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Member Polls and Surveys.

Synchronicity Poll

Aug 2, 2001 Poll Question:

Have you ever experienced Synchronicity in a mind-blowing or life changing way?

(Minor examples welcome too!) :))

Rather surprisingly :)) only 8 people responded to the synchronicity Poll. Perhaps as one respondent said, we are all living it!

Here are excerpts from the responses.


Absolutely. I live it.


Just a minor one - had more impressive ones too, but somehow this small one made a difference -

During a recent period of madness, lots of paranoia and bliss too, I put on a T-shirt I had for a while, that has Vincent van Gogh's "Starry nights" on it. Suddenly I stared at it, and started to distrust it: is this really a painting by Vincent van Gogh, mmm...I wonder. Just two days later a postcard dropped in my mailbox from my aunt and uncle from France: ...Vincent van Gogh's starry nights....

Now that I write this, I guess it might have been some form of telepathy, and not really synchronicity - anyway, it reminded me very clearly again at that point, that what I was experiencing was not all madness.


Synchronicity: pretty much most times i read an email from c...... i think i knew him in a past life LOL...




It's all just a stream. Hit a rock, go in that direction. Hit an eddy, circle around.

Last Tuesday, I perhaps missed getting struck by lightning thanks to an obscure inner directive to step away from the window at which I had been standing. The lightning that struck within seconds of my instantly following that directive blew out the transformer just outside my window, damaged the lights and computers in my office, sent crackles across my skin (this followed the rising and waving of every hair on my body), blew out the power, and resounded like a bass drum in my head.

Coincidentally, that storm followed me down to the sea islands when I left town that day. Coincidentally, I felt that hair-raising sensation in a slighter version on that trip down. No direct hit that time.


...Around the time that my girlfriend, then 82 pounds and dying -- we were told there might only be three more weeks for her to live -- I spent three days praying and chanting for her healing, and after a full recovery of her completely deteriorated liver

Somewhere around this time of these few days, more than 100 cedar waxwing congregated in the neighbor's tree...

Waxwing's Wisdom Includes: (from
Communal living
Connected to healing
Control of ego
Connection to Red Cedar
Facilitates reproduction
I recently discovered two days following a significant discussion with Angelique that the only people who really understand gTummo healings were the Tibetan Buddhists. As I thought then, even though I sought this knowledge as a person who feels compelled to do healings, I did not expect that any Tibetan Buddhist Monk would be readily available to satisfy my recent inquiries about this type of healing... the following day I recieved a call from my son's teacher that she had recently discovered there was a Tibetan Buddhist in the area... as I called to find out more, I discovered the visitors coming to perform healings...


I was going through a difficult transition and after grappling with my situation and coming up empty, finally decided to surrender and instead of looking for a way to change the situation, it occured to me to just look for a way to be at peace with it. So for around two weeks or so, I focused my energies on finding inner peace and acceptance. Shortly before Easter, I looked out the window one morning and noticed some Crows prancing and cawing in my front yard. (It occured to me that it was unusual, especially at that time, that they commanded my attention in a bizarre fashion.) As I continued to watch them, I discovered that a family of crows took up residence in the tree across the street from my house and was building their nest with some of the dead twigs from one of my trees. Before long, I started noticing Crows EVERYWHERE I went. Strangly enough, on Easter morning I woke up and noticed that for the first time in many weeks I didn't feel the heaviness that normally joined me upon awakening...inner peace and acceptance had finally descended on me. The Crows continued to make their presence known and I just wondered at all. Right about the time my curiousity peaked, someone from the list posted the following site: ""> . Some of the exerpts that resonated were:

o Carrier of souls from darkness into light
o Working without fear in darkness
o Guidance while working in shadow

In retrospect I think this was about death of an ego and rebirth into freedom & a new way of encountering life.... and while the process still continues, slipping & sliding and gaining a foothold here and there, every time I encounter a crow, I feel blessed and offer thanks for the assistance. Another synch that I wonder about is the timing with regard to Easter -- I haven't been involved in the Catholic faith for years, but realize Easter is tied to natural laws of regeneration... hmmm... ?

Similar situation occured with regard to finding feathers.


Yes, very very mind blowing and utterly confounding, coming again and again and totally changing my life. A series of related incidents that cut me off from my "old life" and has sent me down a path I know not where to. Am very curious about where it all leads..................

My life being the strange affair it has always been, I used to think of synchronicites as God's way of helping me out of tight spots. There were (synchronicities) up until this last year, always of the helpful kind, often very cliffhanging type, cavalry arrives to save the day kind of happenchance. I didn't really look for them, but the circumstances were always such that the meaning was clear, if only a kind of heavanly " I have my eye on you ...". For example, once I was in Copenhagen for a month studying something and no body knew where I was as I left Tel-Aviv suddenly, I was sitting in Macdonalds, feeling a little guilty as my father is a rabbi and Macdonalds ain't so Kosher. I suddenly get the feeling I just have to go sit near the window, so I get up and move to a window seat. Lo and behold, I see my father himself with his wife walking outside. Of course I ran out to make sure I wasn't dreaming, just as my father and his wife stepped into a restaurant where they had some not so kosher food themselves. THis compared to some of what I have been through was a mild CASE of synchronicity. But the point of it was easily taken.

This last year though, whatever mechanism is responsible for serendipity has gone totally wild in my life. So much, so strange, and so hard to get the point of, other than a general type of " your life is now under the control of angels, so stop worrying so much, you always believed in benevolent intervention, lay back and stop whining that it scares the shit out of you." something to that effect. I hesitate to even tell myself some of the things that happened and the wildness of thinking that resulted from my attempts to explain the inexplicable , but hopefully someday I will understand what it was and is still all about.


I get "synchronicity" all the time. Maybe some of it is meaningful; maybe some of it is just "coincidence," if indeed there is such a thing.

"Minor" examples: I'll be listening to a radio talk show, and I'll think of a certain obscure word or phrase, and then someone on the radio will say it.

There are certain people who have come into my life--both male and female--who have so many similarities to me it's almost scary. I spent a year developing a deep friendship (long-distance) with a girl who had a whole laundry list of uncanny similarities to me. We shared the same beliefs, and not only that, but the same goals for spiritual growth, and the same desire to follow the Spirit wherever it might lead. We thought alike in just about every *important* respect. I felt like we were reading each others' minds. We'd complete each other's thoughts. Sometimes we'd speak the same words, and laugh, in perfect unison, as if we were being directed. When together, we'd even find ourselves adopting the same poses, unconsciously mirroring each other. We even drove the same make and model of car. She jokingly called me her "twin"...

In late May, I applied for a news editor job at a neighborhood newspaper in Chicago, and got through two interviews with seemingly good chances. But the publisher called later and told me that they hired another woman who was "slightly more qualified" than I.

Well ... after getting the bad news, I went away to a favorite place of mine, out in the country, and had a talk with my Father in heaven. Basically, I threw a little tantrum....

So I asked him to **remove** the lady who'd been hired in my place--to put her somewhere else-- and give that job to me. Of course, I didn't ask God to strike her dead or smite her with boils. I asked him to give her a better position somewhere else--thus blessing both of us. Why not?

So the morning of Monday, July 2, I got a call from the newspaper publisher. He told me the lady he'd hired had been given a **promotion** at her current job and had decided to stay there! The job was mine.
I began training the next day.

I give all the glory to Yahweh, the Most High, the eternal God. I also had a lot of people to thank, because I had brothers and sisters all around the world praying for me. :)...

My older sister dropped in for a visit, wearing a perfume I recognized instantly as the one that A...wore when I met her in '97. I told her that, and she asked me, "Hey, how is A... doing, anyway? Do you still hear from her?"

I said no, but that I kept thinking about her.

"Well what are you waiting for?" my sister said. "Write her!"

SO a few days later, 3/2/00, a Thursday, I finally wrote a short note to A.... ... I had no idea when we might see each other--and frankly, the whole idea that two people living half a world apart, who hadn't heard each other's voices in nearly three years, would get back together seemed preposterous.

Four days later, on Monday, I got a call from--guess who? I was almost speechless. First, I asked her how she had gotten my letter so fast.

"Letter? What letter?" she asked. She hadn't received a letter; she just wanted to call me. In fact, she was not at home anyway, but in Washington, D.C. Unbeknownst to me, she had been living there three months, as part of a foreign study program, and had just been biding her time, waiting until she "felt" it was the "right time" to call me. Which just happened to be four days after I dropped a letter in the mail and said a prayer


Thanks everyone! :)) footer links for polls section
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