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Member Polls and Surveys.

Symptoms Poll

Date: 5/30/2001

This Poll is a bit hard to sum up or catch the essence of all your wonderful responses--but here goes!

18 people responded to the poll--one of whom accepts that *nothing whatever* is going on! :))

Many thanks all of you!

Poll question #1: Please make a short list of:
Physical symptoms you have (or have had) that you believe to be K related.

Nine people have felt energy in the head or crown, including the sensation of a band encircling the head and energy coming in the top of the head.

Eight experienced intense sexual desire and/or churning, aching, tingling in perineum One person mentioned a total lack of sexual desire sometimes.

[See below for a previous Poll result on this subject.

ggersvoicesPoll ]

Eight people responded that they have experienced heat and/or cold flushes (6 heat, 2 cold)

Eight felt tingling, vibrations or buzzing. One person felt that the buzzing "seems to announce...I am somehow connect to spirit."

Six people mentioned feeling energy/electricity moving in/through the body or chakras opening. One person commented that the shocks in various parts of the body are powerful, painful and make her jump, once "with such force it literally lifted me a foot off the bed..."

Six related feeling Trembling, Twitches, Jerking, or Muscle Spasms. Four of these mentioned being pushed into yoga or yoga-like postures or stretches.

Six people mentioned spine sensations. One person described it as "feeling like something is living or moving around the area of spine," --others as chills, lightening bolts or zaps.

Six people mentioned sleep disturbances or insomnia

Four people mentioned pressure in the head and neck or between the eyes.

Three people related pain or limb aches or cramps and two others mentioned stomach pains/disturbances or the body rejecting certain foods.

Three spoke of enhanced pleasure or pleasure of the senses, including taste, music, color, and brain pleasure. Others mentioned extreme sensitivity to light and/or sound, and another of heightened awareness "similar to an acid trip."

Three people mentioned auditory experiences including roaring, buzzing, and sensing distant sounds close by

Three people experienced nausea, dizziness and/or the earth moving.

Catelepsy/paralysis was also mentioned three times.

One person mentioned a steady weight gain due to cravings for sweets and carbohydrates yet another experienced speeded up metabolism and yet another an increase in energy.

One person experienced changes in breathing patterns and another a cleansing yawning.

One person mentioned white flashes.
Another tingling ears
another luminous eyes,

And finally, one person mentioned the need for grounding. :))

2.   Mental symptoms you have (or have had) that you believe to be K related.

Seven people related having emotional symptoms--mood swings from the highest highs to deep depression.
Two others mentioned feeling high or zoning out, and
two people mentioned feeling overwhelming joy and love. Others mentioned intense emotional responses or extremes of emotion.

Seven people spoke of lucid, epic, symbolic, or wild dreams--one mentioning creating music in his dreams--another referred to hers as "prehistoric, yet ageless stuff," yet another described gargoyles and facing fear, and another described snake dreams. Two people mentioned dreams of gods--one of Thoth, and the other of Shiva.

Five people mentioned being distracted, unable to focus, or concentrate and three people said they had memory problems

Five mentioned being disoriented, confused or having a sense of unreality. One person mentioned a disintegration of linearity and having no sense of time.

Two people mentioned a loss of control and 2 others felt fears surfacing, and another a total absence of fear. Two others experienced paranoia

Two people felt upsurges of cleansing, and one mentioned Healing/channeling
Two people felt more real, honest with self and others or relaxed, and two others experienced changes in interests.

Two mentioned accessing a good BS detector :))
Others felt:
Racing thoughts
Desire for solitude
Vulnerability, being too open.

Another related that others were magnetically drawn to her
One person mentioned a complete life change.

3.  Spiritual reactions you have (or have had) that you believe to be K

Five people experienced Synchronicity,

Five others experienced entities or presences. One person felt that "heavenly angels had made camp in my home," another experienced "an awesome invisible lover."

Five people had visionary experiences, including psychic, prophetic visions, precognition, etc. One person mentioned "visions of 'other worlds' where elf like demons, nymphs and other-worldly creatures exist in a purity of essence," and another a vision of a white lotus flower unfolding. Five others experienced seeing auras or energy patterns/fields, or chakra colors.

Four people felt bliss--waves, or, as one person put it "taking a swim in the infinite seas"
Four related feeling an increase in empathy

Three people felt/heard voices, spiritual guidance, or had the feeling of being watched and protected.

Three people felt unity, oneness, merging with the cosmos.

Three felt overwhelming unconditional love, peace, or hope.

One mentioned constant questions.

A number of people had "realizations":

That our conditioning/self concepts weren't real,
Of the vastness of human consciousness
That all religions have a common denominator
"That some don't make it and that's the way it is"
"Just let what will be, be"
That the energy was "fear" ("I am a series of layers of fear energy
surrounding a core")
Feeling of connectedness to others
That "Everything was really OK"
That We are all the same

Others had the experiences of:

Tuning into silence/awareness/presence
Melting into oneness, merging with the cosmos, feeling unity, feeling one is not alone or separate
Feeling a divine presence or Christ consciousness
Remembering that which was *forgotten*
Inner body experience
Experiencing *Source of power* ("I had no concept of where this energy was, ie. outside of me or inside of me. It just was and there was nothing else.")
Witnessing past memories
Sensing multiple space time paths and convergence/divergence
Occasional teleportation
"felt ability to understand demonic energy and to allow it grounding"
Astral projection
existence in the Void
Unconditional, overwhelming Love
and finally
that "...the world is in me rather than me being in it.   My consciousness is clearly beyond my body and expands to everything I perceive."

Many grateful thanks to all who took part in the poll!

Previous Poll on sexual energy:
There were 29 replies in all--20 women and 9 men--11 to the list and 18 private.

1. To the question "how many of us feel the energy as sexual" 19 answered yes 3 no (1 had a decrease in libido) 7 did not respond
Of the 19 yes answers, 13 were yes and 6 were sometimes or occasionally.

In light of the recent discussion regarding differences in sexuality, it's interesting that 7 of the women and 3 of the men (about 1/3 each) modified their answers by such words as: Extremely Very high A lot especially at the full moon sexually ballistic hard to control and unrelenting! A couple of people mentioned they had been able to redirect the sexual energy footer links for polls section
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