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Imaginary Playmates

At least two people on this list that I know of, have had "imaginary"playmates as children. My older sister also had such a friend before we"twins" were born.

Question: Did you have an imaginary playmate as a child?

What age were you at the time?

What was he/she like?

What age were you when s/he left?

Thanks for the poll subject Sasse!

Date: 7/31/00

Five people replied that they had imaginary playmates as children.


1. Yes.

2. Yes. Her name was Mumba.

3. Yes. Don't remember his name.

4. I had 4 imaginary playmates. Liura, Lairi, Luira (itwould be interesting to hear an English speakingperson to pronounce the names) and Odorono (after adeodorant).

5. My playhood bud was Herbie-the Love Bug, though I talked to himthrough a seashell.

Q: What age were you at the time?


1. Age 3 to 7
2. between 2 and 4.
3. Maybe 3 to 7 too...something like that
4. I was about 6-7 years old.
5. Dont remember when he showed up or went away.

Question: What was he/she like?


1. He and She. Cap'n Tom, who looked like Jody on Family Affair, andSassy Green, his little sister, who had green hair and took my "thankyou's" and "pleases."

2. I don't remember, but my mother said I chattered to her all the time.I have a sense of guidance and protection.

3. I was an abused child so he was my best friend. I even had myparents set a plate for him at the table. We talked and played togetherbecause I was also an only child and had no on with me most of the time.

4.We playedtogether but I really liked only Lairi. It ispossible that the others were a product/ solution ofsome negative feedback I tried to cope with.

5. I talked to him througha seashell.

Question: What age were you when s/he left?


1. Don't recall specifically, but can see them very clearly in my mind's

eye . . . they lived at the top of my closet.

2. Four

3. Don't remember exactly

4. I remember clearly one occasion but I think they stayedaround for some months and got replaced with realpersons when I got to school.

5. Dont remember when he showed up or went away.


"A couple of years ago someone sent a post to this list with a link to aliterary work he'd written about Mumbai and Mumbadevi. When I read it Ihad an immediate feeling of recognition with the material..."


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