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Since I started seeking about 8 years ago, there has hardly been a day when i've not had some kind of physical ailment although nothing serious, whether it's a cold, aching body, headache, stomach ache, non-stop runny nose, tired and sensitive eyes, coughs etc these types of things. I will just add to this statement that my health is pretty good overall underneath these issues.

It's only been when i've gone through a period of completely stopping all seeking and practises that I then have days of my body being perfect. And when that happens, I feel absolutely bored living a normal life, and then start all over again. It's as if perfection has no challenge or no growth to it.

I read about everybody's health struggles on here, and feel touched, that so many people are struggling, my heart feels for you. Pain in whatever form seems to be one direct path to a significant amount of new awareness.

It's my belief that working with the energy, creates these colds. Releasing past emotions comes out in bodily form. But i'd like to see what other people think as i'm going through another runny nose, i'm becoming more aware of this process and wonder about it. Does everybody experience the same issues ? It's constantly one issue after another.

Rick M


I have never been able to stop some sort of seeking nor ever stop the physical ailments fullly. I'm always trying to do something it seems.



> >Does everybody experience the > >same issues ? It's constantly one issue after another.

Sure do. It comes and goes in waves. Have had a few vibrational colds, one allergy that appeared and disappeared out of nowhere, some odd aching in left foot, then in my right arm, lately I've had skin eruptions in various places that have come and go.

It seems a lot, but spread it out over 2-3 years or so. It ain't that bad. :)




I wonder if we just notice these things more. We are sensitive folk.

Yoga maybe one way to stretch out some of those aches and tensions.

> It's my belief that working with the energy, creates these colds. > Releasing > past emotions comes out in bodily form. But i'd like to see what other > people think as i'm going through another runny nose, i'm becoming more > aware of this process and wonder about it.

It may be a dislike or allergy to something. If you change your environment does it persist?

> Does everybody experience the > same issues ? It's constantly one issue after another.

I used to always get a runny nose as I headed into winter year upon year. I guess from my mothers perspective it was the germs from mixing with the school children at school at the start of a new year. For me I think I was resisting something in my environment.



Dear Rick and Rich,

Rick, I have almost exactly the same symptoms that you list, while like you, have excellent health underneath. I have never stopped seeking to see if the symptoms would go away. I never related these issues to K but it is something to ponder.

Rich, we do seem to be very sensitive folk... I suppose we all, or most of us anyway, are now very sensitive to our bodies inner workings, influences, and reactions on many levels. I suppose this can be both liberating and challenging.

While I have been seeking for many years, my realization that kundalini was a part of my changes is relatively new. After first realizing this was K's influence some short time ago, I was somewhat relieved to find that I wasn't crazy, that others were having similar experiences as me. As time goes on I keep discovering more, often subtle, changes to my body and being. This has been an interesting transformation, it's nice to have found a group to help me understand it better.



I really believe that those undergoing K process have extremely sensitive systems, and should avoid processed food as much as possible, including anything with preservatives, artificial colors/flavors, chemicals, refined breads/sugars, and GMO ingredients, as the body in this more awakened state will instantly recognize that these substances are artificial and won't tolerate them as much as perhaps it did in the past. This may result in uncomfortable discharges, such as colds, and other uncomfortable symptoms of one sort of another.

After I switched to a 100% whole foods diet, eliminating all processed food and most dairy products, my lifelong asthma and other allergies cleared up, including severe eczema, and I rarely even come down with a cold. All of the symptoms I'm currently experiencing are no walk through the park, but are also not on the physical plane.



At the risk of starting a food war, Gabriel Cousens has a great deal to say about kundalini and diet in his updated version of "Spiritual Nutrition." He had a k-awakening and I believe worked with Lee Sannella. I doubt that I could ever be a 100% raw food vegan but I found his writings thought-provoking and helpful.



Thanks, Holly!

Gabriel Cousens wrote a book called, "The Rainbow Diet" that helped me quite a deal when my K first began, years ago. He actually wrote about how food can be a tool for activating the K process and other mystical experiences, and recommends eating meat for slowing it down. I actually had to bring meat back into my diet at one point, as he recommended to me during a phone conference, and doing so was very grounding for me, as it helped me function more in the physical universe with my (at the time) debilitating K symptoms, slowing down the process a bit.



Just a note. Generally, what one wears during meditation is essential. It must cover the ankle,neck and the elbow or else one might catch something. Just sharing what my master taught me many years ago.


> > ***************

Thanks Holly, that's very interesting and fits perfectly with my experience. In the past I thrived on a heavy meat diet, and could tolerate most processed foods.

Those foods make me feel bad now and I can barely tolerate meat anymore. Through trial and error, I have settled on an almost completely vegetarian diet that is about 90% raw.

I didn't realize this change was due to K, but had my suspicions. So many facets to this transformation.



I happened upon a thread written by Patti and other people who had had migraines, and I would like to offer a bit of information from my specialty, which is indoor air quality.

Every time I did a home inspection for a person who had a chronic health condition that did not respond to medical treatment, I found specific chemical and/or biological toxins or allergens in that house, that are known to cause or trigger that health condition.

Possible sources of such toxins/allergens include:

Dirty furnace filters: Only about 5% of people change their furnace filters when they should. Dirty filters can actually circulate dust, dust mites and other small insect parts, and the VOCs that are absorbed into dust can release inside the lungs, possibly triggering many different reactions including migraines.

Fiberglass furnace filters: Most fiberglass filters have the glass fibers glued together with formaldehyde or other toxic glues that can directly cause health problems. Formaldehyde is a carcinogenic tissue irritant.

Dirty furnace ducts, like dirty furnace filters, can breed and circulate dust mites and other allergens, and collect toxins.

Improperly-maintained furnaces, and gas clothes driers and water heaters can vent combustion fumes into houses. In fact, even properly maintained gas or oil combustion appliances, including gas stoves, will, under some circumstances, vent combustion fumes into houses; the reasons for this are complicated, but if you're interested you can find information about the subject on web sites that deal with building science. Closed-system furnaces and water heaters are a good idea, again, for complicated reasons. Electric driers are better than gas driers for people who may have allergies and/or compromised immune systems and/or chronic health conditions. Very few appliance salespeople and technicians are aware of these factors, so they are not a reliable source of information. They're sort of like the medical doctors who ridiculed and persecuted the first doctor who said it would be a good idea for surgeons to wash their hands before performing surgery; it takes time for sensible new ideas to percolate through the minds of the status quo experts.

Food and/or pet allergies; insecticides in flea collars, flea shampoo, flea bombs, flea powder.

Exposure to chemical toxins from cleaning supplies: any Clorox Company products, especially including their disinfecting wipes, whose main active ingredients are insecticides.

Any conventional insecticides,herbicides, fungicides including those high-powered bathroom tile cleaners, fertilizers (which by law can contain trace amounts of lead, cadmium, arsenic, dioxins, furans, cyanide, and literally any other sort of dangerous cummulative toxins; also paint thinners, solvents, furniture and floor polishes and waxes, window cleaners that can contain highly toxic wood alcohol (methyl alcohol). If a person becomes sensitized to one or more of these toxins through ongoing exposure or one large exposure, then even the slightest exposure can set off a huge reaction that could include headaches. Patti and others spoke of hormones being a possible contributor, which is reasonable; many insecticides, household cleaning agents, herbicides, weed killers, moss killers, and other toxins function as hormone disruptors in the human body, which can have literally dozens or hundreds of different effects because hormones control so many different functions in the human body, and have so much to do with our emotions and subjective perceptions of our lives.

Leather clothing, furniture, and shoes: over 99% of the leather goods sold in this country are cured with formaldehyde; if the exposure level is high enough or long enough in time, or the person is sensitized to formaldehyde, even being in the same house as leather goods can cause health problems that can crop up once a month when possible problems with other organ/glandular/emotional functions can contribute to the situation. In fact, very often health issues are related to not just one, but numerous distinct toxin-related causes/triggers.

Mold: Can be caused by roof, plumbing, siding, and/or foundation/basement leaks letting in water or water vapor. Rather than getting into a complicated explanation of all this, I'll just say that if you have mold but you use a dehumidifier to keep the humidity in the house below 55%, most molds will stop bothering you, because they become inactive at lower humidity levels. If you use a dehumidifier, drink more water because you'll need it to make up for the water you were getting out of the air. If you have a dirt-floored crawl space under the house, the dirt MUST be covered with plastic to prevent water vapor and dirt-smells (which are a form of mold) from intruding into your house. Also, insecticides, herbicides, petrochemical toxins from nearby oil tanks, and other sources can migrate through the ground, and plastic sheeting over the dirt will help keep many of those things out of the house.

My qualification for offering these opinions are: a twenty year study of the subject, thirty-six years experience in construction and remodeling, certification by the American Lung Association as a Master Home Environmentalist, and I am a state-licensed environmental inspector.

I'll offer one case study. I inspected the apartment of a college student who had chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, chronic respiratory infections, and trouble keeping her grades up in school. I found two main sources of toxins in her apartment: a leaky can of insecticide (virtually ALL cans of insecticide leak after their first use, so it's basically a situation where people insist on the certainty of harming their health just to get rid of insects that are not harming their health). Also, leaking seals around the combustion chamber in a furnace were outgasing combustion fumes including carbon monoxide into her apartment. She got rid of the insecticide, and got the furnace seals fixed. Four months later, her doctor took her off the steriod inhalers, broncho-dilator inhalers, and antibiotics because her respiratory infections disappeared and her chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia were 80% better. Also, she was getting better grades in school with less study, because she was no longer exposing herself to insecticide that is known to inhibit mental functions by poisoning the nervous system. My point is that finding the sources of household toxins can require a lot of knowledge and experience, once those sources are clearly identified, it is very often cheap and easy to deal with them and then health symptoms and conditions may start responding to proper medical care, or even simply heal.

I would be glad to offer more information or engage in a dialog with people who would like more information.

Take care, be informed, be well.


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