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Member Polls and Surveys.

Verbal poll


Poll Question:

Anyone else with verbal symptoms? I'll make a mini poll of it.

Only 6 people responded to the verbal poll, one of whom said she had no verbal symptoms. It would seem that verbal reactions to K energy are relatively rare. I find this a bit surprising!

The verbal symptoms described were:

Heavy metal vocals


Also for the first year I had involuntary shouting! Any of this sound familiar

> I have never heard of anyone having
> spontaneous shouting before, but K experiences are very subjective. No two
>are exactly the same. Many people experience "speaking in tongues" or
> spontaneous mantras or just plain chanting. So I would not consider
> shouting far out the norm at all.

Actually, when the energy zips up my spine and explodes in my head, I frequently give out a yel The experience isn't painful, but the yelp *is* involuntary. It happens mostly when I'm relaxed--seldom in public.

Several times while in meditation I was startled -awakened by the roar of a lion only to realise I made the roar.

Hahaha; the spontaneous breathing patterns, I've found, are good fodder for hevay metal vocals. (:

I have no verbal symptoms that I know of dont think I have ever really been a very verbal person ever before or after K.

Yelp!!! Yelp!!! Yelp!!! I am frozen in the K-clutch. I am released. I look husband is standng there...looking at me...a mixture of disbelief and discomfort cross his face, in private

Ruff!! Ruff!!!!

Yes I do shout or should I say did!! For the first two years after the Ihealing that started all this off, I would feel energy in my solar plexus, and I would be hot, and my face would go red.

My mother would stand about four foot away from me and hold up her hands in front of me ,, with her palms facing me. /This somehow allowed this energy to release, and it would come out my mouth, really loud!1

I said that if the neighbours wonder why I shout, I will say I am practiticing celebrating when we win the lottery!!

also if I lay on the floor on my side I would curl up and shout, so its just another manfestation of this energy.

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