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From: Infinitum Sent: Wednesday, May 28, 2003 7:08 PM
Subject: [K-list] Voices Outside My Head

Has any one had any experiences with voices as a K-experience?

About a year ago when I did some of my first kundalini investigations, I had an un-nerving, unearthly experience. I heard my father's voice (who is =alive) calling out to me from my bedroom door. The experience occurred about 15 minutes into a brief sleep, at exactly 5:18am. He simply callled my name in a very Fatherly way, very calm and supportive. The voice came from my bedroom door as though he were actually standing there. (He lives 800 miles away at 77 yet quite virile) It was so real that I answered him with a gentle childlike, "Huh?" I then got out of the bed and went through the house looking for someone, anyone. Nothing. has anyone had any similar experiences??



Four or five times a voice had solidified. It is full of force. It says things like "confidence" , "don?t be afraid" etc... I can?t clearly describe it. I just believe in a Self ( and extended self) but I?m openminded, if I get enough evidence I can change fastly of believings. But right now these experience has been very isolated

Hello -

Yes, i have had some limited experiences with voices, though always associated with an astral experience or visitor of sorts. Never while in ordinary awareness. Very clearly head the voice of another who at the time was thousands of miles away. love and light,

Once I had a dream, that I overheard a long lost friend "conversing" with someone, in my bowl of cereal! It sounded as if it were an intercom turned on! I was astounded! I then started to talk into this bowl, trying to get my friend's attention,...and he answered me, too! We started to talk through it, as if it were a walkie talkie. I could not believe that this bowl of cereal was acting as a Nexus!

Last night, I was reflecting on this dream, and looking at my turned off computer. Then realization swept over me, that this glass computer screen, ...had become my bowl of cereal, through which I was being connected to the souls of others. Now, I am reading your e-mail, and fascinated by this series of synchronicities and it's implication that space-time is indeed, an illusion & seemingly separating minds. But when the proper forces or energies are put in place or activated, this illusion-barrier, like the evil & wall of Berline, begins to crumble. This is the beauty of the power of the Kundalini.
Thought you'd like to know this. ...James.

Hi James. Thanks for your insight into the the topic of voices.

I'm wondering though if the phenomenon which you are describing, obviously a valid K-experience, slightly differs? "The Voice" that I heard, was acutally an external projection outside, literally, of myself. An entity with a life of its own. Not connected to me in anyway only that I heard it, and connected to nothing or no one physical. All I saw was an empty doorway, about 12 ft away. It betrays my reasoning even until now.

Dear Jeffrey, Rita, James, ElArgonauto,

Yeah! :)) Voices are one of the most wonderfully extraordinary aspects of the K experience. They are also one of the most disturbing, of course, because of the connection of hearing voices with "madness" as well as with mysticism.

We have had several discussions on the list over the years regarding this phenomena. I've personally experienced a variety of "voices," especially during the first year or so of my experiences. They range from shouting "I am that I am" to "It's not supposed to be easy! Just lie back and enjoy the ride." :)) I call the place where they come from, the message center, though it's hard for me to tell exactly where this center resides--whether inside or outside the body. If from inside, then it is from a place not usually accessible to us--either in waking or sleeping states. The experience certainly does seem "unearthly." :)) Some people call this "higher hearing."


Dear Hillary and All,

A few years ago when the strangest of the strange occurences started happening to me, I heard a definite voice outside of myself say, "You don't trust me." This happened during the dot-com crash and my business was going into the dumper. (Never did I suspect this was just the beginning -- of a series of economic crashes, that is!)
I believe since then my trust has grown in amazing ways -- and my business has crashed in amazing ways. However, the voice and the words I heard had aprofound effect on my life.


I often hear voices, calling my name or making comments as I am falling asleep. Sometimes I recognise them, sometimes I do not. I also hear other things, like the doorbell ringing. The other night I was in a light trance doing some healing work on my parents, and I clearly heard my older brother say "are you talking to Dad?".. in a scolding voice. I have not actually spoken to my brother in years, we do not get along...This was an unexpected confirmation of a suspicion I had previously, that my brother has been doing some unethical magical manipulation on my Dad.
So, I took a look, found some messing around he had done on various family members, trying to control them. Dismantled the stuff I found and turned it back on him. Heh.


I have heard many voices during meditations.
Some say things that are not so nice and some say things that give me pause to reflect. The not so nice ones I send Home to the light of Unconditional Love. Once voice I heard that gave me a good deal to think about. It asked me, "Are you wise enough to live with your fear?

"Seems like my life has been one big excercise in eradicating my fears ever since. I must not be wise enough yet because I'm still finding fears. :^)
"You must unlearn what you have learned".....................
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Love In Each Moment,
Jason B

Dear Jason, We are human; we have fears. Perhaps it's not in eradicating the fears that sets you free, but the mastery of fears through courage. ;-)


>Once voice I heard that gave me a good deal to think about. It asked me, >"Are you wise enough to live with your fear?"

Sounds like a good definition of courage. Courage is not fearlessness, it is knowing fear, accepting it and moving ahead anyway.

>Seems like my life has been one big excercise in eradicating my fears ever >since. I must not be wise enough yet because I'm still finding fears. :^)

.. and living with them... :)The dreamer, seeks to run from fear.. but that is as useless as trying to outrun your shadow.

The Litany against Fear, from "Dune":

"I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain."
~Frank Herbert.


Rick writes:

Fear comes from the ego, the ego fears the unknown, the ego is the chain holding you back. You dont master fear, rather you cleanse the ego of it's impurities through courage of letting go(surrender) which sets you free.
My question is why is your throat chakra opened if you've not cleansed your ego. This is because your hearing the voice of the ego.
The real question is, are you wise enough to live without fear.

At 05:50 PM 31/05/03, Rick wrote:

>Fear comes from the ego, the ego fears the unknown, the ego is the chain
>holding you back.

Not necessarily. Fear often comes from the body. It is body instinct to keep itself safe, that is its evolutionary purpose. I am sometimes more fearful if I am dehydrated, or too hungry, or short of sleep. Body has its own survival instincts.

>You dont master fear, rather you cleanse the ego of it's impurities >through courage of letting go(surrender) which sets you free. >>My question is why is your throat chakra opened if you've not cleansed >your ego. This is because your hearing the voice of the ego.

Even with realization, there can still be ego. The difference is you don't identify with it, or act from it. You simply watch it doing its thing, like an entertaining monkey. Monkey mind...Throat chakra opens to the voice of Spirit, but that does not mean other voices do not use it also.
We are like trees, we never stop growing. If we do, we die. Done with this.The crown chakra is the 1000 (infinitely) petaled lotus. Life long Namaste meditation, encountering things and seeing your Self reflected. The lotus opens another petal everytime, expansion of consciousness into becoming a larger part of All that Is.

>The real question is, are you wise enough to live without fear.

No, [the] voice was correct. You set yourself up for an unattainable goal, Rick. Be gentle with yourself.


Dear Jason, Interesting! :))

Perhaps the lesson here is simply that we should accept fear as part of life instead of trying to get rid of it. Maybe there is always one more layer of fear beneath the last.

There is a passage in the book *The Life and Zen teaching of Shunryu Suzuki* in which Suzuki almost drowned, and what shocked him was that he was still not so detached as not to react."Suzuki recovered and walked back upstream the mile to Tassajara. In his lecture that evening he mentioned what had happened and said that not being able to breathe had shown him how deeply he was attached to life and air. It had made him realize how poor his practice and understanding were. He had to be more sincere and diligent in his efforts to concentrate on 'the great matter.'"

Rick writes:
>The real question is, are you wise enough to live without fear.

Suzuki obviously felt the need to get beyond it, but I wonder if he ever did--or whether it should really be a goal. Maybe Jason's voice was right. That it takes greater strength of character to live with our fears. Some fears may not be so much ego based as based on the need for physical self-preservation.



If you read the story [Samuel in the Book of Samuel chapter 3:1-10.], notice how Eli considers "The Voice of God" to be Eli the Priest? This precisely describes what I experienced. Not to imply some form of self-grandiosity on my part (in spite of my screen name :)) )

I read the piece carefully after being reminded of the story. I instantly recalled having read it from my bible studies when I was younger. I think that was likely all of our (list members collectively, and humanity as a whole) first glimpse into the mysteries that lie beyond the temporality of time, that is religion. A sense of deep understanding overtook me upon recalling and "reconnecting" as it were with that ancient truth, that I had recently experienced myself. I think personally too the bible and all religious texts are a roadmap to all who would believe in themselves and the powers of the Kundalini, Holy Spirit, or what have you.

The point I am trying to impress upon you though James, before digressing too far, "The Voice was an External Projection". It was not the commonality of the run of the mill conversation that takes place in dreams. (not to minimize your experience, what you are describing is far from common) There were no accompanying visuals, except for what seemed to be projections of "The Voice" encircling the ceiling of the room on either side to collide in the center at the opposite end (Ida & Pingala or Yin & Yang).

Like two rushing rivers they were, dynamic, moving, pure Energy coming from my doorway, projecting toward me from some unseen source.

I never saw anyone standing there until now (not that I would want to at this point). I recall thinking in real time as I returned to normal conciousness that my Father could not be in NY.


the voices i've been hearing lately don't make any sense. seems as they maybe in another language a lot of vowels. like paaaayaaatha krya. or kiya. i always forget to write them down, at they time they seem so easy to remember just a little word or two, got my pen and paper handy for the nesx time thou.
i've as well, heard a song in thisa language. and at the time i knew the words, could sing alongwith it ,in fact i felt i had written it



Dear Lori-Ann and List,

I first experienced a voice and symbol patterns in an alien language over 30 years ago and still can't translate them. All I can say is that they seem to be some internal language, a language of the subconscious perhaps, a language directly from the soul, if you will. That may be why they seem so natural when you're experiencing them, but are so difficult to interpret with the conscious mind. I believe the key may be to feel the meaning behind them, rather than try to interpret them like a normal language.



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