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One of the fascinating things about the K-list is the way in which people even lurkers often get their questions answered. I received the following post privately on the 9th of April. The next day, the question about sound was asked on list.


April 9, 2003

these last 2 weeks I have been feeling like my left ear hears a deeper sound, which is not a sound, more like a vibration. Is like if my to ears separate. Then with the right one I listen to the noise, sounds, birds, etc.
But the left one, listens more like the other sound, which then seems to be no silence but more of a vibration, similar to the one, when in deep meditation. Is not about the voices sometimes we hear in self-inquiry.
Am I making sense? It seems a littel weird. sometimes I wish I could say to people to stop talking to be able to listen the other sound. I also have been sensing and feeling people deeper, more about the feelings they feel than the words they express...


April 10, 2003

Recently I keep getting this sensation in my ears. It starts with a noise or sensation (not sure although as it seems like both) of a rush of wind 'inside' my ear and it ends with an extremely high pitched ringing noise that tails off after about 30 - 60 seconds. It normally occurs in only one ear although it hasnt been exclusive to one or the other.... it has happened in both. Sometimes it might start in one and rush to the next. The whole process is very brief. I know this has been written about on a number of occassions but because it was alien to me at those times, the information written here didnt stick. I would be grateful if you would summarise briefly what the significance of this phenomena is.


Buzzing in ears:
Is the buzzing in ears K related? When things are real quiet I start hearing noises as if sitting in a rainforest. A cacophony of whooshing, ringing, buzzing and chirping. However when I am moving around, no sounds.

It is so loud that I finally broke down and got a full check up of my ears, today! I thought it might be a sign of a significant problem. Well it turns out that my ears are completely normal, hearing normal, everything normal. The doctor said only thing left to check for is a tumor. But that would really only be indicated if sounds were in one ear. I hear sounds in both but predominately in one. I doubt very much this is the problem.

Interestingly enough, the audiologist said that tinnitus is not stopped even when the auditory nerves are cut. This means that the sounds originates in the brain.

So maybe it true that the sound is some form of prana in the head. I like to think so. A swami told me that it most likely is. He said that some hear noises and others see lights (And one can never predict which you will be, a seer of lights or a hearer of sounds. He said that one day the Divine Mother will invite me to follower her into the sound and that when that happens by all means do it.

So as of this point I had been afraid of the noises because I though maybe I was hurt. But now that it has been ruled out I am ready to relax and explore. Maybe it really is the Divine Mother calling?


It's probably the background static of consciousness. A yogi (e.g., Yogananda) will tell you it's the OM vibration, the word of God. A Zen master will probably call it original sound. Concentrating on it is a form of meditation. When K. becomes active it turns into a roar like a waterfall.

I hear the sound any time it's relatively quite and my mind isn't filtering it out, i.e., I decide to notice it. I also get the high-pitched harmonics at times -- same symptoms as you describe. If you're concerned about it being caused by some medical condition, by all means have a doctor check it out. It's always best to check for physical causes first.

>It normally occurs in only one ear although it hasnt been exclusive to >one or the other....

Which would tend to indicate that it's source is in the brain, as [was] suggested.


Hi ...! I get the same sensation on a pretty regular basis. As I understand it these hi-pitched tones can be used to tune the aura as a means of preparing the energy field for the next series of energy increases. This form of tones can also be used to communicate high frequency thought that bypasses the traditional known modes of communication. Light is also used in this fashion.
There are many benevolent energies that posess this abilitity and use it to assist in our evolution. Truly the Divine Mother has called you. Now the next time she calls pick up the phone by noticing the communication and tune into it with your consciousness. It seems to happen most of the time right before I drift off to sleep.


Kundalini sound effects seem to be quite varied. :)) The rush or "freight-train" like sound is one common one--so are ringing sounds.

I often experience a strange crackling type sound that I associate with Kundalini rushes. The freight train like rushes I feel could be due to sounds, but I interpret them mainly as sensation. Occasionally I experience the ringing, but I attribute that to the occasional use of aspirin (a common cause of tinnitis).


For years I have been experiencing a slight rining in my ears, a constant buzzing, or a noise that sounds like the load hum of a refridgerator. And being around refridgerators, computers, photocopiers, etc makes the noise louder. As well, I have been experiencing the slight feeling of pressure or fluid in my ears followed by a popping noice/sensation in the ears. Sometimes when I am sitting at my computer I will feel like someone is blowing in my right ear, or like a gust of wind goes into it, and then usually a loud pop. I wonder if it's caused by the fuse box being located directly next to that ear. I dunno. It's rather disconcerting, though.

I also hear noises like a distant waterfall, white noise, electrostatic humming, tinnitus and occasionaly various tones.....I also sometimes hear people talking, or music, or tv when there is no one in the house with me. Particularily when I am half-asleep or semi-conscious. I attribute both to the awakening of the throat chakra and maybe the third eye. I used to work at a call centre, and sometimes after I came home and went to bed, I would keep hearing multiple phone conversations that seemed to be coming from the call centre. I think it is possible I did not ground myself enough and had left a portion of my empathic energy in the building. Or it may be that I was releasing the energy from the work day. Thank the gods I quit that job!!

Frequently when I am falling asleep I hear people calling my name, or talking about me. Most frequently I hear my father talking. He is the member of my family I seem to have the strongest telephatic/empathic link with. When he had a mild heart attack recently, I dreamed I was helpless in a hospital bed, having needles and what felt like electrodoes stuck into me by the doctor. The doctor put in an IV and told me he was giving me something to make me feel better, and then I 'passed out.' The next day my sister called and told me Dad had had a heart attack.

I realize the dream aspect was off-toppic of the original question, but it ties into me hearing the thoughts of other people, or in this case feeling the emotions of other people. Different forms of the same thing, really.

The one noise that constantly remains in my inner ears and head is music, though. My head is a revolving soundtrack of my life, :) I have days when there are several songs playing in my head at once!! It is said that music in the head is usually the DB trying to establish communication. I concur. 'Cause I'll find myself stressed out about something, and my head will suddenly break into 'don't worry, be happy' or the Fraggle Rock theme song, or 'Tomorrow.' Another link to Dad; he has the same thing going on!!!! 'Cept he usually grabs me and waltzes me around the room when his head breaks into song.

I love my Dad. Being with him is like starring in a musical. :)


As I've written about several times, I hear harmonics and, occasionally, other sounds all the time. This started gradually about 2-3 years after k-awakening in 1994, and became constant about 4 years after that. The harmonics are beautiful and usually get louder if there is competing noise around (!). Most often I hear F# major. The source of the sound moves sometimes, but usually it seems to come from above and just behind my head, a little to the left side.


There've been some talk about buzzing and roar in the ears, I remember from my early years (I'm only 20 at the moment) having moments when I was overwhelmned by this great roar at times when I was dozing off.


After much discussion regarding ringing and noises in the ear, raises a question or two.

My earlier discussions concerning these noises and the suspicion that K may be responsible, has certainly helped me understand more symptoms of K.

When talking to a friend, and discussing the subject with her, she wondered if the condition I am experiencing is Titinnus. That is the medical condition of loud ringing, buzzing, hissing, of varying pitches of the ear, to which requires medical expertise.

The sounds I had been experiencing did go away for a couple of weeks, then as [a list member] pointed out, suspected they would return, and he was right. In trying to find the correct word for the sounds I hear.... I had originally thought bells.... but on focusing further, rather they sound like symbols of the same tone, no apparent pattern, willfully each raising or lowering their volume at will. They are very inconsistent. There are no associated headaches or other medical conditions I am aware of, nor have I been exposed to loud noise, which is said to trigger the sounds.

My question is, has anyone had titinnus and can describe it, is there any connection between the two.

I had also been told that you can focus / meditate on the sounds, that they represent that level above our crown chakra, and can listen to heavenly music, lol.... unsuccessfully.

Any insights would be appreciated. Blessings.


You wrote:

>My question is, has anyone had titinnus and can describe it, is there any connection >between the two.

I've had both tinnitus and k-sounds. Tinnitus definitely sounds like it is in the ear, where k-sounds are less easily located and often come from "outside the head." The tinnitus ringing is flatter, doesn't change pitch or volume.


Some time ago I was very frustrated because I couldnt get the light to appear inside me when meditating I felt a failure so I pleaded with God to rectify the situation. No such luck!! but all of a sudden I could hear the birds singing outside. Then the penny dropped. The birds were twittering inside my head. Wonder if thats where the old expression "Bats in the bellfry" comes from.
Anyway the bird are still with me some years on. They get louder when I meditate. Somtimes there is light too. None of this is important; it just is. I dont know why it is but I surrender to not knowing.


Sounds July 2005

Hi List old topic from archives. I searched *Tone and Tones* I would like to add my input *****re sounds.

I hear a tone once in a while. The tone is like the tones they use in a hearing test. It happens where I hear just one tone, sometimes in my left ear and sometimes in my right ear. This happens in normal everyday life, wide awake, doing things of the world. I mean I am not sleeping, nor dreaming, nor meditating. I am either talking to someone or just thinking.

I had a female Aura teacher, who named her son Tone which indicates that Tones are very special to her. This person saw Aura's from the time of her birth and I give much credence to her. She is the one who said that she is taken *upstairs* for classes. This means this she is taken into other dimensions for classes.

In her classes, I began to see Aura's, first on a flower, then on people.

She called these Tones a up-erne, a sign that something is being raised. Another person said that they were a truth signal, that when I heard a tone, that what I was thinking or speaking was true or that what the other person was speaking is true.

I do not hear any of the other sounds listed as K symptoms.


I too hear the sounds. Sometimes it is a TONE actually quite loud and extended. At times I hear buzzing, at times swooshing. I also hear a voice once in a great while.

The swooshing is most obvious during meditation. The tone and buzzing occur during the day, whenever.

I don't know where I read/heard that it can signal "changing" "evolving" or that a message is coming. This just happened a few nights ago..the tone. I tried to meditate and told the guides I was ready for a message. Consciously I don't remember receiving one though.

Anyone else have any ideas besides just K side-effect? I think too much is just shoved into the definition of a k side effect. Even if this is so, I think there is much more going on than we realize...


For me it's like very gentle frequency sounds that are extremely "fine" in quality. Actually, there are no words to describe this, I'm afraid. I just know it's a spiritual sound. Often it sounds like a field of crickets....or bees buzzing....again, the quality of these sounds is extremely gentle.


I am 33 years old Indian Male.From past 4/5 of years I have seen increased "Hi Pitch Ringing Noise/Sound" in my ears. I hear it almost all day along. Especially when I am alone, When there is no ambient sound (music/people etc). or simply when I concentrate on it.

I am an electrical/computer professional. Hence I would say this sound closely resenbles subsonic/hi frequency resonating sound, close to what we get out of transmission lines.

I am sure I have been hearing this since my childhood (back in India) , but with low intensity. The intensity has increased tremendously now.

The sound seems to be stedy or may be vibrating I can not differentiate yet. I do not have any uncomfortable feeling as now I am used to it.

I have asked other people that I know of, if they hear similar sound in ears.The answer was negative. Some even advised me to go see doctor. I know this is not a medical problem.

I am following upcoming prophecy very closely. However, the sound had started even before I started researching about prophecy and upcoming changes. So that is definetly not the reason.

However, I do have a heightened sense that something is going to happen very soon, first at Geopolitical level and also at celestial level.

I do not do Yoga, meditation etc. due to my fulltime job and part time school.

Reading some of the posting I believe you may have an explanation as well as suggestion about this.

Please help.


Welcome to the K-list!

It's hard to say from your post if you have other Kundalini symptoms or not, so it's hard to say whether this is K related. It certainly could be. Explanations could range from the mystical to the physical. Many of us feel the sounds seem to be of significance--whether personal or cosmic! :)


The sounds I've heard during my K process aren't exactly high-pitched, nor ringing.....yet they do sound like various, extremely gentle frequency sounds that fluctuate. Sometimes it sounds like the soft buzzing of bees or a field of crickets. The sound is never annoying or intrusive, and I'm somebody who is extremely sensitive to me that's the difference between physically-caused and mystical sounds, the mystical ones have an extremely gentle quality, irregardless of how "loud" they become...but if these sounds have an underlying physical basis, they might become annoying and intrusive. Perhaps that's one way to tell the difference.


My first teacher wrote that the OM sounds like the murmur of the breeze or the rushing noise of the wind in the forest. When I was staying at an ashram in the Himalyas, the swami there said it was like an heavy lorry moving along in the distant hills. I hear both those still but when I first heard it some thirty years ago it was like the booming of the thunder in the hills and some fellow disciples there were very envious.

It is a little startling to have the very breath of the Eros blowing around one's neck; almost as disconcerting as having the passing train of images in one's head suddenly stop.

My wife suffers from tinnitus and she realises that she is not hearing he Great Sound.

Enjoy :)


I have heard a high pitched ringing in my ears that will seem to go higher in pitch at times if I am trying to tune in to spirit. Sometimes its less like ringing and more like a muffling of the ordinary ambient noise around us. I will often also feel activity around the crown chakra or the back of the head.

I wonder about 'tinnitus.' My ringing noises sound just like tinnitus is described but I realise they do have something to do with spirituality. A spiritual teacher I had said it was spirit tuning you in


I stay in regular touch with what I'd call a Nada Yogi. He's dedicated his life to the yoga of sound and vibrations and has an incredibly keen sense and wisdom for it. I asked him once about tinnitus and different ringing and rushing sounds in the ears.

He said that "tinnitus" can either be a clearing process or a tuning process, or both. The more stuff that needs to be cleared, the louder the tinnitus, the more out of tune we are, the louder the tuning.

I've noticed several layers of sounds myself, that come and go.

One is a constant, high pitched ringing tone. Most of the time it's subtle, and it feels perfectly relaxing.

Another is a rushing metallic sound, almost like water moving through pipes. I absolutely love this sound, it's almost like meditation.

Sometimes there are several ringing, high pitched tones, two or three of them, that kinda oscillate.. I've kept wondering if maybe those two tones are the dance of ida and pingala.

The high pitched tones sometimes have the feeling of crickets. Sometimes they break up in a little rhythm, sometimes it's constant.

Just some observations. :) I usually don't pay all that much attention to them. They are just an enjoyable part of my being.


.....your beautiful descriptions are my experiences of the sounds, as well........especially when you write, "I love this sound, it's almost like meditation." And: "Most of the time it's subtle and it feels perfectly relaxing." I'm so glad you wrote that, as I'm extremely sensitive to noise..... but have found these sounds to be astonishing in their gentleness and non-intrusive qualities. I hear a variety of soft frequency sounds that also oscillate, often reminds me of a field of crickets, yet they are actually the most beautiful sounds I've ever heard....very difficult to put into words what this "sounds" like, almost impossible, like trying to describe the "other side" to somebody who's never been there. As I become more grounded, it saddens me to think one day I might not be able to perceive them.


I am very sensitive to noise as well. It helps greatly in my career as sound designer and musician. :) On the downside, the sensitivity to noise comes over on ego as well, which can get very irritated by external "disturbances" It got very overbearing at time and I had to give up certain types of meditation. It's become an oppurtunity, a portal to surrender issues into, to meld and blend with all the noises. :) Still working on that!

Do you often hear them when you are in bed, and about to fall asleep, too? They tend to be hard to hear for me in the midst of daily bustle. :)

Btw, I don't think grounding will necessarily deprive you of beautiful sounds, in fact, it may take you to even more beautiful and subtle dimensions of sound. :D I guess it just changes. Maybe move beyond all the annoying sounds and hear only the ones that are worthwhile. From my own experience, this is what has happened, and is still happening. In fact, I even had an experience once where I could create sounds and experience them within at will.


I am still working on the drumbeat I hear all the time in my head, however, at night it becomes more audible and it can be overbearing too... In the past, I would tell my doctors(many) that I was having heart problems because it felt like my heart. The doctors would examine me and find that my pressure was fine, my pulse, too. Nothing wrong per the medical profession. So, I am dealing with it and hopefully get to a place to be content with the constant drumbeat. Thanks for your imput on sounds...


I too have what I have always called the thundering horse hooves in my ear. What I have done is wrapped my love around the sound and really it's quite an enjoyable sound and feeling that I would definately miss if it was to go away.

And yes, there have been times at night when I would say, can't you turn it down a little, I'd really like to sleep! But when the sound lessens or becomes very quiet, there is definately some thought of the quieteness becoming too loud. To me this sound is only a reverberation of the love that abounds all around us and in us. I take it and wrap it around me like a warm quilt, only to release it again through my heart chakra back into the world. ;-)

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