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Member Polls and Surveys.

Sexual K addendum.

<< And I am also rather surprised about the amount of yes-replies. What was the ratio of man-to-woman in the yes-replies? >>

First, to answer the question, eight men and 14 women answered this section of the poll. All but 2 of the men felt K energy as sexual at least sometimes. All but 1 of the women did.

Men Women
yes 3 Yes 10
sometimes 3 sometimes 3
no 2 no 1

The three men who answered yes, modified their answer by such statements as unrelenting, very strong, etc.

I don't think anyone of us is really saying that sexual orgasm and the bliss/rapture of Kundalini are exactly the same sensations, but in my experience they both originate in the sexual centers, and orgasm is simply the closest analogy we have. In my experience K expands the sexual energy to a degree that is pretty incredible. Also in my experience K changes ordinary orgasm so it, too, becomes more powerful, less localized and more profound. Nor am I saying that Bliss is the most profound part of the K experience. Maybe one can say the "spiritual" component is what the Bliss can "translate" into--Being, Love, Satori, etc.

I also agree with Sharon when she says,
"IMO, a belief in the necessity to "preserver the energy" is a belief in limitations. I believe we get exactly what we believe in, and so if limitation is the belief, limitation is the result."

While I think celibacy can serve to build up sexual energy, I feel sexual activity may increase it, also.

A couple of interesting quotes from Gopi Krishna "Living with Kundalini":

"Often at night for years, when lying awake in bed waiting for sleep to come, I felt the powerful new life energy sweep like a tempest in the abdominal and thoracic regions as well as the brain, with a roaring noise in the ears, a scintillating shower in the brain, and a feverish movement in the sexual region and its neighborhood around the base of the spine... p. 237

It is not possible to describe the intensity of orgasmic sensation that occurs in the spinal cord and the brain on the arousal of kundalini. Except for the related character of the transport experienced, there is no comparison between the climax of conjugal union and the rapture caused by the flow of the kundalini force from the base of the spine to the head. ...The latter can last for several minutes creating almost a swooning condition of the mind at the intensity of the rapture experienced. It seems to the individual as if one has been in an ocean of incomparable bliss ...
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