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Member Polls and Surveys.

Progression of K Energy


How has your K energy changed/progressed over time, or has it remained at the same "level."

1. How long has your K been active
2. Were your most profound experiences at the beginning or later on.
3. Has your K energy been intermittent.

10 people responded to the poll.

The length of time being K active ranges from a month or so to 23 years.

Nearly everyone said that the initial awakening was strongest. Comments were: Very dramatic,
intense, very disturbing, startling. One person made the interesting comment that while the beginning was revolutionary, it has become more profound.

There were 2 cases of a hiatus of many years (17 and 20) and one case of OBE's preceding K activity by a year or so. Everyone seems to experience more or less continuous activity once it reactivates. Comments were: Roaring steadily, Never left--24 hrs a day,
Never skips a day,

Below are excerpts:

1. active a month or so: "I hear and feel rumblings in by belly. Just like a tidal wave. Not a tempest. Something coming from far away and powerful"

2. 1 year: At the beginning, "the process was 'revolutionary'" and later "perhaps more 'profound.'...I'd say seeing god as the burning bush and almost offing myself in the process was "revolutionary", but it wasn't very profound or real.
Other things have come along that have been deeper and more real."

3. 18 months, but OBE 3 years ago "My most profound experience was at the beginning (I yelled at god, and he talked back!) and I haven't had anything quite like it since."

4. 3 years: "Started out as head energy so strong I could barely manage it. Now is a constant steady energy."

5. 3+ years : Continuous. Seldom a "quiet" day. more startling and profound at the beginning but now more constant, with only occasional "pronouncements" now and then.

6. 7 1/2 : "In the initial years ...the activity produced was very dramatic and almost continuous...The very first experience, the onset of awakening, produced an ecstatic state, the "seeing god" experience ...These kinds of things are less frequent and milder, but still daily occurences for the most part. It seems not that the energy has lessened over time, but the work it is doing has shifted as major blocks were cleared."

7. 8 years: "literaly feel like a fountain of energy pumping ever increasing volumes of the stuff into the universe. "

8. 15 years: progression-- never left. 24 hrs a day. "everything I see, feel and sense is profound. Everyday is a new experience."

9. 20 years: "a profound experience about 20 years ago" and then "obvious k-manifestations started a year and some months never skips a day"

10. 23 years: "I had my first spontanious K release when I was 19...It ...changed my entire self identity,". Then 17 years later " My episode lasted for 6 weeks ...During my experience I was guided by a being that was very personal to me. ... I guess you could say that I got a guided tour of creation. I experienced many different realities. Like a hologram where the whole is contained within each individual part." Active ever since (6 years).

It's interesting that there can be a long time between profound experiences. It seems that Gopi Krishna also experienced this time lapse. Thank you all for participating! While these polls are hardly scientific, especially given the small sampling, they do perhaps give an idea of trends, that, I hope, are reassuring. footer links for polls section
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