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Headaches 2


Subj:[K-list] Kriyas and Headaches
Date:6/28/2003 5:52:04 AM Pacific Daylight Time

I seem to be getting more headaches again. The second day for this headache. At the same time kriyas are very very heavy. Most of last night, all through meditation this morning. Very heavy and every two seconds. Lifting the entire body off the chair. Is there a connection between kriyas and headaches? Although I have suffered a lot with headaches before kriyas started.

Also there seems to be a pattern. If I have a particularly outstanding meditation it will be followed by a headache.

I searched the archives but found no guidance on how to handle headaches.

In a lot of pain and looking for guidance.



Dear Ron, List,

I am experiencing a strong pressure inside my head for several years now. Sometimes it's hard to work or even to read a book. Especially when reading the pressure can increase a lot. I would not call it a headache, it's pure pressure as if the skull is too small. And it usually coincides with the blue pearl which I see more or less clear always when I close my eyes.

With the time I have learned a simple breathing technique which helps me to "breath down" the energy into my body. I feel exaclty where the energy goes to and the pressure in my head gets less. Also when meditating I sometimes manage to have the same effect but much stronger. Real waves of energy flow down my body.

I see this pressure and waves as a cleaning process but I am not sure about that. I am also not sure where this energy comes from but it seems to be connected with the blue pearl.

It may help to observe when the pressure rises and when it decreases. It is often connected to what you have eaten, what you are doing and even what you are thinking. For me it has become someting like a teacher. But sometimes it can make me feel desperate because this teacher seems to ask for a lot... But that's the way it goes probably...




I have suffered from "headaches" from a long time ago. These last months they have been located at the third eye ( as it opens) but before they were almost everythere. There were some nights that the pain was very intense. I have always asociated it to the process of freeing blockages of the brain. After great pains normally there were sensations of frehsness who indicated me that something had been released.

I havenīt experienced it myself but almost everyone agree that meditation potence kriyas, so if your kriyas are very intense it could be time to give a pause to meditation ...

Good luck! :)


********** I had viral meningitis and insephalitis, inflammation of the brain and fluid around the brain, when I was 26. This was extremely painful. It felt as if my brain was too big for my head. Once I got well I never had any headaches until just before my K awakened 7 years later. I was starting to feel concerned that it was starting again. With the illness I was also itchy all over and with the K I was as well. The doctor's never found a reason for the illness and I had two powerful experiences around it that I explained away as epiphenomina of the illness. One of the experiences occurred during the night and the next day the illness had broken and the symptoms were suddenly gone. Now I think that it was a trial run of K. I experienced the illness for 11 days, the first 5 at home and the next 6 in hospital. They told my ex husband that I might die.

I have had many headaches in the last 10 years. They come regularly for a few weeks and then subside for a longer period. I think the process works through tempering the nervous system to take higher and higher voltages of current in a rythmic cycle. It takes the body to beyond it's tolerance level and then backs off again until it is comfortable with containing the new voltage. For me headaches are a sign that that tolerance level has been exceeded and I am storing too much energy in my head. I stop meditating straight away.

My headaches either feel like my brain is too big for my skull (steel bands would also describe this) or the energy lodges behind my eyes and my sight becomes blurry and I become sensitive to light. With the second type I also become nauseus.

I think there is a very strong connection between increased Kriya activities and the headaches and powerful altered states of consciousness in meditation. My understanding of it now is that the energy moves up into the head and pools there. It needs to be redistributed through the body and either stored above the head or in the abdominal cavity. Exercise helps me. I have to force myself to do it and I need to concentrate as much as possible on my feet. I have a magnetic disk that I can stand on and twist on a swivel type mechanism. It is an exercise product developed by an Australian but I have seen copies of it here so they may be available in the states. I feel the magnets in it and the twisting help to redistribute the energy. Visualising the energy moving down the front of my body (in the manner of the Taoist micro orbit) also helps a lot and I do this while both exercising or just standing. Walking is also good, focusing on my feet rolling along the ground. Often I must wait until night in order to be able to go outside.

I have also noticed that a headache might develop if I don't drink enough water. I find sometimes if I catch a headache in the very early stage it can be avoided by drinking a couple of glasses of water. I also sometimes take sports drinks or diarea preparations containing electrolytes if I feel my system is storing too much water.

I see a chinese doctor who I believe is a Master. I have only been to him once while a headache was in process and he placed an acupuncture needle in my third eye and it just went. This was for the second type of headache. I have been going to him for 10 years. I first went to him 3 months after my Kundalini had become active and I was having trouble with my digestive system, skin, as well as the headaches. He balanced my energy in 3 treatments over 3 weeks. These days I go to him for what I refer to as a tune up every 6 months. He cracks my back and my neck and does various cupping, spooning, pinching, etc. Occassionally he will do a few needles of acupunture.

He also gives me a couple of physical exercises to do. Each time the exercises are different. Once in the early stages, after the separation from my ex husband and a bout of severe headaches, he got one of his male students to give me an hour long "erotic massage." He said I wasn't feeling my body. I was a bit embarrassed but it did help. He also tells me I think too much. I believe seeing him helps a lot, I think just sitting in his energy field helps. He tells me there's nothing wrong with me and I don't need to see him but he is happy to continue seeing me. Unfortunately there is always a four week wait on an appointment unless it's an emergency. He is quite incredible and runs schools for both martial arts and chinese medicine as well as his own practice. He is 87 years old!

I also carry stress and tension in my shoulders and neck. This seems to form a band that constricts the flow of energy from the head to the body but not the other way round. Manual manipulation of this helps (massage). I also think it is very important to relax into the pain rather than tensing up against it. Tensing up against it seems to hold the pain in place.

If I take painkillers I have found Ibrufen to be much better and aspirin to be better than codeine or paracetemol. Like Hillary I follow them with a strong coffee chaser! Then I go to bed and just watch the energy. Often I fall asleep and wake up headache free.

I hope some of this helps. I'm in a period of increased activity at the moment too.


PS after a period of headaches there is always a period of enhanced well being and vitality!


> ........ > My headaches either feel like my brain is too big for my skull (steel bands > would also describe this) or the energy lodges behind my eyes and my sight > becomes blurry and I become sensitive to light............

Thanks Julie,

I remember thinking that if the feeling continued, my head would burst. It was an outward type of pressure. It was difficult for my because I had never felt such a thing before. I had no knowledge of what was happing to me and was already phasing in and out of K psychosis after the initial awakening the day before. What did I think it was then? Demonic forces attacking me because I knew too much, of course! ;-)

Ah, we live and learn.



When ajna is being work on, albeit consciously or unconsciously, the cranial plates are moved and I wonder if this is what is happening.

The other thing is that you have lots of small knots of energy, which are being worked out, and these are very painful to to unknotted. I've seen people roll in pain with these.

For either case you should get some regular healing, and a form of massage, indian head massage, shiatsu and others. I recommend both quite strongly because they complement the spiritual and physical. I also would not stop though, you need to pass through this stage, else you will ever be stuck there. Perhaps meditate just before some healing, experiment with it.

When I meditate, I feel very sleepy. If I can relax into it, lie down, and then continue I have much better meditations. I suspect this is just part of the natural cleansing process your going through, I used to experience something similar.


>My understanding is that you have to put up with the headaches that come >from working on this minor siddhi(I believe it should be listed as a major >Siddhi), they are a form of test.

Where did you get that idea? Why would Unconditional love, need to test you like some kind of cranky schoolmarm? I am puzzled at your ascribing this human tendency, to Goddess. Goddess does not judge, people do.


>>I searched the archives but found no guidance on how to handle headaches.

That is not possible. Everything that could possibly be related to K. has been discussed on the list, repeatedly since it was founded in 1996. I repeated your search with the word "headache" and found a few hundred links. I did not bother with the digest links, but here is an assortment.

Happy Canada day!


Meditation occasionally precipitates a a full-blown migraine for me. Often I have a aura that something isn't quite right before the headache symptoms hit. Some things that help me avoid them are, diet (avoid heavy meals and caffeine prior to meditating), candles (the flickering light sometimes triggers a migraine), focusing intensely on one spot for extended periods (although some techniques call for this, I try to keep my eyes steady without staring at one spot).

But most important, if you get or already have a headache while you're meditating -- stop meditating!



Ken, group

> Meditation occasionally precipitates a a full-blown migraine for me. Often > I have a aura that something isn't quite right before the headache symptoms > hit. Some things that help me avoid them are, diet (avoid heavy meals and

I have done extensive experimentation and found nothing that causes headaches. I know certain foods I am sensitive to but nothing that triggers headaches.

> But most important, if you get or already have a headache while you're > meditating -- stop meditating!

This is interesting. At times I cannot meditate with a headache, but at other times I meditate through the headache. It is the only way I get relief. I don't think I get migraine headaches, just badies. If I can get prior to the headache I can see but not feel the pain.

On the whole I find it interesting question as to whether to mediate more or less for kriyas and headaches. Because of a busy schedule lately I have been mediating less. The kriyas are a little less. But I find also the moon cycle affect this as well. It takes a lot of experimenting and observation.



I'm really sorry about the headaches. They are, of course, a very common side effect of K energy. When the energy hits the head area, it can cause a great deal of pressure/pain.

There is a section in the old threads area of the kundalini-gateway site on migraines:

Lee Sannella in *The Kundalini Experience* wrote:

"...The female psychologist suffered from severe headaches, which stopped as soon as she ceased trying to control the process, accepting it instead." p. 111

I find this a touch simplistic. I think there is a physical change as K energy enters the head that causes headaches. I feel pressure, but fortunately seldom pain. As with most K symptoms, the body seems to gradually adjust to the pressure, and the pain disappears.

Bonnie Greenwell in her *Energies of Transformation* gives an example of a man experiencing severe painful headaches. He saw chiropractor, acupuncturist, holistic practitioner, Homeopath and Ayurvedic physician. He tried white flower oil on his head, but couldn't tell whether it helped or not. Acupuncture did alleviate the headaches, as did an Ayurvedic treatment of "minor dietary changes," drinking a mixture herbs in fresh almond milk, eating asparagus root candy, and "getting ayurvedic massages with sesame oil with garlic cooked in it." In about six weeks he felt better with the headaches diminished..." p. 222

Solomae Sananda in *Kundalini and the Evolution of Consciousness* writes:

"In the latter stages of the process it is common to experience band-like headaches ...These headaches occur as the electromagnetic fields around each brain hemisphere adapt to the slower brain wave patterns of higher states of consciousness." She goes on to describe experiments by Lee Sannella in which he found that slowing of the brain wave patterns affect the electromagnetic rings which run around each brain hemisphere. She continues: "Eventually, when the brain wave patterns stabilize, the rings 'lock in' to the new frequency and the pain ceases." In order to "help in synchronizing the brain and electromagnetic rings," she suggests lying down, relaxing the entire body, and then to "breathe through the 3rd eye chakra." She also suggests "staying as calm and relaxed as possible and meditating as much as possible." p. 81-82

I think meditating probably depends on the person. For some I would guess that ceasing meditation for a while might be in order.

Tarthang Tulku in *Tibetan Relaxation, Kum Nye massage and Movement. A yoga for healing and energy from the Tibetan Tradition.* gives the following exercise:

1 Sit on a mat or cushion with your legs loosely crossed, the left leg outside the right.

2. Raise your left knee and bring your left heal in front of your right ankle with the sole of your left foot flat on the floor or mat. Draw your feet as close to your body as you can and place your hads on your knees.

3. Very slowly and gently stretch your neck back and to the left so that your right arm straightens and your head and neck come into a line with your right arm. Keep the right knee down. Hold the diagonal stretch for about 30 seconds, breathing gently and evenly through both nose and mouth.

Take 30 seconds to 1 minute to release the tension. Let your breath and awareness flow with the sensation awakened in your body. Sit quietly for a few minutes. Then reverse the position of your legs and stretch your neck toward the other side. Do the complete exercise 3 or 9 times, resting for a few minutes after each side.

At the end of the exercise sit in the sitting posture for five to 10 minutes, continuing to expand the sensations generated by the stretch.

I tend to treat my relatively minor headaches with aspirin combined with strong coffee. Occasionally I'll resort to taking a valium.



Thanks to all who responded. I am currently doing massage therapist and chiropractor. At first it did seem to help but now the headaches are starting again. The explanations of higher levels of energy may explain why the headaches continue even with the massage etc. It could be as one block is cleared others are found. The massage therapist states that progress is being made on the back, she is getting to deeper levels of the muscle.

The headache is gone this morning and meditations easy and loose.

I must spend some time and study the responses. There is a lot of info to work on. I will be back with results over time.

One last funny note. Last night I almost started laughing. I had to remove my self to a separate bedroom so as not to disturb my wife. The kriyas continued stronger than I have ever experienced them. At one point I thought of the Olympics figure skating. I achieve a double quad last night. That is 4 immediate full body kriyas with a small 3 second break followed by another. I thought I was in some kind of competition. I like to see change because it means maybe something different in the future.

Love and thanks to all,


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