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More Snakes and Beasties


Whales (Makara)

I had the coolest lucid dream last night and I just wanted to share it, I hope it isn't off-topic or anything. I dreamed my b/f and I were standing on a shore-line on a dreary, colorless, windy day. Suddenly these four or so huge orca whales ascended to the surface and then dove back down into the ocean in a perfectly synchronized motion. We stood there completely awed and stunned by the grandeur and majesty of these beautiful creatures. I said to bf, 'Wow, I want a pet orca now!!!' Stupid, I know. And then one of the orcas swam over to us!! And this amazingly intelligent, loving energy came out of its eyes, and I just started to cry. And then we ran over and hugged the whale, and this orb of beautiful light came out of the top of its head and into my crown chakra. And then I woke with rampant K- fire running in through my head. So now I understand why the presumed sentience/spirituality of whales and dolphins are such a big thing in the New Age community, it was probably the most beautiful dream I ever had.

Still dreaming lots about spiders too, no big puzzler Shadow/Portal Guardian usually manifests in that shape. Later!



In remembrance of a dream I had some years ago.. A big beautiful cobra snake almost the size of a human.. black and with red patterns on its back..I was in the bedroom were my mom and dad used to sleep.. sitting on the bed.. I could control it with a remote.. I turned it my way and the snake became an extremly intelligent little child whom I was talking to in the dream.. dont remember much of the talk though..


The animal I dream most about is snakes...lots of snakes, all kinds of snakes, rooms of biting, slithering, fantastic in their diversity...serpents. These dreams always precede strong k activity.

I had an unusual snake dream...for me :)....a couple of weeks ago. The snakes were all underwater. As I walked across the water, hundreds if not thousands of them, would swim beneath the surface, right below my feet...biting my soles, attaching themselves sometimes like leeches to my feet and ankles. When I got to the other side of the water...I lift up my feet and I can see where the snakes have burrowed inside my body, leaving little entrance ways where they slipped in.

The interesting thing is it is never is painful.

In my own person dream mythology which I have been observing since I was a small child, bodies of water are Universal Consciousness and as someone recently pointed it out to me, in this instance, the Abyss.

Snakes and serpents are personal totem animals for me just like dragons and lions. Snakes appear to me right before momentous transformation and an intense surge of kundalini activity and bliss. (and yes this has been happening to me since this dream of several weeks ago).

It is just not your every day species of snakes I see but mythological serpents as well. The most amazing ones have wings growing out from behind their heads and have brilliant geometric designs on their skins. It used to be I would wade through rooms of snakes and serpents. There would be so many you wouldn't be able to see the floor. (kinda like that scene in Indiana Jones except there are more.) They would coil around my legs and up my body and bite me.

I used to be scared when this started happening years ago...probably a race memory of revulsion. Now I know that it is an omen of coming initiation. I still shiver involuntarily when it happens. The fangs are sharp and puncture my skin to the bone and often times the serpents will chew my flesh till they make a hole big enough to burrow through and get into my body. I am lucid dreaming when this happens and sometimes they are in visions.

Serpents are common classical archetypes of kundalini energy and activity. So are dragons and lions but not as commonly. We actually have someone on this list who is known by the name Serpent as you know :) We are serpent sisters, her and I.

What made this dream notable was the snakes were all underwater. This had never happened before. I could see them swimming up from the cold clear depths until they were just under the surface rubbing against the bottoms of my feet. Then the biting and chewing begins. (A classical symtpom of k activation is energy moving in through the feet, particularly the big toe).

Cutting and flesh mutilation are shamanic activities used to increase transcendence whether by inciting an endorphin rush, letting the spirits in or out, or to signify a rite of passage. I had an Ojibwa medicine man come to me over 10 years ago in a dream and cut designs into my face, deep into the bone...I could feel the knife tip hitting the bone and the blood flowing down my face like water. It did not hurt although I could feel strong pressure. He gave me a new name which I could not hear.

I don't think the snakes were taking anything from me. I think that can be a common misunderstanding in being bitten or chewed or invaded in dreams. It does not mean that something is being taken from you. It could be a ritual of transformation and death and rebirth.

Even just writing this to you makes my third eye buzz and snap with energy so I think I may be on the right track. For anyone who is k active it might be instructive for them to take notice when serpent symbology appears in their dreams or shows up in their lives because of the intimate association with kundalini over the millenia.

And dreams are multilayered with different levels of meaning. I have been quite busy lately...making the rounds and talking to executive recruiters. So I may look to where I need to practice some energy conservation and energetic hygiene.


Now, this is the first time I've had a dream about snakes during the whole time of my Kundalini experience (at least 2 yrs now) so I'll write about it;

I was at a family members house and we were all gathered in the dinning room looking at this metal cage full of snakes. There was this one really big, pissed off snake looking at me menacingly like something was personal, so I came closer to get a better look at it. Just then, it flung out and bit down on my genitals. I grabbed it by the neck and began to work it off my balls -discreetly, hoping nobody was noticing. As I held the big snake up to my face to get a better look at it (it was REALLY angry by this time), all the smaller snakes started lunging out through the holes in the cage and biting down all over my genitals. Every time I worked most of them off more would come out and bit down on me and I was getting more and more angry and frustrated by all this. It's a good thing they weren't rattlesnakes or anything like that (more anger, more frustration). After I finally get them all off me I got back at a safe distance and just stared at the big snake menacingly and it was glaring back at me also. Everyone in my family was laughing and making these wise-guy jokes at me while I was standing there raging at the snakes. It's a good thing that there were people around because I remember thinking I wanted to slice all there heads off (the snakes, not my family members) and light the God/dessdamn cage on fire. Woke up disgruntled that day, kind of had to unwind myself with the song 'Hotel California' over and over again before I went off to work. I wish a had a milkshake and a vanilla/chocolate cigar to go along with it.

I'm wondering what was the meaning of that dream? I think it might have meant that the real me (the snakes) will be coming out real soon and would be replacing the fake/ego me. Maybe, I'm secretly sort bent out of shape by this...hmmmmm.


Since snake dreams has become a popular topic of late, I thought I'd share one of my own that I had some month ago..

I am hovering a few feet over the ground over a wheat field, that seems to stretch forever with hills stretching in all directions, together with a few other men that are accompanying me.. I observe that there are a lot of bumblebees, moving from flower to flower.. They are big, and very beautiful, and I keep pointing out to my companions my positive views on these bumblebees, that they are beautiful, harmless, etc. (I am mentioning this because it feels connected to the snake part that comes, but I don't know how yet)

Then the scene changes completely to a long corridor, a hallway.. It has no lights, but is still illuminated in itself somehow.. I see several glass cages (That you normally keep snakes in) on the left side of the corridor.. I can't recall the exact number, but they were 6 or 7. I walk, still in company with these other men, along this hallway.. I look at the first glass container.. They are all open. There's a small snake in the first one. It is kinda coiled back, skin half shedded from its body, as if it was shedding (Like skin of a rattlesnake) I reach down with my hand, and it hisses at me..

We keep walking, and the following glass containers are open too, with bigger and bigger snakes in them, They are all awake, looking at me, but do not stir (They are all green btw) When I come to the 5th container, the snake is really really big, like a boa-constrictor, big, green (and quite pretty)

Suddenly it jumps out of its container from behind us after we have passed it, and moves with incredible speed to jump right up towards the man right next to me.. There's very dramatic music playing in the dream, and the movements of the snake are very very vivid.. It jumps right INTO the neck of my companion, and disappears into the neck..through a rotating iris-shaped hole of yellow energy. The man stops, I stop, and one companion is lower in the corridor, and the other has passed me. I tell them. "Didn't you see that? " I was not afraid, but very.. in a dramatic state of mind so to speak. "It jumped right into his neck! Look, I will prove it to you!" So I dug my hand right into the mans neck so I could pull out the snake a little bit, holding its tail. "See? It's there!"

Then I woke up.


More Crows:

.. the clerk named Chris ... pulled out a little black notepad and asked if he could write down my name for the prayer list at his church. Now, I could take any help I can get so I did agree, and he handed me a business card with the Church name written on the back ... "Indian Rocks Baptist Church".

Well, what this story does not tell until now, is the huge problem with my one neighbor across the street giving me unnecessary grief, which started over their friends cat biting me and then him hiding the cat, and having to go through the rabies shots quite a few years ago... its been estranged ever since....lately it has been their friend's kids at one end of the block throwing eggs at the house, then rocks, which comes on the tail end of this neighbor making 5 false child abuse call-ins over the last few years, after this huge campaign to regain his credibility over mine after the cat incident.
I decided to call the church to speak to the pastor to make sure my name would not be used during the prayer.

He could here the stress in my voice and asked if something was wrong that I needed to ask my name not be mentioned... and so I honestly said yes and told him all the horrible altercations with that neighbor, incident of the rabies shots, the trauma of the false reportings, the egg and rock throwing, and their yelling from accross the street in general. Ohhh my goodness, he said and made a declaration that he would stop everything he was doing and go right to his knees and pray about this who matter with my neighbor... and promised to do the prayer circle with me anonymous afterward.

Quite interestingly, when we were finished talking -- and about the time of those following 5 minutes that he would have been praying like he had promised -- I went into my room to read email... and while I was sitting there, the outdoors from the window of the room became so noisy with a strange noises, that I could barely read my email. Finally, I went outside to see what all the commotion was about. When I went out there, this is what I saw:

Suddenly, between the time that I went out to get the card with the church's name on it and those ten minutes later that I heard all of the commotion, I went out to look. As I stood outside the area in front of the door, I looked at the neighbors tree and what did I see ? All suddenly arriving there within the last five minutes before? ??? Somewhere between 80 to 100 crows all firmly planted in John Smith's tree and all quite noisey!!

I have my ideas what the crows significance is about this matter, ... I felt that each crow represented a lie told by those neighbors and being delt with from those people.




Spent the afternoon
highlighting sacred geometry
by sprinkling glitter
on spider webs. did an eight-legged dance.

She's fat and pregnant
and according to my two witness eyes,
holy. I saved her once before
from a whirlpool in my shower
while getting clean,

…she'll tell her children about me.

I don't know why I love them either
but I bless them, growing
in their mother's ball.

They don't know it yet,
but they're destined to continue her progeny,

in her image

in this web of life,

…sacred web.

So fertile and intertwined…

In honor of It
I do a two-legged dance
in her eight winds


down the very drain

I once saved her from.

David Bozzi


I love that poem. Just this week I had another one of my many spider dreams. This time there were hundreds of glittering beautiful spiders all over the inside of my car, & I said in my dream, "Whoa! I can't sleep here!" as if I had been planning to go to sleep in my car. Hmm.


Maybe The Divine mother, divine aspect of you (spider)comes dazzle you with beauty.. and you realize : - Whoa! Can't sleep


Mystress was so kind to make a gif file of my fractal art work called Grandma's Web and you can see it at the link above.


True spider story.

Three years ago I was outside in my garden and happened to see a brilliant gold spiral next to an outdoor chair. Thinking someone must have lost a piece of jewelry, I touched it and the spiral became alive with dozens of tiny golden spiders scattering in all directions on a web. Maybe they had just hatched. I have never seen anything like it before or since!


Does anyone on this board have an affinity with spider symbolism? I seem to be rendered into something of a spider. I haven't bothered to see the new movie Spiderman. I'm talking more about the distinction to be drawn (which Western literature seems to have more or less missed) between Tantalus and tarantula. Cf. Penguin Dictionary of Symbols.


> Does anyone on this board have an affinity with spider symbolism? I > seem to be rendered into something of a spider.

Interesting that we've been talking about spiders recently! :))

This is from

Grandmother Spider wove the fabric of the universe. Spider's Wisdom Includes:

Master weaver
Weaver of the web of fate
Divine inspiration
Understanding the patterns of illusion
Female energy for the creative force of life


This from

Spider Good fortune, Cunning, Secrecy, Hidden things.


And finally, this From

Spider: creatrix, web spinner


Hah, yeah.. Last night I saw a big spider crawl around on the kitchen floor.. today a little spider jumped on my leg as I was in the kitchen composing a dish.. have been lots of em lately.. :)


it's funny I also have had some spider dreams but the one I think about most is a spider that was large and it had a purple stone as the body it was a very pretty spider who knows what it means I have also been having lots of crow dreams and have seen them outside more and in a couple of my communities they are talking about them also coincidence????? Who Knows.


I like spiders and crows. I feed the crows around here, and I believe they watch over the house, in return...


>it's funny I also have had some spider dreams but the one I think about most is a spider that was large and it had a >purple stone as the body it was a very pretty spider

I also had a spider dream recently. There were two huge spiders, as big as dinner plate dahlias. They had long, shiny black legs that were spaced equidistant around their body, which was a round disc and not segmented the way spiders usually are. This round disc body was also shiny black with a bright red circular center. They were quite beautiful yet also a bit threatening. I did not have a sense of what this dream was about. I'm thinking it was maybe an archetype dream. I am drawn to the wicca quote ... regarding hidden secrets.


> hoooo boy, i have had recurrent spider dreams my whole life, they regularly > populate my dreams and

hey, me too! I asked here a while back if anyone else had recurring spider dreams. My whole K thing started out with them and I see them a lot in waking life. ... I have wondered if the spider thing has something archetypically to do with K, as snakes do.


I also sweep away their webs outside. They eat bugs and stuff but they have also damaged my plants by suffocating them with webs. So what should I do about spiders? I don't really hate them but I don't really like them, either. footer links for polls section
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