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Member Polls and Surveys.

Visual Poll.

Poll Question:
While looking over the old voices Poll, I saw this comment:

"I don't hear voices; I see colours. Does that count? ;))))))))))
Rubyreds, Violets, Emerald greens and Cobaltblues, they are vith me day and
night. In the dark they fill the room and make it glow."

So I'm wondering what people experience in the way of visual effects?

Date: 7/31/00 Thirteen people responded to the Visual Poll.

2 people said they were too numerous to mention. (I would still love to hear some of these!)
10 people described their experiences.
1 person commented only Sparks or lights were mentioned by 4 people, some occuring in Sacred sweat Lodges.
Five people mentioned Orange, golden, or bright warm yellow lights, in one case they were described as horizontal golden lines and in another 3 yellow orbs.

3 people described multiple colors: one flashes of different colors and streaks of rainbow shooting through a field of vision; another fireworks of "blowing apart colored particles of light" and the third alternating colors of gold, gray, white and violet and "an extraordinary color play followed by an art exhibition"

One person mentioned that his house had a blue tint to it. [This reminds me of Gopi Krishna's experience of the world seen through a whitish haze]


When in a sacred stone peoples lodge (sweat lodge), spirits appear in this form. I recall on one occassion two orange lights zipped into the lodge (which was totally dark) and at that moment the leader of the sweat said that two spirits has just entered. Since the sweat lodge is a purification, maybe the kundalini process is also a purification which opens oneself up to seeing these spirits. All kinds of phenomena can occur when one is in a high state of purification. Another phenomena occurred when I was conducting a sweat with my daughter. After awhile, the roof of the lodge became transparent and we could see the stars. I said, "did you see that?" and she said, "you mean that shooting star?" and I said "yes!" We both saw the same thing, so it wasn't imagination. Who knows, maybe K can get you seeing through walls!
> in my case the lack of response is because there are just so
> many visual things to talk about.

Bingo.Same here. Most of us could write page after page on this subject. I think a better question would have been, "Is there anyone on this who has *not* had a visual experience..."


I see a little star/spark that appears before my eyes, usually floating a foot or so away from my third eye. I almost think of it as a visitor, a presence. My step father recently told me about an experience he had at our old house, where he was visited by a floating star object that communicated with him telepathically. It actually visited him a few times. The second time it told him his questions would be answered in what he interpreted as six or so years. That was about 6 years ago...
The star only appears for a second or two, but it is appearing more and more often these days. Puts a smile on my face when I see it.
In one of the highest degrees of a Rosicrucian group, these 'sparks' are discussed as being the condensation of energy from a highly energetic state, to that of matter. Through training, they can become the reverse. In either case, they suggest an inbetween state - where matter and energy as we understand them - are the same.

In the French Christian magical (theurgic actually) tradition of the Elus Cohen (Elect Priest of the Universe) from the mid-18th century (still active today), these sparks are known as 'La Chose' or 'the Thing' and are seen as a sign of an impending spiritual (or even psychic) experience.

They tend to move in a curve, and may actually enter the body through the eyes, or psychic centers.

In the second sweat lodge I was in, I saw two sparks of light off and on. Someone else said they were all over the place. Do you think that the more developed, cleansed... you are, the more you are able to see? In the first one, I didn't see any, but I may have had my eyes closed/covered the whole time. It was a hot one!

Actually, I should not have even brought up the subject, because, although this may be a subject for some debate, discussing things that happen in sacred ceremonies is not really a good idea; IMO, it
detracts from the power one receives.> There is much that happens in sweat lodges,
> the incidents to him/herself or discuss it only with the spiritual leader of
> the ceremony.

Heavy sigh. Yes, I had some misgivings, but it was pretty exciting for me, and hard to not talk about. It seems every day there is more that I cannot talk about, either for the reasons you mentioned or to respect people's privacy. So many times I find myself in conversation and something comes to mind, but then I remember I can't talk about it.


1) That blue color - this was one episode of my k-life or mania-life that I had forgotten until reading these posts. During an experience a couple of years ago, I was up all night, and eventually, passed into what seemed like a death state, when all in my house had that blue-violet tint to it - the light especially. It was also one of the first and only experiences I had with 'entities', although I perceived them to be representatives of 7 or so different collective conciousnesses. It seemed that they were all afraid to take some next step on their own, so I volunteered to do it. A symbol formed in my mental conciousness composed of the unfulfilled ?? of each of the conciousnesses. It floated to me and onto me and into me in my mind's eye.
What I've read of the visual Poll so far has lots of familiar things. Fascinating to read about the orange lights zipping into the sweat lodge, as what I took to be a past life dream a couple of weeks ago was early Native American, in which I saw orange lights that I knew to be people of another tribe. As for other visual "effects"--yes, to sparks; and also flashes of different colors, and, long ago, streaks of rainbow shooting through my field of vision. Then a couple of years ago I first saw "my little yellow guys." My body worker, Jan (aka my energy artist), and I had for some time clearly felt "presences" during my sessions. But then one day I interrupted a session, for the first time ever, to go to the bathroom. On my way back up the stairs, all wrapped in the sheet from the massage table, I saw three yellow orbs, about 18 inches above the floor and 2-3 feet ahead of me. They were soft-edged and floated bouncily, and I'd even say playfully. We've gotten to know each other quite well since then!

I have found that the most common recurring visual that I tend to experience are parrellel golden lines that run horizontaly, or diagonaly across my vision. There are bars of them on top of each other, stacked up to fill the main periphery of my sight. Strangley enough I mostly see them in toilets, but I have seen them in all sorts of locations. The gaps in between are slighty thinner than the bars themselves. I think the bars have been getting wider over the past two years since I have been seeing them but couldn't really say for sure. They seem to just sit there. Enough for me to notice them but nobody else does. When I do see them, they are very solid. I look around the room to check it is not just the light coming through some venetion blinds, or something. Also when I close my eyes they seem to fade. They are have a very peaceful feeling, whatever they may be.


Only colors I see are bright warm yellow light when God talks to me and when the Guardian Angel came to me

My own experiences with visual phenomena has been frequent "explosions" in the brain made up of colorful sparkles/fireworks--visually seeing blowing apart colored particles of light. Sometimes the fireworks have symbols on the ends of spokes (once musical notes). Sometimes the background is red or gold. Usually this takes place in the brain, but occasionally it takes place in the stomach. A couple of times I've seen a very bright blue light in the distance.


There are often some dream kind of visions that change quickly. Living narratives or lucid kind of dreams (important and helpful) have taken place a couple of times. Once there was an extraordinary color play that was followed with an art exhibiton (my still undone works). That one was wonderful. But usually it is just golden / gray / white and violet alternating, sometimes other colors, too.

I see lights mostly blobs of images - sometimes visualize places but don't get clear pics of where they are...walkway to the door of a house, garden or woods, things like that.

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