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Top Down Opening


I am just curious.....Has anyone else gotten the Kundalini from the top down. Mine started in the crown chakra and has moved down these last few years.  It always starts at the crown but now stops at my heart chakra or solar plexis etc.  Has anyone else had this?

Mine was crown/third eye first - then heart - lastly the 2nd chakra (it took 21 years to get to No 2!) - that's been the major ordering.  Personal experience overrides theories and teacherings in my books (pun not intended).


I know nothing about ancient teachings/yoga techniques for awakening chakras, but I'm very interested in the ordering - I suppose it must be different for everyone. For me it began with the crown or third eye?? I'm pretty sure since I went from being an everyday 16 year old with no interest in religion or God whatsoever - to intuitive knowledge of the nature of paradox, non-duality, profound sense of interconnection etc etc virtually overnight. Went mad for books on mysticism, Zen, Tao.... just made complete sense to me.

Two years later the snake up the spine began - never felt heat or anything - just fizzy electricity starting up the base and surging all way up to the crown, then I'd hallucinate. This happened every night for ...... 12 years or so? Can't remember clearly.

After that the surging changed it's nature - from chest up, then throat up - and now it's in the head only.

I've never had awareness of the throat chakra in isolation - but then I've never had problems with communicating and being open so I don't know if that figures.

About 5 years ago I felt stuff going on in the heart - that corresponded with a huge opening up of love for my mother over whom I'd been blocked up until that point.

One year ago down below went totally mad - very base stuff indeed. At the same time on occasion I would feel the whole lot going off - pulsating and zinging as if it were a chain reaction - one setting off the next etc. It was unbearable at times. I felt like a walking electricity pylon - you could have charged your mobile on me. My sinuses meanwhile went crazy and I was getting through a roll of kitchen paper a day at times.

At the same time it felt like I was giving birth - to a vision of 100% certainty concerning the rest of my life, it's purpose, direction etc. It was incredible, like finally climbing the mountain and the rest of the world spreading out below and being able see clearly with in all directions. That was the time I fully made the connection I had K, and a friend by sheer fluke pointed me to the K-list.

Now things have calmed down and integrated hopefully. It's 3rd eye focused. Starts buzzing away in the early hours but not overwhelmingly so any more.

Top down? If anyone can comment I'd be very interested, being an ignoramus in 'Kundalini theory' so to speak.

My experience was definitely opened through the heart chakra. The vibrations and electrical sensations started in my legs and moved into my root chakra. From there it cut a wide path(almost the width of my body) and exited out through my abdomen and back into another lower level chakra. But when it exited again and reentered through my chest the energy surged and went all over my body down to every last nerve I could feel.

The energy was so strong at this point I felt I no longer had a body but instead was part of the universe. The ecstasy and extreme bliss was so incredible I did not want to reenter my body.Where ever I was I wanted to stay there even if it meant I was dead.To my dissapointment, when I opened my eyes I was back in my living room.

At the time of my awakening I was feeling pure love for my father who I longed to see after his passing. I think because the energy was released in a wide path, this is why it was not uncomfortable or painful as some people have experienced.

And in comment to not fighting the energy you are all right on target! It's like being pulled out by a strong riptide in the ocean. It is much more powerful that you and fighting it is futile and deadly. As soon as you release and let the riptide take you out, you will come back up to the surface again.(and survive the near death experience).

There has been alot of good postings and thoughts the last few days. I enjoy reading them all!


The method of awakening you describe is the very method taught in > kriya yoga.  When you are able to flow it down to the base of the > spine--root chakra--then it will begin to flow up again.

In Kriya pranayama you circulate the energy in the spine.  However, every actual Kundalini rush I have experienced has always come from bottom up.  As others have mentioned, opening the heart chakra is often key to K. activation.

K. starting in the crown and going down sounds very unusual.  I wonder if you (Sherri) or anyone else with a similar experience could expand on how this feels.  It's intriguing.


There is the descending Kundalini, which is the descent of grace.  It naturally starts from the crown and works its way down.

When K starts at the top for me and flows downward...this is my experience.

I 'see' the thousand petal lotus in my crown and the diety Lord Ganesha, dressed in white, gold and pearls dancing in me. My third eye glows like an incandescent star bursts in the night sky.

As the energy moves downward, the vibration is fine as in the wavelengths of energy are very fast and close together. It feels like a satin, creamy wave moving in a rolling flow.

When it starts from the bottom up it is more turbulent as if there is more distance between the tops of the waves. There is more of rhythmic, synchronistic rolling movement in multiple waves rather than one single flowing wave from the top down.

Both are ecstasy but different.

I felt k first as a rolling single wave going up my spine repeatedly.

Thanks for sharing that lovely and eloquent description of your spritual experience.  I have had visions in my third-eye, as well as light from above in the top chakra, that created some sort of polarity or instant resonance with the first and second chakras -- thus triggering K.  However, I haven't felt it quite the way you describe, as a downward wave of K.  Again, thanks for sharing!

HI There,
I am just curious.....Has anyone else gotten the Kundalini from the top down. >  Mine started in the crown chakra and has moved down these last few years. >It always starts at the crown but now stops at my heart chakra or solar >plexis etc.  Has anyone else had this?

Yes.:) But, strictly speaking, this would not be called a Kundalini awakening, tho we do refer to it as such, on the list... for convenience, we refer to most spiritual awakenings as Kundalini. It is convenient, tho somewhat inaccurate.

   In the stricter sense, the Kundalini is the root chakra. Top down is a spiritual awakening, the Kundalini awakening occurs when the energy reaches the root chakra and starts back up.

  I know a lot of people... Wiccans and Witches who have paranormal experiences and work with energy, but it is all free will based. There is not the imperative of surrender that comes of a K. awakening. Their surrender is pretty much limited to adding "for the good of all and harm to none" onto the end of their spells. Some of them, when they do become K. awakened find that they can no longer do the free will based magic they used to, it is a form of resistance and so it shoots them in the foot, so to speak.

I was one!

My own, was a top down awakening. My third eye did not close in childhood, I had a lot of paranormal experiences, working with white light, etc. right up through my 20's... always drawing the Light from above. Good intuition, heart voice speaking, unexplained illnesses, spiritual insights, ear ringing, spontaneous yoga positions, etc. All the symptoms, except the imperative to surrender. Surrender is always a good idea, but until K awakens it does not become an imperative.

    It was around 1989 that I changed my grounding meditation to draw energy from the Earth as well as the sky, and K. awakening followed soon after.  It was quite an adjustment when K. awoke, suddenly there was a lot more energy available, but I could not use it as I had before. It took me about 4 years before I really got the message that I had to follow Goddess will for me, instead of casting spells with the Light to get what I wanted. Goddess boxed me into a corner, so I had no other option but to surrender.


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