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Member Polls and Surveys.

Voices and Halos Poll.

Date: 3/27/00

21 people responded to the poll. Some answers were ambiguous.
My tally is pretty subjective.

To the question "Do you feel the "voices" we sometimes "hear" come from within the brain or from an outside spiritual source,"

10 people responded that they felt the voices come from an outside source. I include 2 comedians in this total :).
5 replied both
3 said from within and
3 replied neither or none

At least 8 people made the observation to the effect that there isn't an outer or inner to begin with.

To the question, "Do you think that K has made you a better person?"

9 people said K has made them a better person
4 said no
3 different
2 both better and worse
1 N/A
2 no change

To the question, "Do you think that you have been blessed with K, in part because you are special?"

9 people replied no
7 replied yes
1 couldn't say
1 N/A
1 that she had reached some place in her spiritual development that made her ready for it
1 that he just worked for it.
1 person remarked "Exclusivity is what the fire of kundalini seeks to burn."

Since most of the responses were relatively short, here they are. :)

1. Do you feel the "voices" we sometimes "hear" come from within the brain or from an outside spiritual source.

Neither. (don't listen to him)

The voices I hear sometimes come from within me(Goddess/Kundalini) and sometimes come from outside sources. Sometimes beings talk to me. I hear music which appears to my ears to be coming from outside but it is Goddess projecting from within, like a 3-D projection. Did I make any sense?

The brain IS a spiritual source, there's no inside or outside! But, yes, I'd say the voice knows way more than "I" do.

Mine seem to be coming from a radio station in New Jersey. I feel that the "visions" that I sometimes "see" are coming from an outside brain -- a hybrid genetically engineered artificial intelligence created by the script writers of the X-files. I feel that the "thoughts" that I sometimes "think" are rare. Anyone else notice this?

For me the voices seem to be coming from an outside force. So far.

I think there are some voices that come from myself, and there are others that come from a Higher Source

l keep hearing Regis Philbin:"Now, is that your final answer?" -- guess that qualifies as an outside spiritual force???

Yes. hehehe. The voices (or music, or sounds, or humming/thumping) are a part of me, and come from outside. I's a matter of perspective, I guess. Where am I standing right now? Outside me?

the latter, but it is still Me

... They have always seemed to come from a place in the brain, but a place that is not commonly accessible. ... I do think these "voices" are what mystics have experienced throughout the ages....

Funny you should ask...I'm reading a book that distinguishes 5-sensory vs. multi-sensory people. Those only using the 5 physical senses deal mainly w/ ego (self) existence, where the multi-sensory deal mainly with soul as part of the whole,and recognize 'others' outside of self. It is showing me how ego-centric I am to believe I'm the only one present during my internal dialogues. :) Also, in the past month I've also been introduced to two spirit guides I was previously (egotistically)unaware of .

None. Zip. Nada. Visual, sensory, spatial and even smell and taste but nothing auditory.

An outside source. Intuition wells up from the centre of the body and hits the brain as thoughts, and it's different. Well that's my experience anyway.

I hear nothing from within the brain... if I did, I'd think I was hearing voices. :-)
I hear/seek the voice within through friends, strangers, children, anyone.

An outside spiritual source or my own higher self.

They come from within unless proven otherwise. I consider the higher self to be within.

I believe the brains filters/processes all we experience, and that we create it I would have to say within...the brain but not the brain. :)

Sometimes you get telepathy with other people (clairaudience). Sometimes you get communciations from beyond the grave. Sometimes it come just from your own head.

All of the above. I've been hearing the heart voice for as long as I can remember, but there were so many voices in my head I didn't know the internal comments and conversations, and *knowings* were not normal. I talk to my male side, to the heart voice, to other people, to spirits....
I've had so many verified telepathic conversations, that it's a normal communications medium, for me, that I use all the time. Easier than typing, or picking up the phone.

The input is filtered, because sometimes I don't like to be distracted, either.. but after years of validation, I don't question it, anymore.
Often, when druid and I are having dinner or watching TV, I'll think a comment, and he will say it. It's actually hard to tell, where the thought originates, whether i'm hearing his thoughts before he says them, or whether I'm broadcasting and he's hearing and speaking. I tend to think it's the latter, more often, because they tend to be more like me, than him.. but as Itzak Bentov said, "We are the transmitters of thought, not the originators". Maybe we are both hearing Goddess.

Usually I "hear" stuff in my mind.. the exception is while I'm falling asleep, I often hear voices calling my name, out loud as if they are in the room.. sometimes I can identify who they are.

Sounds like a trick question. I used to think it was from an outside source. The "doc" I saw in therapy a few years ago says it's in the brain. Meaning, the brain is doing all the work. Now, I'm thinking that the brain is the receiver for all sorts of stuff, so it depends on what the voice *is*. Sometimes it may very well be my imagination, sometimes it is from outside. But I'll never be able to discern the two; I've had serious difficulties in doing so in the past and have given up trying. If I knew how to discern, I could actually show psychic ability. But none of that was meant to be.

Um...Never heard any voices .

2. Do you think that K has made you a better person?

Yes, but equally as worse.

He He! K has made me a different person. Evolution I think, but better, I really don't know what to relate that with.

K has made me more of a person. My husband would probably say at this moment I'm easier to live with -- six months ago, harder.

Before K, I was Eleanor Rigby. Now, I'm Eleanor Roosevelt. You be the judge.

I feel I am a better person now than before

I believe it is making me a better person.

Are you kidding? Before this hit me, l was cooking, hitting on all cylinders -- l was AWESOME, BABY!!! Now l'm just a feeble, neurotic piece of shit. l ain't got game anymore. All my women have left me...they don't even know my name .....

No. It's given me an experience, extra stuff to chew, and made it a little more difficult/complex. And it's enriched me, brought me tools and knowledge to help others, and showed me I'm both different from others and really not so different.

Better no, richer

Better in some ways and worse in others. I tend to take more time for myself now--partly selfishly and partly because K insists on it. But I feel I have more insight now, and I enjoy other people more than previously.

Overall, yes. But generally it's yes and no - depending on how badly this ignoramus gets in the way! :)

Yes but society would disagree. I can't play the game anymore.

I was a better person 4 years ago than I am now. What k has done is clear some of the blockages that have come since, you know, the bitterness, the anger, the paranoia, the mad staring eyes......

It's made me a less fearful person. I'm pretty much the same except for that. And I now have the word kundalini to increase my vocabulary!


No change.

I'm more confident, and happier. As for better, I think I am beginning to realize what I really am.

Yes, I am more spiritual and feel that I understand the meaning of life.

Yes. In every way.

What do you mean by better person? Let's see. . . personality-wise, I don't think I've changed much ...

yes. It validates a sometimes hard- to- justify world :o))

3. Do you think that you have been blessed with K, in part because you are special?

Exclusivity is what the fire of kundalini seeks to burn.

I've been thru "wicked", "evil", "freak", "mistake of natue",(can goddess make a mistake?), among various other viewpoints. I really like the "blessed and "special' thing so I will say yes, yes, yes:).

No, everybody's gonna get there one way or another -- we're all God.

For most people, this is probably true, but I'm an anomaly. I'm cursed with K because I'm defective.
Quick, kill me before I multiply!
El 2 X 3 = 6 Arrrrrrgh -- too late!!!

but not special or above anyone. I believe we are all special. And no one is favored above anyone else.

I have definitely been blessed with this, but I don't think it is because I am special. I think anyone can eventually achieve this. It is our birthright. I do believe it is where I am at spiritually.

Are you kiddin'?? OF COURSE I'M SPECIAL!!! Why else would our Lord single me out for such suffering? He obviously doesn't think much of all the people who've had such nice k experiences, seeing all of your are whimps who can't take suffering and wouldn't be able to appreciate its redeeming value anyway. (Just having fun here -- no intention of sending this is ... oops!
just hit the Send Now button......

See 2. hehehe. I'm not special. This happened. In my circumstance, I chased it, and caught its tail. It then turned around and caught me. It's part of my path, some of which I still feel I have no control over.

LOL! Of course i'm special LOL!

Hmmm. Don't know why that question blurted out LOL!
I do believe everyone is equally special. And I absolutely agree that "everyone gets there sometime," but I also find K active people (at least on this list) share certain wonderful qualities--kindness, humor, insight and intelligence that seem way above the "norm." Perhaps it is introspection that allows K to become manifest in the first place, and introspection often also causes people to be concerned about others.

Not special really - blessed with it because I'm supposed to be.

No. Intent and focus gets me there.

Nah not special just lucky. I could have stayed angry and confused, no space in the mind.

I chose kundalini.... my journey. It was blessed with all of us because it is special.


I think I just worked for it. Or maybe the powerful guy that had a thing for me back in college did Shaktipat without me knowing.

Of course! And I'm also unique, just like everyone else. :))

I think that I got this because I had reached some place in my spiritual development that made me ready for it.

Eh, we are all special. I'm clear that it was part of the plan, before I incarnated.. just part of what I'm here to do, this lifetime.. But I also never forgot who Mother is. I remember coming from the light when I was two, altho I didn't understand what it was, then, I never forgot how that love felt. My determination to renew the connection has always driven me, on one level or another.
From my observations, people get it because they *ask* for it, in one way or another. "Knock and the door shall be opened". They usually don't know what they are asking for.. because they cannot know.. the knowing is experiential.

I think of it as a curse. Still, because for me, it doesn't produce any practical rewards. Yes, I can remember things better, but I'm not going to be spending the rest of my life in a classroom. I still hear "voices" but I don't care because I consider them all to be lying ones (that's how got into therapy to begin with). If I ever can predict something going on in the future, or if I could do healing (for me or others), it may change how I see things.
And in a world where celebrity status and the cultural elite are important, I don't see myself as special. Nor do I want it that way.

can't say.I have my share of sins :o))

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