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Member Polls and Surveys.

Relationship poll


Seventeen people responded to the relationship poll. One person spoke from the point of view of having a relationship with an awakened mother.

What is clear is that K awakening affects relationships strongly, for better or for worse! Nearly everyone (13 people) said K awakening affected close relationships. Two said not too much or mostly no, One said that it affected post k relationships but not pre K ones.

Overall, there were 5 negative, 5 positive and 6 more or less neutral effects of K on relationships. A couple of people said they lost them all.

Most of the negatives had positive end results, however:

"but my journey is very mystical in nature- it's time for me to go it alone-"

"Anguish, heartbreak and un-requited love. Humility. But I have no doubt that i'm better for the experience. If you hadn't been where you've been you couldn't be where you are."

"I walk my own path with gratitude for what I am going through. No distraction no judgement from others. This is between God and me."

"If you have the faith to allow it to lead you, you can actually end up happier then you have ever been before!!!!!!!!!!!"


Some comments to the question:
1. Has K awakening affected your close relationships? :

Absolutely! Transformed them, turned them inside out, healed them. Both immediate family and friends. It's taken 22 years and still counting but major work has taken place during the last five

Not as much as I suspected. I still get the "Oh, yeah, OK go ahead, whatever" attitude from time to time. But in spite of my significant other not being the slightest bit interested in waking herself, she seems to tolerate mine fairly well.
My parents think I'm nuts, but they love me anyway and just chalk it up to family eccentricity

Yes, it has intensified my relationship. While K-energy was active, the energy in our relationship was very high and sex was ecstatic. My energy would raise my partners energy.

I was in a 12 year marriage when my "K" started raging out of nowhere. It was so intense....but it took me to the place where I stopped to have a look at the relationship. Turns out, it sucked and I didn't even know it.

Not that I had that many, but I lost them all.

the k's have absolutely affected my relationships- i fought it for seven years- and finally left my husband & beautiful daughter . God gave me back my daughter- she has lived with me for the past two years, but she is moving back with her father so she can attend a better school district. she's 16- she tells me on the phone , now, that she loves me- a breakthru

At times it does but overall no. The only bad effects are when the energy is really intense and I cant function for a few days cuz of all the stuff coming up. The rest of the time hubby is very supportive. When it is bad he has to take care of me and kids so it makes him stressed and he thinks I am letting the energy do it, he doesnt understand why I cant make it stop.

man, oh man, oh man. All of us could write a sermon on this... Yes it has. My close relationship(s) has(Have) been my greatest lesson in this path.
Poorly to ignored. My wife's perception of spirituality didn't mesh with what I was going through; she wasn't ready to be as open as one needs to be to even understand why/how I was processing this stuff. She's just not there.

Yes it has. At first, my ex-ex about 15 years ago was very supportive, very curious and he started feeling new things himself, no big deal but he impressed himself enough to decide to get into the spiritual counselling business without bothering to take the time to work on himself for a while first and I do stress on the word "business". I do believe that my awakening has had an influence on him but it got to his head real quick. He was known to have a narcissic tendency that might explain why he chose the path he did rather than blossoming. At the end, he was under the impression that he was the one with the original "powers" as he would refer to it and that I was the one that was lucky enough to have benefited from his presence.

Yes it has, deeply. Perception and understanding is not easy, as if I talked about sureal stuff !!!!! Communications is quite weird...... Lots of changes within, still flowing.... LOL

To the question how have (others) reacted to your awakening,
3 said negatively or mostly negatively
7 Neutral or neutral/positive
3 positively
2 puzzled or confused and resistant to understanding


After initial years of us all struggling with blocks, lack of communication etc, my father, mother and sister are all onboard now. I've discussed Kundalini with them and whilst not necessarily fully understanding they are completely respectful and open minded. For a start they know not to dismiss synchronicity since mine have overflowed into their lives and now they are starting to notice their own and take them seriously....

My partner has reacted positively to it, even supported me where I was scared of my own experiences, like when I was getting so many past-life memories. He instinctively knew they where real and took them as they came. This helped me tremendously to be able to deal with what was happening.

most have reacted negatively- i felt alone and abandon

I told one friend about it and he didn't have a clue as to what I was talking about.

Family doesn't recognize it or see it. They have always thought I was a bit on the strange side and of my own mind.

I would say, confusing and resistance to understand what they have not experienced. LOL

Some of the comments to the questions "How have you responded?" and "have you ended up solving the problems"

As K has done its psychological roto-rootering, I find it impossible to stay very long in those places that used to ignite repetitive, issue-based conflict. There just isn't very much "me" to defend anymore. If I do flare up, I take this as a sign that I have work to do. Occasionally I have a tremendous need solitude and silence. My husband is respectful and understanding. I know how lucky I am! It is perhaps relevant

that my husband and I met when well into middle age.

I talk about it with the neutrals from time to time, hitting the high points so to speak. I try not to go into too many details, it makes them stand on one foot and look intensely at the ivy. When I talk about it, I try to talk about it from the point of view of how it affects me in a positive way. My family has been good to me so I don't want to alienate them. I'm sure the time will come one for "full disclosure"

Now, in-laws......thats another matter

Things got solved naturally with time and through experiences. I've never forced things - just let natural evolution do it's thing.

I started talking about the things that were happening to me and stopped feeling insecure about what happened.

Some years ago someone in my country wanted to write a book about kundalini, -personal experiences- so he came to my home to interview me. After an hour or so, we were not able to think clearly anymore, after two hours he had to leave ..too much energy! (and no, the book is not finished yet :))

I also have phone-contact with someone who is radiating very strong shakti. After our first phonecall I was not able to sleep because of all the energy, now -after seven years- we can speak through the phone for some hours, but I become very energized, so we never met until now, because I could only be in his environment for a quarter or half an hour or so.

My own experiences make me curious how others deal with this and if it IS possible to live with and to be in the same house with an awakened partner or other relative?

Hehe. There are no problems in a relationship (from my point of view). There's only interaction. I... let it go. I send her to England every couple of years to figure out why and how much she loves me, and it gives me a couple months to do intense work - which I'm just coming out of. Just like any other relationship, I don't know from day to day whether it's a great day or a lousy day, but just deal with the lesson in front of me. Open heart, open mind, y'know...

K awakening is not the problem or the cause of problems in my relationships. The strong flow of shakti can cause problems for others cause it starts clearing their emotional bodies and I think they might think I am the cause of it. People get "activated" around me and begin looking at areas of their life they have not looked at before. Sometimes I get caught in the crossfire.

I am not married or in a serious relationship. The love relationships I have are with awakened men. Being awakened doesn't mean you don't have problems in relationships, maybe just a different set of problems.

Thinking I would save them. And then get frustrated when they would't take any steps to solve their issues that they were confiding me.

Here's the good news, I have stopped drinking, have surrendered to the K process and given all my problems to the Divine. I am still alone, but that's alright! The isolation and solitude is what I need right now.

I think it's very important to discern when to share the information and when not to. If it makes other people uncomfortable then I prefer to keep it to myself, that way I don't open myself up to comments from people who just aren't there yet.

Trying to explain, even showing them info. about the process.... but at the end it seems useless.... and sometimes it seems easier..

The best way I found to bring up the subject is by presenting it as something very poetic that I am experiencing, which it is in fact as it refers to great symbols that come alive through us. And that it is basically something helping me to learn how to be a better and more complete person, and be better with others.


Thanks everyone!

1. Has K awakening affected your close relationships?
2. How have they reacted to your awakening?

3. How have you responded?

4. Did you end up solving the problems that K awakening made in your relationships, and if so, how did you do this?

Originating posts:

> My husband still feels to this day that what I experienced was real > to me but it did not really happen. He thinks I just created this > illusion of my awakening of K. because I cannot acept my father's > death. ...Does anybody else have this lack of understanding or > support from their family?

> *******

> He..he.. Yeah!.. I know what you mean, when I discuss with my family that > I've seen Entities come out of the 5th Chakra of an 11 year old child and I > see Aura's, and energy swimming in Newspapers, that my body is electric > ...they really think that I'm Koo..Koo.. > so be it..

> > *******

> Well mine has disowned me completely.

> ******

> Please tell me that > some of you still have the support, love, and understanding (not > just humoring) of your loved ones.
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