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Sleep Remedies


? I wake up at night and think I will just buzz out of my body. How do you sleep through that? I am a mother of 3 and can tune out noise but how to tune out the energy? Is something going on ....on a world level?

I don't even try to tune it out.  Is that even possible??  I suggest letting yourself "buzz out of body."  When you do, the energy will simply "explode" and then let you go back to sleep (until it wakes you again!).  I usually do a number of spine stretches which help me to go back to sleep.  If that fails I'll take an aspirin.  Sometimes subtle aches will cause one to feel the energy more intensely. 

If that doesn't work I'll go over lists I've memorized.  Usually Tarot card interpretations.  Any list will do--lists of presidents, states, names beginning with alphabet letters, etc. Anything to distract the brain.  Sometimes I'll simply visualize "unscrewing" my head to stop thought patterns.  If all else fails, usually orgasm will serve as a soporific.  Sometimes when I go through a period of waking up and not being able to go back to sleep, I'll take melatonin for a short period of time.  That usually re-sets the sleep cycle for me, but it may not help younger people. 

I also keep a notepad by my bed in case there is a message to jot down. Sometimes I feel the energy is there just so we will notice it.  :))  Once impressions are written down the energy seems to ease somewhat.

The energy *has* been pretty high, but it was stronger for me the last week than this one.

Anyone else with sleep remedies?


> Anyone else with sleep remedies?
Hi Everyone,
   I have found that Valerian works nicely to get a good nights sleep, but i think Melatonin is better.    Both supplements can be found at most stores.    The energy has been extremely high of late. Last night I had three buzzing head OBE's while trying to sleep. For me this is unheard of. I did do some intense yoga and meditaion before bed tho.

with my eyes closed, I try to look up as far as I can.
any one know why it works?

Here's one - I go back into a vision of the house I was a kid in, and walk up the driveway to the house, trying to walk through all the rooms. By the time I get to my bedroom (in back basement) I'm asleep. I guess I forget to stay awake... lol


> I have had it bad for years and not found a solution other than to surrender > to it. In other words stay up late and sleep in of possible. Is there > another way?

I heard a naturopath talking on TV recently. She was saying how prevalent insomnia is. She put forward lots of herbal type remedies that I can't remember and one idea that etched itself into my brain. She said that being exposed to a sunset everyday prepared the brain for sleep and that chemically more melatonin is released when this occurs which helps to induce sleep. Even being outside for 5 minutes or just standing at a window and looking at the setting sun at dusk was enough. So many people are indoors at this time of day with steady artificial lights beating down on them.

Fortunately I haven't needed to try it out lately although I am probably outside a good deal at this time of day anyway. I am in awe at the simplicity and naturalness of this line of thought. I have also noticed, since my K has been active, that I am much more in contact with the rhythm and cycles of nature. You might be too.

If you give this a try I'd really love to know how it goes.

I tend to keep a routine in my sleeping times and in some of my daily activities. I'm flexible about it and sometimes will have a series of late nights and mornings but the routine sort of gives my day a foundation and I think my body finds it safe and reassuring. I also have children so there is an element of necessity in that choice.

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