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Member Polls and Surveys.

Shaktipat Poll.

Date: 5/27/00

Time for the Shaktipat Poll that Sharon suggested! Roughly translated,Shaktipat means the transmission of (spiritual) energies from one person(usually a guru) to another. It can be a transmission one to one, or theenergies can be transmitted to a large group. I don't think anyone has aclear explanation of just how this occurs, or why some people have thisability.

I'll do this Poll the "old-fashioned" way, so to respond, please eitherreplyto the list or to me directly.

Basic Questions:

How many of us have received Shaktipat?

How did it affect you?

Was it from a recognized guru? If so, who.

Was the effect lasting?

Other optional questions:

Was it from a "non" guru and if so, do you think he or she was apositive ornegative spiritual force?

Did your attitude toward the person doing Shaktipat influence the effectonyou?

How many of us have received Shaktipat by sexual intercourse with a Kawakened person?

How many people went to a specific person or place to receive shaktipat?

Thanks everyone!

There were only 3 replies for the Shaktipat Poll. Bad timing perhaps--ormaybe because it had already been touched upon in the earlier "Guru"Poll.

2 replied yes, and 1 no

Basic question responses:

Q: How did it affect you?

Reply 1. Beside the heat in the spine, I felt my heart was very warm. Itwasnotburning hot, just confortably warm. This was the first time I feel it sowarm. It is usually full of knots. It felt good to be the center ofattention of several loving people. It felt good to be in touch with myInner Mother.

Reply 2 : Made me addicted to shakti!

Q: Was it from a recognized guru? If so, who.

Reply 1: Is Angelique a recognized guru? :)

Reply 2: One time was from Guru Mayi,one time from Grandma Devi.

Q: Was the effect lasting?

Reply 1: Again, it is a bit early to say.

Reply 2: Oh babeeeeeeeee.

...I guess I don't see receivingShaktipat as a one time occurence.

The following are a couple of excerpts from the earlier "Guru" Poll.

At that time (Aug. 99) 9 list members said they had received Shaktipat,onereplied probably and 2 no.

Question. Did you receive Shaktipat?

* Yes, he looked into my eyes once and his energy threw me backphysically.
We also communicated telepathically, using pictures and words, but mostnoticable were the pictures, it was like he was projecting images, oruploading images into my mind. This degree of image projection had neverhappened to me before, so I to this day remember it.

* on 2 occasions. the 1st time in my heart--felt like l could hardlybreatheand was gasping for breath for several seconds; then felt waves ofelectricity flowing out my arms and fingers, almost like beingelectrocuted;
2nd time was much gentler--more of a warm, tingling feeling in heart.

*Is it ok to say yes- many times in several ways. Sometimes in sex,celibacy, reiki, sending sexual energy kyward to the Unseen Lover. Themost dramatic and powerful instance occurred when I was doing nothing atall (probably a major hint to me)


Many thanks to the three who responded! :))

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