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Member Polls and Surveys.

Snakes and other Beasties Poll

Date: 4/12/2001 12:32:24

Thank you all for your incredible snake and animal dreams and real time experiences. Twenty-one people participated in the poll. The stories range from being bitten andswallowed and chased, to dancing, entwining, and becoming. Wonderful all!


...lately i have been having the most incredible dreams of cobras and other serpent beings, and have had this over whelming impulse to visit our localvivarium and take a snake home with me.

once after meditating and practicing noble silence for 10days i woke up in the middle of the night convinced that there was arattle snake on the floor in front of my bed. I could see it coiledin my mind's eye and audibly hear its rattle while fully awake. Butalas, no snake. Another rattle snake appeared in a dream and it wastrying to bite and chase me.

Lately, I have had these immense cobra dreams, where they are chasingme, but someone keeps telling me that if i am not afraid and do notrun, they will not chase. So then I was trying to hold one by theneck and woo it with music (they like to be sung to). Following this,there were these giant 15 feet cobras travelling down a highway.Uhhh, don't ask, but I call them cobra bicycles.


That was one the confirming things about K. When I read a book about K,andthey told of people having dreams about these snakes, well... I guess Ihadto believe and since I wasn't the only one...


When I was quite young(not sure - maybe 5 or 6?) I used to have nightmares about walking downa narrow corridor between two solid walls entirely made of snakes. Ididn't like the dreams one bit....

I believe I have been bitten on the arm by a snake in a dream, but I'mnot remembering it well.

my snake dreams are non-scary snakes; theyr'e always friendly.

I got forcouple times, four legs snake (possibly half bread crocodile or giantlizard)/ all the dreams the four snakes existance were in friendlyatmoshpere.....


A snake face kept popping up since last monday, that I came to feellike drawing it. You may find a drawing of it at


Snake -likeundulating energies in my case never took on the outward resemblance tothesnake or serpent.
Have had the multiple cobra heads (nagas) hovering behind me though whenallthe energy centres got seemlessly integrated....

The thousand petalled lotus appeared after the peacock like tail behindandabove me followed by the naga cobras protection.


Next was a dream of transformation, summarized it seemed like a nuclearapocalypse or space invasion a-la War of the Worlds was takingplace......this invasion/whatever was taking place around us, we sawflashes that atfirst looked like lightning but were explosions. ... the explosions werefrom creatures that hadburrowed into the ground, leaving hills... as we walked, we could seethe creatures,
snakelike, glowing golden, in their mounds... At some time in the dreamwe transformed and were wearing rainbow striped (aha, chakras?)overalls...


I also had a dream about snakes about a month ago. I was runing naked ina tunel. And there weremore and more snakes. I found myself lying on my back. The snakes wereall around me but nottouching me. A large snake slitherd between my legs and his tongue cameout and touched me. Andthen I woke up.

I had a dream last night which is a recurring theme, usually it comesonce or twice a year.
The basic theme is of me being inundated with huge numbers of reptilesI have to take care of. ... usually about 50-100 critters who haveescaped their aquariums ... and arerunning around loose in my home/store, where ever. Thebasic theme is me trying to deal with enormous numbers of reptiles thathave erupted into my environment. Usually I am in the position of havingtocare for them, feed them, protect them from predators and frightenedpeople. I'm trying to catch them all and put them back into aquariums orhabitats where they will be safe. I like reptiles, so usually these arenotscary dreams, except that I am concerned for the critters.

I don't know what the dream means, although snakes are an obviousKundalini symbol.. only that it appears in some form about every 3- 6months or so....

A few weeks later I had a dream... small reptiles and snakesstarted coming in the window. They were very cute, so I started settinguphabitats for them. Near the end of the dream I went outside anddiscoveredthe upstairs neighbor was breeding reptiles and they were escaping andclimbing down the stucco to our window. He did not seem to mind meadoptingthe ones that came in the window.


Black corba w/wings vision on belbazar tripold dream of me choicing largest besstie in the graveyardmany years ago but i have not forgoten

but i have told the story of my seeing the snake hologram (daytime -superimposed on blue sky) at time of K awakening and dreaming of snakesandthinking snakes were trying to get into my trailer - and telling my'mother' in phone conversation 'i am not ready for the snakes'.

i was attracted to a book on K awakening because of the coiled snake onthecover - and thus discovered that what had happened to me fit thedescriptionof kundalini awakening otherwise i might believe i was just plain crazyallof the time instead of some of the time.

There was something that reminded me of the Tree ofLife and a big snake around it. I "heard" thesuggestion to become the snake... and there I was inits skin... I was afraid of falling down and askedfor an advice... perhaps it was my inner leading orthe spirit of the snake that told me how to stay inthe tree and how to move upwards, how to turn there...I managed to do it and it felt so real... Ha-haa -little did I know at the time what was taking place -well, I may not know much more now. :)

The dream went on. I was on the lawn with the snake.The snake threw me a small wooden pipe and asked me toplay. I got some noise out of it and the snakestretched out into the air and danced there. Iwondered how I could get the snake down withoutdamaging it and it told me just to play the pipebackwards. It had a happy landing.

I dreamt once of being swallowed by a snake.Earlier a serpent had asked if I wanted to be bit.And later, a huge snake was found sleeping under my bed.Being swallowed by a snake is an incredible feeling.I was swallowed feet first. When I had been swallowedto around my knees, I started feeling like a tube oftoothpaste and began to worry that I might explode outthe top of my head. I couldnt feel my feet anymore butI could feel the life-energy from my toes in my thighs.

It is an aggonizingly slow process to be swallowed whole.By the time I was swallowed past the thigh I was paralizedby blissful orgasms, every cell of my body that had notbeen swallowed was dancing with anticipaion. Every cell thathad been devoured existed only as energy in theremaining living cells. The more of me the snake swallowedthe more intense the living cells pulsated with life.

Although the serpents rhythemic constrictions weredelightful, I became afraid of the intesifiying engeryas it moved up my body.
Fear jerked me right the heck out of my body.I was swallowed, but I had fallen into a dreamless sleep,for the duration.

Fear, it Allways ruins the best dreams.




Later that day around 1AM I was in bed and suddenly felt a strong need to meditate. I sat comfortably within myself, contemplating the life within me, savouring the sweet sound of the rain, feeling as one with the wind blowing. I let myself go through the fantasy of speaking, sharing, riding with a lovely horse. Then the nectar came again with its sweet and sour taste coating my throat, like a promise of continuation of this bliss. Tremors started through my whole spine. And then the face of the serpent appeared in front of my face, staring right into my eyes, opened his mouth, I saw his teeth. I wasn't afraid. Then he closed his eyes and mouth and brought his head down in a humble and peaceful manner. That is when I started not only feeling the serpent embracing me along my spine and covering my head, but I was becoming the serpent. My arms, my legs, till I had no more sense or perception of my body anymore, like a transfiguration. Only the serpent's body was, I became part of it. It took a long time for the illusion to leave (or return...) and the perception of my body to start coming back. I still have flashes from time to time of being one with it.

Real time Snakes:

my father had this story about returningfrom some place in his youth and had to cross this bridge but it wascovered(hundreds of black water type snakes) - i think he grabbed a stick andcleared a path across - so navigated the snake roadblock - one time wheniwas small must have been 5 or so and camping with family along a lakeand asnake was "bothering me" - and my oldest sister came over and grabbedthesnake and through it into the lake - hmmm who needs dreams


Well...I have not dreamt of snakes..but I think I had their energyvisits in real time! I believe animalswill come in both worlds to you and I now have learned to pay attentionto the animals(don't have tohit me over the head with it anymore!!LOL) who come to you from bothrealms at all times. Verytruly, there is something to this.

2 months before my first full K, I experienced many run ins with realsnakes in my yard. A beautiful5 foot red rat snake, that I almost grasped while picking up treebranches! 'Yikes..that branchmoved!!' She was beautiful and I got to touch her and I have sincelearned lives here in mama oaktree(yes my trees here have names and personality!!)..I found her shedskin later in tree nook andkept it..a sacred gift from her to me I feel! cat dragged ablack rat snake..about 2 feetlong..into the house one day when I had left sliding glass dooropen..and sat there in hallway next toit..looking at me like, this is for you!! Now that was a BIG surprise!!(it was quite alive still andfine,she didn't injure it a bit which I found strange knowing Keiko'susual feline killer antics)!) andfinally in single span of 2 days..3 pigmy rattlers, 2 of which myhusband did in due to danger ofvenom and a horse residing here..well..Right before my first kexperience..I refused to let myhusband kill the 3rd pigmy rattler ..I just felt something very deeplooking at it and said no,no morekilling of the critters..they are just lost!!..!! and I instead foundcourage(lol..after failing to convincehubby to do it) and took it down to the river to let it go..and told itto not find it's way again wherepeople stay away from people and it will live long andhappy(yes I stood there talking to asnake as I watched it slither off..) is interesting that oneweek kundaliniawakened ! Maybe I was being tested and got something right with choiceto not kill 3rd pigmy??Who knows?? Although I would see snakes now and then when I garden..theamount of my snake runins and sightings at this time...just feels rather extraordinary to me still today


I was bitten some years ago by a swamp tiger that I stood on. Lifted itoff my knee and received notreatment - had no ill effects. Strange for a deadly venomous snake.I accidentally stood on the very tip of the tail of a Eastern Brown(highly venomous). It didn't likethat at all and stood up to me. It's head was about level with my navel.I apologized to it in a mostEnglish manner (an in shock response) and talked to it as I lifted myfoot off its tail. I asked it to layunder a nearby tree and I would go on my way and not disturb it again.It hung in the air, weaving its head before me, its tongue actuallyflickering on my arm from time totime then slowly sank to the ground and curled itself up at the base ofthe tree. It watched me go pastbut made no attempt to hurt me, and it was the breeding season when theyare aggressive.


While meditating under the big oak in my front yard, I had a 4 ft brownratsnake pass me in broad daylight only a few feet away, then to gostraight tomy doorstep, and rubbed his/herself on the threshhold of my doorway andshedits skin right on the welcome mat of my door right before my eyes!

LOL I guess it says it all!


Other Beasties:


First Chakra:

> "The series of animals begins in muladhara with the elephant thatsupports> the earth...To the Hindu the elephant functions as symbol of thedomesticated> libido, as the image of the *horse* functions with us. [Jung]


Never seen the elephant in dreams or visions, *horses* yes but that wasyears ago

I will sometimes dream of horses, or Tibetan ponies.Dream I was eating peanuts by the road with [my husband].Across the Street was Rinpoche [my sister's teacher] with a horse. Thehorse wantedsome peanuts so I offered him some. He loved them. Wanted more.Horse: freedom, power, sexual energy.

I also once dreamt of a white horse with Kundalini blue speckles likedelft china. It kept asking for music, in a mumbly horse voice thatsoundedlike Dustin Hoffman in the movie "Rain Man". It wanted the radio on.Thatdream was easy to interpret.. the horse was symbolic of the body-mind,which likes music!

I dream of a trio of 'talking' horses,who feel like wise guardians to mein these dreams and lastdream they were trying to teach me freedom..that I can be free..even ifin a fenced pasture..theyshowed me they could jump over and get out at anytime,but don't need tooto be free so don;t..theyjumped out and right back in!! ..because there is freedom insidealways..the fence is illusion!! ...thatis true freedom they said! then they told me to run with them and showedme my inner freedom byrunning across a field ,of course in total joy and abandon!! Wonderfuldream as I became a horsetoo!!



Second chakra:

> "In the next center (svadhistana) is the makara, the leviathan...thebiggest and most> terrible animal down in the waters,...[Jung]


Only saw the makara inhe shortest of flashes, but a primordial coiledland/sea animal, yes. A most marvelous re-experience of an evolutionarystage of of our being.

We were in thetown square near the seafront, and as we progressed through theceremony, there was a stirring in the bay to our South...a sea serpentwas rising from the sea...the village people took this all seriously andwere calling us evil, but we knew it was not evil. The serpent wasenormous and only a small bit of it emerged at that time... a massivecreature.

I also have an attraction or affinity for whales and dolphins - perhapssalmon.

as a child I often dreamt of a shark swimming around and around me...also..of being in the middle of a school of dolphin.



Third chakra:

> "in the manipura the ram is the symbolic animal, and the ram is thesacred> animal of Agni, the 3God of fire...[Jung]

Ram, never seen.
Fire yes, but not in animal symbology
Tigers and lions here.

I awoke from dream of green rolling fields of whitesheep with black faces. It was a charming, pretty scene. 5:51 Iagain awoke from dream (or was it a dream?) of creatures called"mentals." I don't have the vaguest idea of what "mentals" areexcept I seem to "remember" small creatures, but more verballythan visually.
[dream of ] walking in the country among sheep and prancing goats



Fouth chakra:

> (Anahata) "The next animal is the gazelle...The gazelle or theantelope isnot unlike> the ram, the difference being that it is not a domesticated animallikethe> ram, nor is it a sacrificial animal..[Jung]


No gazelles with me, some bambi like deer and deer in a light greenforestopening.
In the heart I saw the "albino like human" I called it the little whiteman... A human form without resistance to anything natural orsuper-natural.

At another time, I saw deer [in my side yard]... but those could havebeen "real"...



.I would also say the gazelle was a close analogy to theunicorn...[Jung]

I read a book about unicorns. Treasures of the Unicorn The Return to theSecred Quest.. by TedAndrew {awsome book } I belive this book was the first step on my pathto my higher self.

Dreamt again of water. We seemed to be in Africa. Ourconvoy of cars was crossing a flooded road that had become ariver. A young hippo-rhino came up to me. I was slightlyafraid but entranced also. Shortly afterwards I saw largemother, and so I avoided baby so as not to antagonize mama hippo-Rhino.The scenery wasbeautiful.


My rhino was charging me full-force, closely trailed bythe giraffe. I was afraid for my life but stood my ground. hehe, Imight have even squinted my eyes waiting for the impact. Anyway, thegiraffe veered off to my right, the rhino came to a sudden stopdirectly in front of me. I stroked his lips. We both found this quitepleasing.

From, rhino's wisdom: learning comfort in solitude,connection to ancient wisdom, knowledge of self, proper use ofancient wisdom, trust of instincts.


Back to third chakra???


Occasionally I will dream of Cougars and Tigers. Just last week I dreamtthere was a tiger in myhouse--he seemed to be sort of a pet--quite docile. But I suddenlyrealized it was rather a dangerouspet to have in the house, so I lured him outside with a piece of meat,but he was snarling andobviously did *not* want to go!

Speaking of tigers, I co-dreamed a tiger with my mother, something thatwespoke about several times afterwards, but that she can't claim now. Wewereboth awake, she was carrying me on her hip, we entered the kitchen, andlying on the floor was a giant (hehe, to a toddler, everything is giant)tiger. Neither of us freaked, though we certainly weren't moving forwardatthat point anymore. :) I think he made eye contact, got up and fadedaway.

Also, cougars: used to see a mother cougar with cubs in our sideyardwhen Iwas 3/4 yrs old. Also saw deer there, but they may have been "real"...
urban critters. Have never heard of urban cougars in Germany, though.Then there were the lions every night for 3 years as a child. Theyusually ate my family or dog or some such thing. Hehe.

in one dream a lion roared in thedistance and appeared near my window, He called me Ms. and wanted totalkto me, but I was so shaken by this I closed the window, and it wasraining
- now I wish that I had listened to what he had to say -


strange dream about lions. There were lots of lionsaround my house and in my backyard. At first I was scared of them, butthen Irealised they were not threatening or anything, just there. Then theywere gone.

I was lying in a forrest taking a nap in the arms of a big,kindly shee lion. I looked up into the sky, and saw a huge male lionwalking as a king would back and forth, back and forth. He was in alarge patch of billowy clouds and each time he switched his tailbeautiful, powerful sparks would fly like sparkelers from it's tip. Iwas fascinated and raised my hand up into the sky to touch him but theshee lion gently took my arm down and said I must not touch him directlyat that time. She gave me the impression she was giving me a preview ofcoming events. Ha! This dream was about 10 years or so ago.


panther, rhino (and a bit of giraffe), and black jaguar.

Then dreams of, a panther, a crow and group of foxes

BIRDS: peacocks and crows

Fifth chakra:

> ".Now the elephant appears in visuddha again. [Jung]

In my case the peacock like neck with vibrating hum emanatingsimutaneouslyfrom my throat and the coccyx part of my spine.Also there, a small blue man (a human is an animal too, I suppose :-)

crows, (birds of all sorts, but crows seem especially important andsignificant),

another time [dreamt of] a crow.

Real Time Birds:

Crows: I also received during this period frequent visits from thehawk,a pair of baby mother lessraccoons who were huddled right at my pond and let me just pick them upand I nursed them to growbig and free now(Chevas and Hector)..a crow(the crow saved my life thatday.....a unusual amountof yellow butterflies same day ,that the crow actually was wanting toshow me(that was the day Idecided I could and would heal myself,my life, I would not give in toFMS pain and loss offunction..if not at least find a total cure...I would find/see the goodin life again..get my lifeback!!..for the crow came and showed me that was still allaround and beauty..amazing butterflies out of nowhere..'miracles' are real..if youbelieve!! if I just opened my heartand eyes to them and believed in the beauty!! I knew then deeply thatday..a shift in me tookplace..there was something positive to come out of this Fibromyalgiathat was 'stealing' my lifethen..I just needed to see it as a huge gift of learning too!! I wasgoing to DO IT and ..I have ainsistent crow who made me put that valium bottle down and go outside toLOOK beyondmyself..too see a hundred butterflies all grouped little struggle, small!! Yes, I have one crow thank for that and beinghere today!!),also a big oldgopher turtle kept popping up and 2 owls during this period. All wereteaching and guiding me..toagain love earth and to make again a decision to BE HERE FULLY.


Crows: A passel ofcrows (for real), have hung around the back of the long garage...theyall left but two. They are hugeand strut around back and forth like the two cartoon crows, Heckel, andJeckel
... before I caneven get to that door the crow knows ...I am going to open the back doorand flys away to the roof ofa house across the way, the other to follow as if intraining. I am wondering if it has a message for Beatrice, my aunt whowill be 92 this next 4th of July.

Sixth chakra

> "The ajna center...looks like a winged seed, and it contains noanimal.
That> means that there is nothing, no psychical factor, against us whosepowerwe> might feel...[Jung]


There is the 'soma / amrita chakra' with the mythical sphinx / griffionlikebeastAnimals from human, bear, cow, lion, tiger, horse, peacock to swanmerginginto and emerging from each other. A most playful experience...The peacock's opening tail, most resplendent and quivering, behindmyselfeventually. As though the back inside top of one's auric egg shape shellreflecting a myriad of colours.

I used to havebears in my dreams since I was three years old. I haven't seeen eitherthebrown one or the white one for quite some time, they usually played inthesnow. ??

Once I dreamt of a bear

Seventh chakra:

> "To speak about the lotus of the thousand petals, the sahasrara centreis> quite superfluous because that is merely a philosophical concept withno> substance whatever for us; it is beyond any possibleexperience...There isno> experience because it is one, it is without a second. It is dormant,itis> not, and therefore it is nirvana " [Jung]


The thousand petalled lotus appeared after the peacock like tail behindandabove me followed by the naga cobras protection.Definitely an expereintial culmination surrounding Samadhi... One seesthisbefore and after a certain Samadhi, petals pointing down before and upafter.

The human divine creature ????



I also remember one night perhaps 10 years ago now when i woke up in apanic, turned towards the wall near my head and smacked it. I'm sure Ikilled a spider that had been walking down the wall towards my head, andI had a lot of energy after that for awhile (adrenaline energy though).
Hmmmm... I think I'm striking out.


I was in a ramshackle house with an actor husband, the houseliterally had holes in the boarded up brick and board walls, used to bea store of some kind (there was advertising painting on the outer brickwall). There were HUGE cockroaches (2 ft. long +) inside the walls, Iknew something needed to be done, the actor hubby just ignored it...and some spider dreams...(I'm afraid of spiders and dislike roachesintensely)

The other beasties that have regularly visited me in my dreams everysince I was a child are spiders. I am really freaked by spiders, butthey like to hang out in my unconscious. Had this recurring dreamwhere I would enter this warehouse with no windows, and go throughthis turnstile in order to walk this wind-ey path. On each side ofthe path are one each of all of the types of spiders & webs that haveever existed (sort of like a spider museum but they are alive). Iknow that I am fine if I stay on the path, but inevitably I walk offand enter this large chrystal web box that closes behind me. I seetwo red lights approach and know it is the spiders eyes and then Iwake up totally freaked.


Other Animals including composite creatures:


First was a dream with a large black wolf. Not menacing, powerful butbeautiful, masculine energy.

Oh my most current reacurent vision is the black andsliver wolf be she is more a love that a beastie


Interesting yousay beasty, because some of the characters I have been dreaming aboutareconflations of one or more animals. The human-chimp infant, thedog-frog-human.


And don't laugh,but this one dream that has that 'other quality' ,of amessage to it...was of a 10' inchyoda like/guinea pig critter! A guinea pig Buddha guru I!!
His message was for me tokeep walking the path and to trust I have much help all around me !! Tonever fear 'not knowing'something(in this dream I was looking for my very real little flyingsquirrel ,Turbo Tiki..and thoughI found him..I did not know if he was dead or alive(don;t ask,dreamworld)..and that is when I wentout of the house to get help and there too my left, off of the walkway,at my eye level,was a altarlike rock thing and my Yoda guinea pig (he had about 12 other hamsterlike guru ones aroundhim..but they weren't there for me..?? looking me eye level and sayingthe above!


Thanks everyone!

Love, Hillary

Poll Question:

Have you ever had extraordinary dreams of Snakes, or Tigers, or otherbeasts?

Did they correspond to increases in energy or to other mysticalphenomena?


The Poll is not as trivial as one would think, so I hope more people doreply. See short excerptsbelow from Jung's discussion of animals and the chakras.

Jung, in his *Commentary on Kundalini Yoga* says, "Now in talking aboutthese centres, we mustnever omit the actual symbols; they teach us a great deal. I want tocall your attention to the animalsymbolism.

"The series of animals begins in muladhara with the elephant thatsupports the earth...To the Hinduthe elephant functions as symbol of the domesticated libido, as theimage of the horse functions withus. It means the force of consciousness, the power of will, the abilityto do what one wants to do.

"In the next center is the makara, the leviathan...the biggest and mostterrible animal down in thewaters,...

"in the manipura the ram is the symbolic animal, and the ram is thesacred animal of Agni, the Godof fire...

"The next animal is the gazelle...The gazelle or the antelope is notunlike the ram, the differencebeing that it is not a domesticated animal like the ram, nor is it asacrificial animal...

".Now the elephant appears in visuddha again. So here we encounter thefull power, theinsurmountable sacred strength of the animal, as it was in muladhara;that is, we meet there all thatpower which led us into life, into this conscious reality. But invisuddha, it is not supportingmuladhara, this earth. It is supporting those things which we assume tobe the most airy, the mostunreal, and the most volatile, namely, human thoughts. It is as if theelephant were now makingrealities out of concepts....Now according to the symbolism of thechakras, something similarhappens in visuddha. The power of the elephant is lent to psychicrealities, which our reason wouldlike to consider as mere abstractions....

"The ajna center...looks like a winged seed, and it contains no animal.That means that there isnothing, no psychical factor, against us whose power we might feel...

"To speak about the lotus of the thousand petals, the sahasrara centreis quite superfluous becausethat is merely a philosophical concept with no substance whatever forus; it is beyond any possibleexperience...There is no experience because it is one, it is without asecond. It is dormant, it is not,and therefore it is nirvana "

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