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K Phenomena


Kundalini Phenomena .... a short list -  this is my list anyone want to add some more that they have encountered? would like to have a comprehensive list..... Thanks....

The Blue Light
Seeing of Auras
Heat up the Spine (can be extreme)
Cold feeling flooding a chakra area
Feeling the Nervous System is short-circuiting (can be extreme)
Pulsing Energy at the Base of the Spine (can be painful)
Red Flame Pattern over Heart Chakra Area
Sounds internally heard:
1. Birds
2. like a train sound
3. Bells
3. A hissing or whistling sound
4. Someone quickly saying something in your ear (like Ha)
Extreme Sensitivity to Sound, Vibration Etc...
Siddhis such as complete knowledge on energy work
Feeling what is happening in someone elses body
Picking up others emotions
Photographs that pick-up light phenomenon and mists etc. normal photos
Body awareness changes - feeling larger - feeling smaller
Feeling as if you are here and not here
An absolute absence of thought
Extreme Fear (note:this one is temporary)
Dreams of Snakes and Fires
Dreams of - religious and spiritual symbology
Samadhi states of Feeling Utterly connected with ALL - yet also
witnessing and not involved...
Finding the consciousness expanding to where you are not in the
body..(example seeing over the trees while you are at ground level)
Mudras (hand gestures ) spontaneously happen
Asanas (body postures) spontaneously happen
Body may move with certain music - uncontrolled pulsing or swaying
Feeling as if you are in a strong earthquake
Ability to manifest what is needed - once again a siddhi but do not
attach to these phenomena, let them go....
Seeing of internal lights (flashing lights in vision.... rotating
Seeing the world in enhanced coloration
Yawning - Laughing - Crying

Note : this is a partial list... no two people have the same
manifestations.... some have one - some have another .... hope this

Don't forget the fragrance of roses, either being smelled when none are around or having the body smell like them.

Also 360 degree vision
Bilocation and time travel
The ability to transmit shakti by intent, touch, sight, voice
Appearing in the dreams of others to give shakti and instruction
Hearing internal music
Orgasmic bliss almost constantly. Even when a ray of sunshine touches the skin
Overwhelming love for others and need to express it in service
Microscopic vision...atomic level and deeper manipulate reality

Had these also and I am sure more memory experiences will come...
Add :
Some of the following are sometimes called Siddhis, but they are actually normal K.characteristics

Being invisible, seeing everything
Sweetness in throat, honey like Soma juice (nectar)dropping down throat or as a prelude something like phlegm in the back of throat but not "cold " related
Smelling fragrances
Sweet body smell (like a baby or sandal wood)
Spontaneous dancing
Singing during sleep waking you up
Bliss as a sweet (honey like) feeling moving throughout the body
Sexual inhibitions gone, may not be permanent
Sexual need gone, may not be permanent
Whole body eroticism, not sex related
Unconditional Love
Always finding a parking spot
Compassion and inner understanding for the other
Knowing the clear difference between sympathy and empathy
Knowing the clear difference between sacrifice and spontaneous help
No need to feel pity, may seem to others like insensitivity initially, this
will fill out with true consideration of others
No need for moral rules, as one lives love, truth
becoming younger in complexion
Just doing it, everything becomes 'no sweat' (anything that used to be a chore)
Sensing (feeling electricity as vibration) auras as though they are physical (which they in their subtlety are)
Wanting to be naked in a natural way
Being strong but not angry
Being loving but not needy
Extreme emotions but not hysteria
Spontaneous laughter (like yodelling) at the unreasonable self evident humour of it all
No need to meditate as practice
Meditational practice may feel unnatural or even painful
Ability to handle cold or heat easily, no feeling of being bothered by the usual bothers
Extreme sweating
Energy surges waking you up
You are all that is, cosmic being awareness
No bullshit
Not playing games anymore
Driving your car but not according to traffic rules, being safer than ever (do not experiment with this), not even knowing there are traffic lights or rules,  self evident  right action and fairness while driving
No need to eat for long times
No need to sleep for long times
Sleeping long times and loving it
Eating well and loving it

A few more phenoms to add to your list,

dreams shifting out of symbology and into the realm of abstract light, color, and static, including loss of dream awareness of the body... the ability to exist in this "space" with no desire to return to symbology or< sense of time

dreams in which clear, continual, and highly detailed awareness of the micro- to macroscropic is maintained in the (very large) mind and is accessible to the body

abilities to see/feel/sense through the "material" world (4 dimensions?) in dream and waking states

awareness of electrical current in the body / awareness of the transformation of electrical current into different shapes/zones and into heavy, deep, fuzzy charges in the body

other internal sounds: muted wooden clappers in sync with the breath (like the ears are the clappers), the sound of a 'spark' seeming to come from the center of the head

the (embarrassing!) inability to distinguish between events occuring during dreams and those occuring while awake

total loss of body awareness... leaving the body... losing the body.

disconnection from the mundane functions of life (avoidance of conversation, difficulty focusing on work and interpersonal relationships...)


My experiences started very recently but I'll try to outline them for you:

Energy rushing up spine or radiating out from the center of my body.
Constant buzzing and vibration in body.
Sound of rushing water.
Occasional feeling of being lifted up.
Sense of not being alone.
Fleeting visions projected onto people, occasionally seeing people in
a different physical state.
Difficulty in relating to some people I previously felt close to.
Able to forgive and care for people I've previously disliked.
Deep empathy for my children.
Lot's of dancing - my kids love this:)
Occasionally welling up with a wonderful, warm, joyful appreciation.
Starting to see a deep connection and continuity in everything.
New appreciation for and understanding of my body - we're pal's now:)
New appreciation for nature.
No obvious improvement in grammar or spelling yet:)
Visual field increased, visual sensitivity to movement which hurts
sometimes, white specks in vision.
Intense and symbolic meditations.
Able to ask my husband to bring something home without calling him:)
If something is lost, I can find it!
Many nagging doubts - am I crazy? am I imaging this? on the flip side I'm learning to just let it happen.
Some depression but seems to have passed.
Most recently I heard a voice "I am", can't remember the name but I began to move involunarily and hiss/growl or try to speak - a little unsettling:) This may have been a dream as it happened at night, I can't tell.

That's enough of my rambling, hope this is useful:)

Exploding fireworks in brain/body  Whole body vibrations
Catalepsy from the astounding pleasure
Realization that it is enough simply to BE
Strong increase in libido
Fabulous colorful dreams of bodies of water, animals, guides
"Voices" imparting mystical "meaning"

Hey, this is fun. Here's my list:

1) Extreme sensitivity to music (being brought to tears by classical music in the grocery store is just one example)

2) Hands and legs moving on their own when I'm trying to sleep

3) Vibrating/tingling/quaking and shaking inside (totally understanding now how Quakers and Shakers came up with their names)

4) Improved singing voice and drawing/artwork skills

5) Feeling wind blowing on me at night and hearing wind sounds in my ears

6) Lucid dreams and OBEs

7) Increased understanding of how everything is One.

8) Enhanced intuition--can read people's thoughts by looking at their facial expressions (this is very fun sometimes).

9) Electrical sensations, getting "zapped"

10) And, finally, feelings of frustration that most of the people around me don't know about K and wouldn't believe me if I told them.

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