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Physiological Changes

Dear List,

Lee Sannella, in the Appendix to his book *The Kundalini Experience* put together Questions for Research Participants includes the question, "Do you ever stare into space for long periods of time or *appear wild-eyed*?" Emphasis mine. Another of his questions has to do with temperature changes.

So the question:

Do you have any physiological changes that you attribute to K awakening?

Eleven people responded to the physiological changes poll.

One person mentioned stress fractures being healed
Two people mentioned changes in bone density
Five people mentioned changes in shape of head or face.
Two people mentioned changes in the sinuses
A number of people have mentioned changes in metabolism--especially in heat
and cold flushes
One person responded "nothing or everything."

Some excerpts below.

For those who might be wondering about how far K or what I term Lifeforce can go in its work through the physical body ..

The direction of my allowing (after I allowed my mind to be blown without too much of a fight) has led to the experience of a changing of bone density.

This process which first came to light as stress fractures in every vertebrae of the spine - (which are starting to heal themselves) is being closely monitored by a couple of friendly MD's.

At 56 years of age this year, my bone density has been progressively changing and is now, according to the scale they are using, equivalent to that of an 18 year old.

I can assure those who go through this process that the pain that is released - and the memories and images which come to consciousness as the process moves through are something else ..

AND their ain't no goddess in there handling this depth of release - its all about allowing the release of the holding patterns that see the physical body age .. on a structural level ..

It is a myth of mine, maybe a left fear or attachment left to cleanse, that in publishing their work in Lancet your body, who is the focus of this paper work, will carry the burden of the minds who want to believe it but have not yet processed "all ties from the medical profession as far as them having any power over my physical and mental health".

My father often told me that I don't need to carry the flag. Yet it is my impression and experience that we are all tied in this. Unless like the alchemist one creates a vase in which the operations of transmutation occurs away from the eyes who don't see the unicorn.


May Joy and Life flow, Your attention flowing on my mind as brought a nice vitality to my body, And I thank you for that,


Thanks for that ..

Its good to read about things like this after I have actually experienced the changes in my body - kinda gets the mind out of the way so things can happen as they ought ..

(...) Now - I wonder how far the vibration of the bodily form can be raised ?

Would you like to share the experience of having stress fractures in your back in all 32 vertebrae .. at the same time ..?

you can imagine what sort of fun that plays on the nervous system.

Now - in the past I've had 3 experiences with kidney stone attacks, and the back pain was worse .. mind you, the final K rush that did it wasn't real bad, either .. (g)


I had a bone density test taken yesterday. The bone density was still in the Green range which was surprising, the nurse told me, for a post menopausal Caucasian woman with small bone structure who didn't take estrogen. I suspect the result is due to Hatha Yoga, though.


Dunno. Possibly nothing or everthing. :)


The energy moved my teeth to widen my sinus tracks. Then the mucus and blood flowed through those tracks constantly.


Don't talk to me about sinuses! The gunk that comes out of my nose with head explosions of energy is enough to fill a swimming pool - I can get through a roll of kitchen paper in a day! Am seeing homeopath for treatment but don't know if it's helping. Just have to put up with it.


That Kundalini can radically rearrange the body like you experienced, does not surprise me... although I am sorry you had such a rough time of it. Kundalini changed the shape of my head, and the shape of my beloved's head, and for some people the bones change so much that they get a fontatelle, again. Soft spot on top like a baby, but with amazing natural protective reflexes.

The area back of the sinuses is a part of the third eye that is sensitive to emotional energy.




When I am meditating I very often ( as in almost always ) get pulling and stretching sensations in my forehead. Of course I can stop it by not giving in to it.. but I normally give into any natural movements and sensations. I also get this swaying of the head thing that must make me look like Stevie Wonder when I meditate in the sitting position.

I am assuming that the forehead sensation is my forehead chakra trying to open.. or at least that sounds logical. But you see.. these pressures tend to get pretty great at times and will persist past the point of a normal comfort level.. however.. it still feels plesant to me.
What is really got me wondering is the physical changes of my forhead that happen as a result. You see.. I have been getting these red circles on my forhead as a result... kind of like its almost a bruise.. but its not. Its just a red spot that will go away in a few hours if I could stop meditating that long.
Also the middle circle ( there are 3 ) has a shiny look to it because upon close inspection I noticed that a couple of layers of skin are missing from it.
Now there is also a change in the shape of my forehead... and somewhat noticable to others as well.
Above my eyebrows are two bulges and two more at the top of the forehead. It takes the shape of an actuall physicall third eye as if I am becoming a cyclops :P

I am guessing that once the forehead chakra is open that these sensations will stop and my forehead will return to normal.

Out of all the experainces I have read about I havent seen anyone describe what I am experiancing so I am asking if anyone else has experianced this... or if anyone can shed any light on this for me.

I think maybe there are minute changes in the tension in the face muscles, and in the expresion as a result of k. that maybe give rise to the illusion of physical change


I have those changes too. Except for the forehead pulsing and darkening, I wonder if the facial changes are not due to liquid retention in the body, which may also be a side-effect of kundalini awakening.


Wow. I have been having nightsweats (really bad ones--I soak the bed) for the past 16 years. They started several months before I started to feel K energy for the first time. I investigated nightsweats from so many contexts. Was I deathly sick? Was this part of some disease process? I have been unable to find much.

Anyway, I am 34 and am experiencing a resurgence of K energy in the past couple of months(!). Literally dormant for years (although the nightsweats kept right on going...).


Many thanks everyone! footer links for polls section
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