic.

"Where two or more are gathered" works in cyberspace. The shared energy of the membership tends to increase the incidence of synchronicity on this list. Likely that same synchronicity brought you here. Welcome!

Yea but in the end, the days of email discussion lists did run their course. gradually replaced by social media. K list still exists, but posts are rare. Join and post, you will get responses.

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Membership Options.

Main email list, email digest, edited email digest or forum?

The main and original Kundalini email discussion list!
Subscribe to the K-list.

It is **very important** that all new members read the K-list guidelines before posting.

This is a privately hosted list, paid for by the site owner and it is set up differently than most free email lists. It is an old and somewhat settled community, continuously active since 1996. If you post to K-list without reading the guidelines we will see your errors and know you do not respect the space enough to take the time to read the rules for posting.

Remember to add the K list addresses to your whitelist so they are not stopped by your spam filters. Spam filter blocking is the most frequent cause of members being unsubscribed by the mail serv system. If you find you have been unsubscribed or are not getting the mail, don't take it personally. Resubscribe yourself.

New!! Bulletin Board: The Kundalites Garden.
Email lists are a bit old school these days, we evolved to have a forum option:
Visit The Kundalites Garden..
Visit the link to read the forum. The forum is in a password protected folder. Username is Kundalites and password is the current year: 2012. This simple extra layer of security ensures the forum will not be troubled with spam, search engines, email grabbing spiders, or bot-based hacking attempts.

Memberships to the forum are not approved very often: join the main list and post an introduction and you will become a forum member automatically. Set your K-list membership to no-mail if you prefer to use the forum.

The forum has been synced to the k-list. All posts to the k-list will appear on the forum, and all posts to the forum will appear in the k list web archives and be added to this bravenet KundalistNews digest.

The Kundalini Mystic Isle in Secondlife virtual world.

A secondlife account is free! Visit Mystress' spiritually charged art installations.

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We do not send out spam or viruses, more

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Feel free to submit any questions you might have about what you read here to the Kundalini mailing list moderators, and/or the author (if given). Specify if you would like your message forwarded to the list.
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