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Member Polls and Surveys.

Samadhi Poll.

I've been meaning to ask this for ages.

1. How many of us have experienced Samadhi or Satori or other equivalents
2. How often?
3. Did it come early or later in your K experience.
4. Will you take a stab at describing it?

Thanks everyone.

It's been a fascinating discussion and difficult to synthesize. Since all but 2 people responded also to the list, I'll simply briefly list a few words from each and end with a couple of comments.

22 people either answered the poll or made comments on the subject.

21 people either answered yes, or I assumed a yes answer given comments
1 person answered no.


The descriptions:

1. Everything you know is wrong! All of the assumptions about's view of the world are proven untrue or true in an incredibly profound self affirming ego denying way. Take the world, as you know it...turn it all upside down...but find out that you are standing on your head!
2. It was like a section through the body, as opposed to say out of the body, and my sense of awareness or consciousness was with another me inside my body...There was no sense of me... no judgments there or opinions... no love no hate...just a feeling of total serenity
3. Beyond words and the mind. The only memory I have is that on 'coming down', there is a feeling of Bliss..and there is a residual memory.
4. knocked on a door that opened, and went into the Light, with the classic K. experience of vibrations and dazzling light and angelic presences.. a trip to Heaven.
5. Even though some have been very blissful, they have certainly [also] been something else
6. a state of primordial/source consciousness in which all creation was experienced as illusion/maya/nothingness. I once tapped into the consciousness of an ant colony, again totally unexpected. What a rush: a sheer liquid-symphony of energy.
7. something filled me...I was in the hands of god and I KNEW it.
8. I experience entering of the Holy Spirit!.
9. Nothing, nothing at all.
10. Sensation of expansion and space... This expansion can be accompanied by an ecstatic sense of immortality, freedom and power. I started to merge into the landscape. "I" am consciousness. the sense of vast "I"-ness.
11. They were very intense, and at the very beginning of k have this rush up the spine, you go into ecstasy, merge with god or cosmic consciousness, you become spiritual overnight and your entire life changes from that point onward
12. Of course! It is only Me! This is the experience of Nirvikalpa in words.
13. It is a wonderful feeling of bliss that I feel all through my mental and physical body, I love everything because everything is one with love.
14. That quiet place inside bliss.
15. merged completely with what I can only describe as myself. Not the Self but the self. The relief and joy upon merging was immense, but at the same time it felt amazingly familiar
16. from what i've gleaned from the various attempts to describe/define this state, yes, I enter into this state.
17. A spiritual awakening
18. Samadhi is simplicity. Pure Grace
19. Only know is that I am wake up. I know something and what I am experience is very strange for ordinary mind...There is no love and anger or hate.
20. It doesn't fit into the big picture of things, since it *is* the big picture of things. You can think of seeing everything (time,space,other dimensions) simultaneously... One will *know* when one reaches it.
21. it is a state of beingness in which all of the past and future return to the illusion from whence it came. it is the eternal now.

7 people mentioned merging or oneness as a part of their experience
5 people mentioned awakening or waking up [also a definition of Satori]
3 people mentioned the void.

As far as coming earlier or later in the K experience, of those who answered the question:
3 people said their experiences predated K awareness.
3 people said that their Samadhi experiences were at the start of K, or the result of K acting on the nervous system, or during the first weeks of K.
1 person said the first experience was 6 months after first experiencing K.

As far as how often, of those who answered this question:
3 people answered "once"
6 people more than once--one adding they were of varying degrees of intensity and another saying the experiences were all different.
1 answered daily the first weeks of k
6 or 7 people enter the state at will.

2 people mentioned epiphany being a part of the experience
7 people mentioned bliss or ecstasy as a part of the experience

Many thanks to you all! footer links for polls section
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