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Member Polls and Surveys.

Sexual triggers voices poll

Date: 98-11-15 19:45:11 EST

Thanks for your great responses to the poll. There were 29 replies in all
--20 women and 9 men--11 to the list and 18 private.

1. To the question "how many of us feel the energy as sexual"
19 answered yes
3 no (1 had a decrease in libido)
7 did not respond

Of the 19 yes answers, 13 were yes and 6 were sometimes or occasionally.

In light of the recent discussion regarding differences in sexuality, it's interesting that 7 of the women and 3 of the men (about 1/3 each) modified their answers by such words as:
Very high
A lot especially at the full moon
sexually ballistic
hard to control and

A couple of people mentioned they had been able to redirect the sexual energy.

2. To the question "What were the triggers to your K awakening?"
Many gave multiple answers, and some did not reply to that question:

12 Meditation
6 Yoga
5 Pranayama or other breath work
5 Trauma
5 love
4 prayer (sometimes connected to trauma)
3 near death experience (NDE)
3 no known trigger (always awake, awakened early, sudden occurance)
2 Reiki
2 Shaktipat
1 each chakra workshops, dance and intellectual inquiry

3. To the question "How many of us hear voices?" 22 said yes. Virtually everyone has heard either voices or other sounds.

Many people expanded their answers--hearing birds (4), choirs, singing or bands (5), ringing, buzzing or bells (4), unknown languages (2), math equations (2), Visions of entities (5) (ufo aliens 2, Archangel Raphael, Blessed Mother, and other "beings"), messages, conversations, lying voices, whispers, seeing colors

One person characterized hearing the voices "not by ear but by feeling the thought." --a wonderful description, I think!

Thanks again! It was hardly a scientific Poll, but I hope you found the results interesting--and perhaps reassuring! :)). footer links for polls section
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