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Astral Travel


Can anyone do it? I've been working at trying to do it for years, given up the trying too. Read every book, tried most techniques and still can't do it. This was the original reason I became interested in this path, because I wanted to explore other worlds. Years later, i've still not got there.

I don't know why i've only just tried lately, what is the major block that stops this from happening? The K must be working on clearing whichever chakra it is.

Transferral of consciousness is what astral projection is. I have so many questions. It's like an original flame that i've forgotten about until now. And that flame won't die, it wants to go higher.

I wonder if it's in actual transferral process itself. How do you just throw your consciousness into a vehicle which you just imagine, what is tying me back. I feel there is something that i'm missing.

Astral projection is a tool for spiritual growth, and I feel ready to use it, to move on.


there is an ancient saying in indian scriptures. u ought not to get attached to ur techinique. the techniques show and lead u to the direction of the ultimate, but they r by themselves not of much use.u need to use it to a point and then detach from it and attach to something else that would further take u down the road.and now wot u attach to is all left to u and ur discretion. whether u get attached to detacment or attached to one aspect of ur vibration it is left to u.

. it is said that the glory of the lord is too strong for an ordinary nuerosystem to endure. when u r ready u will progress automatically. otherwise there is something missing in wot u r doing. eiter its qualitative or quantitative.

hope that helped.



Remember I wrote a bit back and seemed a bit impatient with you because I suggested you may be a bit impatient? Well, you're impatient again. Yes, I do the out of body thing, but only once in the "very near skin" that allows for ...oooh, how do you describe it? Allows for the "next dimension" thing. I mean, jumping out of your body and being in that next realm that's almost real, but not quite, and knowing it, but not quite. So yes, I did that, but then I stopped.

For me, it was at that point I realized that God...or Forever, certainly exists. That was proof enough. Wow, was it proof. How could my "intelligence" be out of my body, but my "intelligence" was still running my body...or is it really MY intelligence? ;-) Like I said in my last post, if we are God, we are everywhere and the intelligence is contained (or not contained) in something far greater than a mere physical body.

When I jumped out of my body, I first experienced the electricity running up my spine that made my teeth chatter. However, I did will it. Perhaps I had a certain knowing that I could, I don't know. I encountered many, uh, "obstacles," as it were? It was enough proof for me that life exists beyond the body's life, so I never tried again, but did go out of body again and again - unannounced and unwilled.

The only thing I can offer is Robert Peterson's book, Out of Body Experiences and the exercises he suggests. When I bought the book I had no idea that I was in the throws of K awakening. So perhaps that was what made it easier, I don't know. I DO know that if I want to do it again, I can.




Hi Rick,

I promise you, that you go out of the body every night. We all do. In fact most people are out of the body most of the time, and they run on unconscious energy.

Don't be concerned about going out of your body. The most important thing to strive for is to keep in your body, and experience your life. The out of body experiences will take care of themselves. Honestly - this is the truth.

What you want to do is ask your guides to assist you in recalling what you experience out of the body. It may be that you have a "fear factor" that keeps you from remembering.

To help with the "fear factor", I suggest using the following spiritual tool: Every night when you go to bed visualize creating a body-guard for yourself. How to do this: Visualize the being you want - can be the Incredible Hulk if you want (I use Jessica Rabbit!) Then place just an atom of your own energy in this creation. Instruct your created body-guard (or many if you wish) to watch over your body and protect it while you are out.

You can also use this spiritual tool for getting information. Say for instance that you are in a class and are having trouble doing research. You can send one of these creations out to locate the information for you, or where you can find it.

In the morning you destroy your creation and call back the energy you gave it into your 8th Chakra (the Golden Sun) chakra which sits about 1 foot above your crown chakra. Affirm that you are filled back up with your own energy, and just accept this energy flowing through your crown chakra into you body.

During our sleep we go to school, visit people in hospitals, help others that are in need, or just visit with friends who are still in the physical form, or have left bodies that no longer serve them.

Many blessings to you,


Hi Rick,

I find 'Treatise on Astral Projection' by Robert Bruce has some good info. If you type it into a search engine, you should come up with a bunch of sites that contain the book.



Hi Rick,

To remember out of body experiences I do the following:

I make certain that I am well-rested. If you are over tired, you will likely go to sleep without remembering a thing.

When I go to bed, I get in my most comfortable sleeping position. For me that is on my side.

Then I open my mouth, comfortably. This is part of the letting go, and relaxing. You don't need to prop your mouth wide open, just open in a relaxed and natural manner.

I let myself go into a breathing state that is a sleeping rythm.

When you hear a sound, sometimes a buzzing, or even a sound like wind..there are many variations. Realize that you are about to go out of the body. You will feel a shift in the energy around you as well.

Try to remain calm because if your heart starts to beat rapidly (because you are excited about what is about to happen), you will move more into an awaken state and will not leave.

You will either leave through your heart chakra or your crown chakra.

I usually go through my crown chakra. People have told me that this is dangerous. I think that they don't know what they are talking about. I am over a half century old, and almost always leave through that portal. Anyway, don't worry about how you leave. You will leave in the most perfect manner for your self.

Often when you first experience this sensation, you will have an automatic reaction to fight leaving. Try to remain calm, and "go with the force."

After I leave the body I open my eyes. Someone once told me to close my eyes. She told me that I would see more. I tried that for a few moments and I couldn't see anything. I think that the person that told me this hadn't consciously gone out of her body, and thought that I was viewing my experiences through the 3rd eye. I wasn't. I was watching through my spiritual eyes. I think that this is the case with most people.

If you are having a vision, in the body, you will often see them through the 3rd eye. When you are really out of your body, you function as you would physically - that is with your eyes open.

If you use the protection I suggested, in my former response, you will feel you are in a safe harbor. Ask your guides to be with you, and guide you. They do anyway, but this way you will know that you are being escorted and will not feel as if you are out on the astral by yourself.

Also I suggest that you make some affirmation for what you want from the experience. A good one is a peek into a past life that impacts your current life. This might give you a lot of insight into why you feel or react in this life to various circumstances.

This is just a suggestion of course, but affirm that your experience will provide you useful information for this life and your life path. Also affirm that you will remember the experience.

I keep a notebook by my bed. My guides wake me up when my experience is over, and I write down the experiences.

Always put protection around you before going to sleep. I use the following affirmation, which has always worked 100% for me (I have used it over 30 years):
"In the name, through the power, and by the word of Jesus Christ a wall of living flame is built around me. I give thanks that it is done. Amen"

I am looking forward to hearing your results.

Many blessings to you,



From: "Rick Mayweather" Subject: [K-list] Astral Projection

> Can anyone do it?

Yes, I can. Well I sort of can. That is, I usually wake up in a dream.

It started last year when a guy I was working with came into the office with a pamphlet and asked me if I wanted to do this course on Astral Projection with him. We'd talked about stuff that our co-workers thought was pretty weird before. We talked for a while and decided we'd do it together. He'd had two experiences where he'd walked into the living room and heard other's talking and been able to repeat their words back to them later much to their amazement. I'd had a couple of experiences too. The first was when I was about 19, looking back I had several strange happenings at this point in my life that I managed to skillfully rationalize away. Anyway I'd been reading a teenage girl type magazine that had an article about Astral Travel that gave instructions. I thought what a load of rubbish. If the author had been there I would have offered her my other leg so she could pull that too. I thought I'm going to try it to *prove* it doesn't work. So I lay on my bed and vividly imagined I was on top of my wardrobe. Suddenly I was there looking down at me lying on the bed and connected by a gold thread. I panicked and was back in my body with a pounding heart. I was really rattled. Nevertheless I managed to convince myself that I had fallen asleep and dreamed it within 3 days. The next time was when I was 27 and gave birth to my son. I did the natural type thing in a brand new concept called a birthing centre. I did it as the native aborigines did it -squatting. As his body went down I went up and looked down at myself and my doctor, Barbara, trying to hand me the baby. I raced back to take my brand new son. Afterwards I was filled with a manic energy that had me running for 5 hours and experiencing no movement as torture. I had to stay still a number of time for several medical procedures. Minutes took on the dimension of hours.

Anyway Les and I never got around to doing the course but the thought of doing it hung around. During this period my guidance and the gentle companionship that I was so used to became really distant. So the next 8 week course that started I finished up doing by myself. This course started in May last year. I had tried to do it about 8 years earlier just after my K awoke. I'd always panick when my body started to vibrate which would pull me out of the trance like state that I now recognise as a pre condition to conscious astral travelling.

I have hesitated to tell you that the group I did it with in person has a web site where the 8 week course is available free of charge. The reason I hesitate is that I think basically the group has mass confusion happening and I don't want to give any indication that I agree with anything they say. They have some very good techniques and some very bad ones. They also confuse their master's personal symbology and personal interpretation as literal steps on this spiritual path. This clouds a lot of what they teach. The groups name is mysticweb and they claim to have a Gnostic basis. I do believe that their is a number of steps that are taken on the spiritual path, and I might write about this at a latter time, but they are not specific and the symbols that are thrown into consciousness will vary from individual to individual. The war of the opposites is just one of these steps and a fairly early one. This group seems to be caught here. I hope that anyone who decides to give their techniques a try will use the utmost discrimination and discernment in everything they read on this site. I did 3 of their courses and the Astral one was by far the best. I followed their instructions to the letter while disregarding much of what they wrote on good and evil. Their information on Tantra is highly suspect and, to me, seems guilt inducing and life denying. I'm happy to talk to anyone about my impressions off list if they are interested.

The techniques on the astral course worked for me and I had my first experience 4 weeks later. I had been doing the practices on a daily basis. By this stage I'd also kept a dream journal for about 7 years on a fairly consistent basis. My personal sub conscious symbology had developed into a type of language that my sub conscious could communicate with me with a fair amount of accuracy. This time their was no fear and their was a feeling of certainty that if I put in the effort it would happen. Doubt was absent. I was also motivated to find my guidance seeing as it was not finding me too often at that time.

Mainly what I do is wake up in dreams. This is often called Lucid Dreaming. At some point in the dream I realise that I am dreaming and can act with volition. I thought that I would learn a lot by doing this, Masters and schools came readily to mind, and this hasn't been the case. I have had a lot of fun though - moonwalking, manifesting objects at will, flying, moving in and out of what appears as matter. The sensory experience seems more real than everyday reality. I feel more, see more - everything is more intense ...and real. Am I a butterfly dreaming I'm a man - type situation!

Towards the end of the course I had two experiences where I moved directly from doing a practice to being on the other side without loosing consciousness. This is the only time I have done this, except for the earlier episodes already mentioned. By the end of the course four weeks later I had had 7 experiences including one where I tried to find my guide. I was in space and called out the name I have several times in a very loud voice. Suddenly everything began to spin (like some 3rd rate sci fi movie) and I was hooked. I thought I was travelling directly to him. *I* had done it! I came to a standstill directly in front of a life size, beautifully framed, full length portrait rather than an interactive image. I had a strong emotional reaction and woke up. I felt like I'd been trying to push the river and I had gone to far and I was getting too caught up in images. I'd forgotten "Your will, not mine." I sort of lost my taste for astral travel after this and stopped doing the practices. Nevertheless the lucid dreaming has continued at a rate of about 1 a week. When K is more active and intense these can increase to 3 or 4 times a week. I record these in my dream journal with a symbol next to them. There has been no sitting down for coffee and a chat with the archetypes for me though. Doing these types of things for direct spiritual learning was what I expected to happen that hasn't yet. The fun I have is a very good compensation though.

Last week, I had a pretty amazing lucid dream where I felt that I was going through several different dimensions. It came in 6 parts and after each part I felt that I had returned to my body on the bed. At which point I would either slip back into a dream and realise I was dreaming again or would feel that a part of me wasn't in my body. For example at one stage both of my legs were on the bed but one felt like it was up in the air and I thought I'm not in properly and zoomed out again. The last two in this series were extremes. The second last I was zooming through space like a rocket with stars blurring into lines by my relative speed. The final one I was in my bedroom trying to go through the ceiling and not being able to. I started banging on it and found myself back in my body on the bed. I'm still not sure if the intervals between the parts where I thought I was back in my physical body was physical reality or dream reality.

Sometimes I also fly through roofs into nothing, a void. I think it might be the same void that is in me when I'm in meditation. In lucid dreaming I am in it and that experience is alway amazing. I take deep breaths that seem to last and last. I feel ecstatic both during and after the experience. Sometimes the high lasts for several days.

I think that the astral techniques produced results this time because my attitude was right. The elements of this attitude were 1. The belief that it could be done 2. The strong intention to do it 3. Consistently doing the various techniques several times a day. 4. Strong focus on doing it which included reading everything I could find. I was also doing a module on dream interpretation for the course I am studying. This is a link to a newletter on Lucid dreaming I think it's very interesting!



Hi Julie,

I enjoyed your response to this posting. Your experiences with astral projection are right on. As long as you relax (you mentioned the excitement snaping you back in the body) - you can go just about any place!

You didn't mention it in your email that I noticed, but, in my personal opinion, a key is knowing you have protection around you. I think that keeps you calm when you are experiencing being out of your body.

As you mentioned, the first time just go to a corner of the room you are in and observe yourself. Then try further distances. One very cool one is to go to the edge of the Univese and observe all the groupings of starts, and solar systems. It is an amazing experience.

My Dad used to astral project often. He loved to share his experiences with me. I was the only person he knew that was open to such topics. I loved to hear his accounts of his adventures.

Hey, just wanted to comment.

Have a great day!



Thank you everyone, it's all very useful.

>From: Kathleen Schramm PR Dept

>I enjoyed your response to this posting. Your >experiences with astral projection are right on. As >long as you relax (you mentioned the excitement >snaping you back in the body) - you can go just about >any place!

> >You didn't mention it in your email that I noticed, >but, in my personal opinion, a key is knowing you have >protection around you. I think that keeps you calm >when you are experiencing being out of your body.

I think this is the key i'm looking for that fits all locks. Fear. I'm not sure i've thought through it properly yet, maybe others can join in. Fear holds us back in normal consciousness, we're just unaware or unconscious of it. Anything external to our body causes an element of fear on an unconscious level, and the greater the fear, the greater our consciousness of it is. So we realise that fear by becoming conscious of it, and I think it/astral body imagined requires a great deal of thought and trust, then the chances will considerably increase as the fear diminishes.

Can we take this one step further? Are there other techniques for diminishing fear? Perhaps more powerful techniques that are suitable for astral projection.

When you say protection around you? Do you mean your physical body, your astral body, or your consciousness, wherever that may be?

The fear is acting as glue, to association with bodily attachment, and I think this also explains ego quite well.

>As you mentioned, the first time just go to a corner >of the room you are in and observe yourself. Then try >further distances. One very cool one is to go to the >edge of the Univese and observe all the groupings of >starts, and solar systems. It is an amazing >experience.

Why not go further? Astral meet-up.

>My Dad used to astral project often. He loved to share >his experiences with me. I was the only person he knew >that was open to such topics. I loved to hear his >accounts of his adventures.

Those stories are fuel to do it ourself.

>Hey, just wanted to comment.

Thank you!! I need to get practicing.


Hi Julie,

You were referring to protection here, but I didn't quite get your question. I'd love to respond...

"For me it was the definitive event but I'm not really sure where it came from. Perhaps the experience in my teenage bedroom left an emotional charge that needed to be released and time helped with this. (? - Did I miss some key info here?) I remember the surprise I felt when I started to feel my body vibrate and not reacting emotionally to it, when I started the exercises last year. What do you think?"

I recall the first time I felt the Kundalini energy. I had no idea in the world what I was doing. I "made up" a Yoga position, and this energy started sweeping up and over me. So, I decided to stop doing this until I had a better understanding - cause it kind of startled me.

One thing that gave me pause for thought was you mentioned anaylzing the symbology of what you saw would make you snap back in the body. I wonder why that would be? Perhaps you are drawing too much on your conscious mind, and as a result of engaging that energy brings you back to your body.

If you practice asking your guides questions, instead of analyzing yourself, may be you will remain and see more.

When I am "traveling" I am constantly asking my guides for information regarding what or who I am seeing. That is, unless I forget... because what I am looking at is way too impressive. Then I seem to be struck mute, and kick myself later for not thinking of asking. (smile)

Have a great day!



From: "Kathleen Schramm PR Dept"

> Dear Spiritrose

> You were referring to protection here, but I didn't > quite get your question. I'd love to respond... > > "For me it was the definitive event but I'm not really > sure where it came from. Perhaps the experience in my > teenage bedroom left an emotional charge that needed > to be released and time helped with this. > (? - Did I miss some key info here?)

I guess so. I wrote it in a hurry and thought it was clear in context with my first post. Sorry.

Here I was agreeing with your concept of feeling protected. The feeling of safety was of paramount importance between my first and second attempt at consciously attempting to learn how to do it. The first attempt was in 1994. I abandoned this attempt because of cautions I had read regarding developing psychic powers and blocking the spiritual

The key is not to try. The moment you start trying, you start failing. It is purely the product of a relaxed mind.


Hi Rick,

I was part of a class that did a "group meet." We all came back and described our experiences, and what we saw. Everything checked out accurately. This built the group's confidence in astral projection.

I made a previous entry about protection, and using an astral body.

I think that some confusion arises because out-of-the-body and astral projection are often used interchangeably. Actually the astral body and out-of-the-body experience is different.

You can create as many astral bodies as you wish. You can enter your own consciousness into the astral body, but you are projecting your consciousness, rather than actually leaving your physical body in your spirit body.

You can try this: Visualize an astral body lifting from your own physical body. Have it stand right in front of you. You can make it in any image that you want. In a previous entry I mentioned that I like to use Jessica Rabbit. :-) I affirm that a "drop" of my personal essence is in the astral body. You can make a "date" with like minded friends to meet on top of Mount Shasta, and have them describe what they saw. Did they see your persona? (In my case it would be Jessica Rabbit or some such disguise.) If you use your regular form, then your friends may think that they are imagining you being there. If you make up a fun persona, then "it" is not threatening. It is a fun exercise. This is more like remote viewing. You are fully conscious of your physical body, and the events going on around you. You project an image of your self, like a Xerox copy, with a portion of your consciousness.

You can create an astral body, and then affirm that there are 100 duplicates of that astral body. Give all of these astral bodies a task or many tasks to achieve.

For instance, say that you have misplaced something in your home, which you have searched for and can't seem to locate. Give your projected astral body an assignment to find it, and return with instructions where to find the item. I find this almost a 100% successful. It will suddenly "dawn" on me where to search for the item.

I create an astral body in the form of a mountain lion, or perhaps a big Viking with instructions to guard my body while I am out-of-the-body doing my spiritual traveling during the night.

When your astral body has completed the assigned task, just destroy the astral body. Then reclaim your personal essence by directing it to your 8th chakra for neutralizing to gold (present time) energy. It will be returned to you through the 8th Chakra.

When you actually go out-of-the-body your spiritual body leaves your physical body in kind of a suspended animation.

Have you ever been jarred awake to suffer an instant headache? or perhaps suddenly feel sick to your stomach at someone scaring you awake? Or go into a nervous shaking and heightened heart beat! This is when you have been out of the body and someone has startled you to snap back in through your crown or 3rd, or 4th chakra.

Have you ever been sitting concentrating on something (day dreaming), and someone comes in and really startles you? We often go out of the body under such circumstances, and can be easily startled because we are not aware of our surroundings. Many people go out of the body when driving to and from work, as this is a redundant task that can easily be accomplished by the unconscious mind - except in an emergency.

I have had some really amazing out of the body experiences. One was when I was at a plane crash helping the victims by explaining to them what had happened to them. Then I handed them over to their guardian angels to assist them in moving on. When I woke up I discovered that: -a plane had crashed -it was in Ireland as I was told during my experience -the victims I saw were soccer players, as I was told -the plane crashed into a stone wall in heavy fog Everything in the news report was exactly as I was told during the out of the body experience.

Also I thought how comforting to know that those that are killed in such a manner do have immediate assistance. All the victims I saw were lying in what remained of the plane, and their bodies. I, and others, gently cradled their spiritual heads and shoulders in our arms while we explained to them what had occurred. We explained to them that their guardian angels were standing by to help them move on. When the victims became oriented to the information, they would let us know when they were ready to go. The guardian angels would reach out and take their hands, and they would move on. It was a beautiful experience, born of a terrible tragedy.

I have had many confirmations of out of the body experiences, and have no doubt that we go out every night. We all work, play, visit with friends, help people in distress.

My experience with astral projection has proved to me that people can see you, you can interact with them, and you can hold a conversation with them while projecting an astral body.

I think one of my most amazing experiences, and when I actually began to believe the amazing complexities of astral projection was when my dear Uncle died.

I worked at a company that was extremely strict about when they would allow you to take time off. I was denied half a day leave to go to my Uncle's funeral because he was not considered "immediate" family. I was very sad about missing his funeral, as I had been close to him.

About a month later I was at a family event. I saw my Aunt and my Cousin. I joined them. I wanted to apologize for not attending my uncle's funeral, and wanted to explain why.

Before I had a chance to speak both my Aunt and Cousin reached out to hold my hands. They looked at me differently, much more kind and loving than usual. It was as if they were searching my eyes, or face for something. Both of them told me how much it meant to them that I came to my Uncle's funeral. They told me that the thoughts that I shared with them meant so much to them, and that I really helped them in dealing with their grief.

I was stunned.

I wanted to ask them what I said that made such an impression, but I just couldn't't come up with a way to word my question. I was amazed, and a little confused. Even though I believed in astral projection, and out of the body experiences at the time, such confirmations were still amazing.

I was at work during my Uncle's funeral. I know that without a doubt. I was awake, though it is possible that I was day dreaming, and had actually gone out of the body.

Further, I had had so many experiences when people have thanked me for coming to the hospital and sitting with them during the night. Those that lived very far away, and knew that there was no chance I could possibly fly (via plane) to their side and then be home in the morning. These people would tell me of the "most amazing real dreams" they had of me sitting by their bed and comforting them every night. I would be told it was all so real to them.

My Mother-in-law was in the hospital and said to me in front of her sister "You have been here every night, haven't you?" I told her, "yes, in spirit." (of course this was the truth). Then her sister turned to her and declared, "See, I told you she wasn't spending every night with you! You were dreaming!" oh,

Anyway, once you become more aware of your extra traveling, it can be very rewarding and amusing at times.

One time, during an out of the body experience, a woman approached me from across a room filled with party goers. She was dressed in a lovely yellow dress, and had a wide brimmed hat on. She wore very heavy perfume. She introduced herself as Molly Blodgett. She told me that she was a friend of my friend Louise, and asked me to say "hello" to Louise for her.

Well, when I woke up I could still smell the perfume...

I called Louise. After a little chit-chat I asked Louise if she knew someone by the name of Molly Blodgett. She said "No", and asked me why. I told her I had a "silly dream" some lady told me to say "Hi" to you. I told her that I just thought I would see how real it was.

After we talked for about 15 minutes, she exclaimed that she did know a Molly Blodgett when she was a young child. (Louise was much older than me).

She told me that the last time she saw Molly it was at a church party. Molly was wearing a lovely yellow dress, and a wide-brimmed hat. Louise went on to tell me that in "those days" people weren't able to bath very often. She said that most adults smelled terrible to children. That was... all except Molly. Molly wore a heavy perfume that covered the offensive "adult" odors.

OK, I was stunned...again.

Hey, I guess I am getting pretty "chatty" here. I love the topic of astral travel and out of the body experiences. I have had many interesting experiences with them. Many I have been able to confirm as being valid.

Our lives are so much more interesting than we often know. Pretty cool, huh?

Many blessings to you,


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