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Member Polls and Surveys.

Subconscious Poll


Hello Everyone, Just posting results from my pool: "Do you believe the subconscious exists?"

Responses: 5

There were 4 yes's, and 1 question that I accept as a metaphoric yes.

Thank you very much to all who posted for your thoughts. I'm still pondering the question, as I don't want to be too quick in jumping onto any solid ground just yet. Still asking "Is this so?" from another wonderful post I read some time back.

If anyone replied to me, but for some reason or another I did not manage to sort it out of the list's messages please repost directly to me.


Yes - definitely. I know this because sometimes in my head I hear Mick Jagger screaming "I'm a MONKAAAEEEEEEY".

That would be my Conscious mind.

: )


Do you believe you can see a thousand miles? Is there a
label for each
granular depth of vision?


feel that it does Keith. I feel there is a thick layer underneath our mind, sometimes I feel like it is just a deep black soup, where all potentiality exists, and this is the subconscious mind,


Short answer, Yes! :)) I think so. The mystic voices giving "understandings" seem to come from that place.


Well, It's not just that simple. (is it ever?) My psychologist and I had a similar conversation a few years back. Conscious, Subconscious, Superconscious--these are terms we use a reference model. There are definately mental process that take place out of the realm of intentional thought...breathing during sleep, heartbeat, digestive functions, etc....none of these require "concsious" thought and can therefore be declared functions of the "subsconsious".

So to answer your question directly and at face value: Yes, the subconscious does exist. Now, if what your really asking is "Does the subconscious contain some secret of the universe or psychic powers or something" then the term "subconscious" becomes subjective.

Perhaps you should narrow the parameters of your poll a bit.

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