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Member Polls and Surveys.

Past Lives.

Question: Do you have memories from past lives?

Nine different people responded to this Poll--either to comment or to relate their experiences. What seems especially to characterize these experiences is their *vivid* nature.

Some excerpts are below.

Many thanks to you all! :))

Love, Hillary

I BELIEVE in reincarnation, but as of yet, I has very little experiential experience to back it up. Mostly just some very obscure memories I've had while half asleep and during meditation.

Once I had this memory where I was in a bedroom (I think) and I was talking to a guy dressed in military clothes - it seemed like he had been in WWII and had come back home. Anyway, he was giving me advice about something - trying to help me through a problem saying something like "You'll work it out. It'll be ok..." That kinda thing.

Then another time I had a memory that I was chinese. I was at what seemed like might be some kind of temple and I woman ran over to a guy and started saying something.

These were vague passing visions, but the thing is they felt like memories and not just dream type stuff.


Yes I have had many images that felt like real memories over the past few years. They felt as real as the memories that you can have when - say you walk into a room, smell something and suddenly you have this clear image of yourselve as a six year old child in your old classroom or house, that smelled the same. Only this time I would be in 12th century Germany, 15th century Spain, 19th century eastern United States, or ages ago in some African/Middle eastern desert. I had many many images, some of them reliving violent deathcauses, that was quite horrible.
But most of the images gave me a certain situation like you describe. Sometimes I was a child still, at others a woman or man in the memories. I always knew who I was in the image, and sometimes I got some information as to who the other person(s) in the image are in my present day life.
Sometimes I seemed to belong to a rulers or kings family, at others I was an ordinary farmer, salesman or nomad.

Mostly I could even ask into the image and i would get some more information as to where it was or at what time - or who the other person is now in this life, but I always felt immediately when I started to "make up" stories, fantasising. Then my inner voice would warn me and say: no, you're making this up now, you can't get any more information now. So I could feel what the real "memory" was, and what was pure fantasy of my own. Still, whether real lifes of me (or anybody), I don't know. It certainly does feel like that, but most of all, the images give me some information on my relationship to a certain person in this life, or a situation - like yourself maybe, when the soldier told you that you would work it out.


The visions can come in many ways. I went through a past life regression with another person leading a sort of guided meditation and surfaced what seemed like an important past life.

Many years earlier I was on drugs and staring in the mirror and saw many faces pass before me. Somehow I knew they were past lives.

Also just tendencies you may have, likes and dislikes can point toward past lives.

Meditation is another good way.

Are they definitive past lives? Hard to say. Sometimes I think we can live multiple lives in the current one. I am no longer sure that past lives are something that happened in the "past."

Just reading your words brings on a sort of dejavus reality for me. I went to a past life reader once and much of what she told me seemed to parallel my current life.
Yet as you seem to be saying in this life it almost appears that more than on life is happening simultaneously when interacting with others for me. This turns on a possible light for me. I'd be interested in hearing and realizing more about this!


I have a friend who believes that MPD is nothing more than a thinning of the veil, so to speak, he believes everyone 'has' it but is unaware of the 'other side'. Another who sees it as an evolutionary kind of thing that some souls are just now beginning to experment with as a way to experience more in a single lifetime. I have wondered if past lives would be the same kind of thing. Like a remembering we arent used to remembering. A time/space cross over that is not yet mastered, maybe.


I have a memory of what I think is a past life... It was of an egyption women who looks like me only skinnier and wears alot of make-up LOL she was an amentut and as her i went inside the sphinx and was shown a ton of stars on the cieling although i cant remember what i was shown :( then there was a monsterous voice saying somthing in egyption and a big vault door slammed shut :(
been having lots of these odd memorys coming up as of late..


I have done enough deep body remembering to ascertain that what most call "past lives" are, in the majority of cases, ancestral memories coming up and being filtered through the current mind's perception and belief system.

In the course of my work, many so called past life experiences could not possibly have been past life, because, in working back (as I have in a number of cases) through 5 generations of a family .. even tracing the relatives of adoptees, the coming up from the body of the client have been validated by some living ancestor whom the client has never met ..

even to the point of manifesting war wounds ..


how [could] the ancestral memories theory ...
explain the many so called past life accounts l've heard in which the person who's having the memories is from a totally different ancestral tree than the past life remembered. lf the one remembering and the past life have no ancestors in common (back to the past life), the how could this be an anscestral memory?

How do you know there is no relationship ..?
If we assume that a child is born when the mother is 20, and use this for our calculations, there are 5 generations (average) every 100 years.
If we go back, only 400 years, the figure is 20 generations of ancestors.

At the bottom of a family tree after 20 generations, there are 1,048,576 entries .. all of whom is walking around in your body, looking through your eyes.
For this same person, the total number of ancestors between generation 20 and today is 2,097,150. and remember, this figure is only for 400 years. Now, if you want to go back further, double it for every 20 years .. If we go back, for example to 1.AD, the figure is close to 16 with 120 "0"'s after it .. in the bottom line.

One very distinct encounter with this was while I was sitting on a tree branch observing how totally rediculous the male of my species really was...
watching intensely, for hours. I was a female ape.

Perhaps this is why I have such tremendous insight about that gender to this day...

i have one distinct memory,,,,, it is just a brief one,, my husband is a huge red haird man, at least 6'5 and carries a barbarians type axe... he kisses me outside of our house and leaves with a group of other men. shortly after i hear a soldiers voice yelling attack the women!!! and i have to run and hide in the cellar dugout sort of thing below :(

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