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List Threads.

Thoughts on thought


Hello, K-list... It's been quiet of late.
I'm currently looking for different takes on what a "thought" is. Since everytime I ask people around me I hear the answer, "an idea", which is a reutterance of the same meaningless term. Usually, after this unconsidered answer I will recieve a standard "How should I know?" and I am stopped in my tracks.
Since this list has sent enlightening ideas my way several times in the past, I would be very interested in hearing some views from the kundalini community.
I could make my question more specific, but I in no way want to lead where the discussion goes. Any viewpoints are appreciated. Thanks


Thought to me is the verbalization of the structure of my cognition. Although mostly inadequate in performance, the spoken and written word provide two of the most frequently used methods by which I communicate feelings held within my heart. The written word is found to be most accurate in disclosing my philosophies since there is the opportunity to edit and ponder a little more. In addition, the spoken word, I have found, tends to threaten my listeners more. However, there is conclusion that thought is energy transformed. When there is synapse connection (and that doesn't happen often enough for me ;-)) I am usually able to share with others whatever "thought" that may have resulted from that connection.

Just a thought.

In my opinion, it's an inside job. A verbalization for your mind's ear of a concept brought forth by all your senses and some you do not see. Right side, Left side, analytical or artistic. Forms an image within, you view the image with your mind's eye, creating the formation of thought.
That's my two cents worth,
Light and Star Rays,
PS It's an energy provided to all from the First Source.


My understanding of what thoughts are ------- random creative impulses from God that we receive, ( i.e.. god is the transmitter and we are the receiver ) process, and either expand and act on ---or discard. Focus enough emotion to the thought and it gains the power to manifest on this plane.

Peace to All


a thought is a mathmatical calculation based on data in space/time seeing as how the entire cosmos is one-mind each thought calculation affects the matrix output regardless of the size of that thought it's all the same to the computer, the thought of a miracle happening such as a spontaneous healing is the same as a mundane thought of percieving your grocery list as a must-do, it's merely a calculation the data recieved to create the thought is often called "belief" it is this raw data of belief that the universe (computer) works with to create the thought, it is actually just reflecting back, you are the computer and the computer-user at the same time, you are both because you aren't fully aware that you are both, you produce the output of what you believe you are, you could say computer is producing the output (universe) or you could say that you are the one doing it, both are true, afterall, ownership is just a silly sentiment of the ego, but it's fun too, to believe you own things, and in truth you actually do! just don't subjugate the other truth of not owning them, an answer of yes to everything I like to say an answer of no to anything brings you to hell,.. sucks there.. but that's Ok, yes? ;)
that's the cunundrum, you say yes, things get positive, you say no, just the opposite,... your belief "yes" input to the computer, output "yes" ... your belief "no" input to the computer, output "no" don't believe the computer does not have a soul, God/Goddess is beyond the computer and is completely uncomputerized Ever heard of that album by radiohead called "Ok Computer" ? Good example of the power of thought

p.s. analog mathmatics, God makes it possible because of infinity


Here is my take on this.

Thoughts are the minds intervention and interpretation of experiencing something first hand (as pure being).

Thoughts are what we have when we don't feel we can be something 100% - a result of fear and holding on to the mind.

Thinking is a substitute for being.

* I consider doing and having to be secondary to being. As first we must be something (identify) to do or have something. Knowing is a state of being.

I think in the end our thoughts are a limit on experience and as Buddha Shakyamuni says 'we are what we think'.


Thoughts is to the mind what senses are to the body.


Here's a thought...
A thought is unformed\creative energy manifesting itself into consciousness. The manifestation\thought translates into word or action, with varying degrees of effectiveness, depending on the vessel in which the unformed\creative energy chose to manifest itself in.
Regardless of effectiveness, a "thought" is a "birthing" into manifestation of this unformed energy of creation. It is all of creation in a chemical\energetic microsecond. I will leave it to you to peel back the layers... (i.e., each of "us" was once someone's "thought" or, this is why "words" carry "energy", etc.).

PS I refer you to the works of Hazrat Inayat <
"so... there I was... surrounded by the snarling howling hounds of hell... I said "s'up hounds?"... "heh! nada!" they said... so I made cookies, (oatmeal raisin)... and we ate them with milk and giggles"


Question :

Is there a difference between a thought and an Idea?


An idea is a more primitive modification of Consciousness. As such it may or may not be manifest.

A thought is an idea manifested into a modification that the intellect can process.

So every thought is an idea but every idea may not be a thought.


*smiles* Not that it would answer the question, but today in Philosophy my teacher brought up the question of what makes things real? And it's your thoughts that make them real. Thoughts (any kind of perception (thinking is a perception in his arguement)) make things real. He pointed towards the reality of the universe as being god's thoughts, and real because he never stops thinking. Can't say I completely agree or disagree, but it sure is interesting!!!!


In the Kabalion -- they refer to God as the all. The saying is "The All in All and All in the All." so if God is all that exists--- then we exist within God -- another book said -- as below-- that we exist as thoughts and dreams in Gods mind. Could be Hindu---can't remember. We are God's thoughts manifest. Then some of the books talk of his dream cycle and wake cycle and one is creation and the other is destruction and how the universe is expanding on his out breath and it collapses on his in breath.

I agree completely with that logic. The only way we can really make sense of the nature of the universe is in reference with familiar thoughts and ideas. Dreams, Thoughts, Minds, Etc. They all exist in our world. My Philosophy teacher mentioned that if it is true that we are simply a thought of god, then if god stopped thinking of us, we would cease to exist. But this made no sense to me. And this was why I beleive: That in order to stop thinking, time would apply to god. There would have to be a time that "he" started thinking and a time that he would stop, if we did cease to exist. That doesn't work because time is simply one of God's other thoughts then that exist in our world (his mind) only. If that's true, then time doesn't need to exist to god in the same fasion. I geuss this fact doesn't really matter all that much other than to serve as an example, that really to describe God, the entire universe, whatever really exists, we need a whole new set of "rules" or basis of thought. Our objects of now are simply to simple to define such things. Like the dream cycle would hardly be a dream, a cycle might exist, but for lack of better description, we're forced to use familiar objects.... Hope I ran enough circles there.... lol


>*smiles* Not that it would answer the question, but today in Philosophy my
>teacher brought up the question of what makes things real? And it's your
>thoughts that make them real. Thoughts (any kind of perception (thinking
>is a perception in his arguement)) make things real.

That reminds me of a quote from the Talmud:

"We do not see things as they are. We see them as we are."


It is being written that we are the thoughts or the dream of 'God" (or the All- the Source).
Life is Maya - Illusion- and we cannot see beyound her veils.

But it is also being said that we are the feelings, the emotions, the organs (hearing, seeing and so on...) of the All. Without us 'IT' cannot learn about 'itself'. Because we all are one....

Just some thoughts about that......

Everything and everybody is just one.
And our differences are just on purpose!


The subject of thought, what it is, what thoughts are, the form they take and how they arise is quite a complex one.

I have followed the discussion on this list with some interest - and now - if you will pardon the length and complexity of the content of this post, here are some words on "thought".

Awareness could be described as the translation of energies into some recognisable form. This applies to hearing, taste, smell, feel, vision. This applies to our normal senses as well as the "subtle senses" which operate through every cell of the body - even when we are not aware of it.

The "right" brain is continually processing these sensory signals and sending messages to the rest of the body organs so that the body continues the function of living. Most of the time, most of us are not "aware", consciously, of this process

especially as this process moves through the body within
10 milliseconds of the receptor receiving the stimulus.
(a millisecond is one thousandth of a second)>
and, more than one process is going on simultaneously
(parallel or lateral processing)

In order to become "aware" in terms of expressing into the conscious thinking process, some of these "awarenesses" are translated into words, pictures, smell, taste, feelings.

Over a period of our time, we have been taught the "names" - or words - for these senses and for some of our awarenesses.

Translating the energetic information into sensory symbology which we can understand through out "thinking" process is primarily a function of the left (linear serial) brain.

However, to do this, there is a requirement for a "memory" or data bank to which the left brain "refers" the input in order to find the corresponding "understandable translation".

this process takes the left brain approximately 500 milliseconds
and is a linear process - or sequence of events..

Its a bit like the monitor on which you are reading this - a data stream is referred to a "comparative memory" and when the "bits fit", a switch turns on to trigger another process which translates into different coloured dots on the screen, arranged in a specific pattern - according to the data code.

Now .. a bit of background ..

In all of the processes so far described, energy is released from the body in the form of "radiation" which some people can see as an "aura" For example, all of our emotions (an emotion is energy in motion) have their own particular "set of frequencies" which correspond to other radiations which can be detected by the other senses.

for example - every colour has a corresponding sound, smell, taste.

Thus - every is a combination of sounds which we hear, but which has correspondences in taste, smell, colour ..

Some of these correspondences we are aware of, others we are not. Our reaction to any one of these sensory inputs depends on what we have been conditioned, programmed or have learned.

This reaction then acts as a "feed back loop" and either cancels out the sensory impression (everything is OK) or creates some sort of motor response to do something about it.

Again - most of this is happening without us being aware - these are the "reflexes".

The Thinking Process

We can be consciously aware of all that is gong on - and when we have removed sufficient of our conditioning, we can be aware in words and with understanding of what is going on.

This is the difference between "seeing" and "looking" - where "seeing" is an all embracing state of awareness which does not become attached to any one particular stimulus.(parallel process) "looking" is a focus on one objective with singular process with a conditioned or preconceived idea (linear or serial process).

So we have the person who "Is - and thereby, thoughts arise" - and in this process, because there is no "attachment" to the thought, the process continues as a flow.


When a person has this "awareness" and brings it to consciousness and then becomes attached to it (which happens approximately 750 milliseconds after the sensory input) then the "creation" process starts - and the first thing that happens is that there is an imprint of both the sensory input and the "decision" or interpretation placed back in the "data bank" - the cells of the body.

This creation is then radiated out. If it is silent thought, then the energy is the "ultra" and "infra" wavelengths of the audible words - but a "sensitive person" can hear, smell, feel, and taste these thoughts - or "thought-forms".

Of course, before we knew the words, this is how we functioned as a child - until we were taught the words -

These thoughts have energy, form, mass and density. When emotion and sound is added, the impact is even stronger.

( We learned as children by association. We even learned to associate certain energies with the word "Love" - based on what our senses were picking up from the people who spoke the word.)

Some people think in terms of pictures or smells and the same thing applies here.

The Source of our Thought.

What we translate into words and pictures is done according to our learned and conditioned behaviour. Our understanding is based on imprinting.

However, we limit what we are capable of bringing to conscious awareness through what is a proper thing to say/think/feel. Once the barriers to our understanding are removed, there is a whole new world of conscious awareness that opens up to us.

Its a bit like looking at a forest - mostly we only see a forest - but on closer inspection (allowing) we see the trees. Perhaps we even see the grasses and the flowers - then the birds and the bees - and maybe even, we start to see some of the energy interplays that form the eco-system of the forest - including what goes on in the interaction between the darkness of the earth and the light/dark interplay of the sky.

Just because we can't see/hear/feel/smell/taste something does not mean it cannot/does not exist.

The thoughts that everybody has thought all exist.

They exist as thought-forms in different parts of the spectrum of consciousness; and they aggregate together into matrixes and masses according to the various laws of the part of the spectrum they are operating in ..

(they are a bit like the radio waves from every radio and television transmitter - they are moving through your house and your body without you being conscious of them - unless you turn on your radio receiver. Then what you hear depends on the sensitivity and selectivity of the receiver)

We sense thought-forms according to how we have been "tuned"

then we react/respond to them according to past experience, learned behaviour and conditioning.

The thing to remember here is ..

the moment we become consciously aware of some words or a picture
then energy which started the whole process is long gone -
and every time we go over some past event in our mind, we are,
through our thinking process, re-creating it - in our own bodies -
and in the energy that surrounds us and everything.

and so, if enough people fear something,
then mass hysteria will be generated by thought ..
Some are conscious of their creation - others are not.

The question arises -
did you sense the thought - or did the thought have you.

There is NO original thought. All that exists is the processing of energy through the filters of preconceived (past) beliefs - and there are infinite permutations and combinations of created outcomes.

I hope this helps the person who asked the original question ..

If not, you are welcome to write to me for clarification ..


a thought could be an interpretation--

eg. man crosses street and gets run over
thought "thats too bad"
truth "life is a dream"
fiction "life is fiction"
analysis "thoughts are interpretations"
truth "no thought is true"
truth "what is true cannot be said"
false "previous comment"

you gotta start to understand the nature of the universe is paradox..


> a thought could be an interpretation--

But never Truth.

> you gotta start to understand the nature of the
> universe is paradox..

Things aren't what they seem.
What is it that they seem not?


so maybe we are gods other selves

i think of myself kinda like god's fingernail you get it?
we are a necessary part of the whole...
also we have our own ability to dream, and so does god
maybe we are one of its dreams (gods) or good
but time is not so important
i heard it is only necessary in the third dimension
i would agree my imagination tells me that if i were
to live in my imagination i could spend any amount of
'time' with anyone anytime. and it would be me who
controls time not some external force.
therfore we can master time once we master living in
this dimension.
I stopped working too much on higher dimensions, and
am working more with dreams. and trying to be here
as i am here
how can i learn to travel through time and space until
i am able to be here now?
as when i go somewhere else i will still have to be
here now
get it?
love you


My take on this is that we are part of the collective and we venture out as probes to experience things and send the data back to the collective.Hence we are part of God , yet separate and individual while being one with God.The physical world gives validity to these thoughts by manifesting them into experience via emotional impact and from this we gain wisdom.If we are omnipotent on the other side --- and we threw a tempor tantrum-- (with all that power----or even radiated bad vibes) we would effect all beings and everything that inhabited that plane. So our primary lessons here are emotional control and the wisdom accumulated from experience. It is the emotional impact that leaves the mark on our soul.The mark of Knowing---- and the only way to know for sure is first hand experience.Tempered with pain.Know what it is like to feel cruelty and you will learn compassion.Learn pain and you will know JOY when it comes.

Some thoughts


I will look out for you on my dreams, if I am seeing a dog I will remember..........

In Love and Light,

> > It is being written that we are the thoughts or the dream of 'God"
> > (or the All- the Source).
>I dreamt I was a dog.
>Should I drink from the toilet?
> > But it is also being said that we are the feelings, the emotions,
> > the organs (hearing, seeing and so on...) of the All.Without us
> > cannot learn about 'itself'.
>As a dog,
>I dreamt I ate my own shit.
>I learned nothing.
> >(dogstar)

> I will look out for you on my dreams, if I am seeing a dog I will
> remember..........


I forgot to mention that I am dyslexic.


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