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Member Polls and Surveys.

Panic attacks

Eleven people responded to the panic attack poll. Thank you all! :))

Eight people have had these attacks, one said he had not. One person discussed the relationship between hypoglycemia and panic attacks and another responded with comments and advice.

As one of the responders wrote: "...those that have never had a panic attack, be thankful"

Since there are 175 people now on this list, this is about 4.5% somewhat larger than the general rate of panic attacks in the general population--i.e. about 3% The following web sites are of some interest.

Below are the posts. Thanks again to all who took part!

Tonight I went to the local hospital, this was my third athma type attack, a friend took me to local hospital... what happened was this exactly: I was leaving my dorm room and I started weezing, then felt like I coudn't breath and my chest and stomach got so tight, my heart felt like someone was sqeezing it and a paralisis came over my whole body... at the hospital they hocked me up to a few machines, I had an EEG (I believe that's what it was called), to make sure my heart was well. It turned out that they "think" I had an anxiety attack... but I just know it wasn't that. Telling those around me that I do not believe what happend was an anxiety attack, makes me look crazy and so I question if it was or not, very well could have been, just something inside of me tells me otherwise. I really believe it was kundalini. Any comments would be greatly appriciated! -

Medical people are going to classify your condition according to their training, and Kundalini does not fit into their system. Unless your doctor was studied yoga or eastern philosophy, it's probably best not to discuss K. with him/her. He/She just won't understand.

I used to have anxiety attacks when I was a teen. I now attribute them to K. activity. Living in the moment and doing Kriya Yoga cured me.

[This] note made me also wonder if panic attacks and/or hypoglycemia are K connected. I had a brief run in with panic attacks in my late 20's. It was a short-lived bout--lasting only a couple of weeks--but the experience was extremely painful and memorable! I remember I kept asking my husband to knock me out! I just wanted it to stop.

I discovered I was drinking too much coffee and needed a snack between meals. Low blood suger perhaps?

Another close friend who is K active suffers from hypoclycemia, and over the years several people on the list have mentioned Panic attacks.

I see that Hillary asks about the relation of hypoglycemia and panic attacks. This is a subject I have looked into.

Reactive hypoglycemia is the result of assimilating too much refined sugar and carbohydrates into blood sugar (glucose) too quickly. The endocrine system over-reacts by producing more than enough insulin, which lowers the blood sugar so quickly that this sudden drop can trigger a panic attack in the center of the brain that regulates blood sugar and oxygen. In response, the body produces adrenalin and other hormones to raise the blood sugar by triggering its release of stored glucogen from the liver. Caffeine helps stimulate this release, at least until your adrenals get tired of this circle. A sense of panic and general anxiety can also result if blood sugar falls below the fasting level, the level you woke up with. It is at this point that a snack is most helpful - a non-sugary one.

One way to assess whether you have hypoglcemia is to eat or drink something with a lot of sugar and observe how you respond. Fatigue, headaches and anxiety typically appear after 45 to 90 minutes. However, a response can appear around six hours later, and may produce nightmares and insomnia.

All of these issues are addressed in the protein diet books, as well as the Syndrome X books, such as by Burt Burkson.

What is not commonly addressed is the fact that similar symptoms of anxiety, food cravings and fatigue can be produced in other ways by many of the same foods. Grains such as wheat and oats can trigger "hidden" iGg food allergies that resemble hypoglcemia. Some protein sources, such as soy, eggs and milk can do the same. Systemic candidiasis can produce toxins from carbohydrates that are absorbed if there is excess permeability in the lower intestine. Food additives can create similar symptoms, particularly headaches, including food colorings and nitrates/nitrites. Members of the nightshade family - potatoes, tomatoes, peppers and eggplant - can do the same for people who are sensitive - which some say is about 12 percent of the population.

I can provide more details about these conditions and suggested reading, if you like. What I find particularly interesting is that if you test these foods in isolation while meditating, you can observe the effects of the foods, such as increased mental activity and general anxiety, as well as fatigue. While it is helpful to understand what is going on from a scientific standpoint, the bottom line is that if a food is causing you problems, you can try eliminating it for a while and see if this helps. IgG food allergies can abate if you eliminate the food for six to 12 months. However, some people have a genetic sensitivity to wheat and gluten that can never be fully eliminated.

Another implication of these findings is that an unsuitable vegetarian diet can interfere with meditation for some people. The excessive use of soy particularly concerns me. People can develop an iGg allergies to foods they are exposed to constantly.

I find that if you slow the oxygen metabolism in meditation through pranic breathing you increase overall energy, and reduce some of the symptoms, particularly the fatigue, from these foods. However, it seems the brain continues to react, perhaps because the immune system is still producing antibodies and cytokines. The result is that you may still have anxiety, though it may be more difficult to pinpoint the dietary cause.

If people do not understand the role of food in triggering anxiety they seem to project this feeling onto external sources, a tendency some political demagogues and cult leaders instinctively exploit. I suspect this anxiety can also contribute to an increased degree of suspicion, anger and even paranoia in particular levels of meditation. Therefore, it is important to identify problem foods early in your meditation, because it can be difficult to isolate them during high levels of chi or kundalini.

One more point, taking aspirin and NSAIDs for headaches is not a particularly good idea. Never exceed the recommended dose or take them for longer than recommended on the label. Microscopic bleeding in the stomach and intestines can begin within a day, I have been told by gastroenterologists, and severe bleeding and even hemorrhaging can result from exceeding the dosage. But the NSAIDs can reduce prostaglandin production througout the body, which may contribute to an increased risk of internal bleeding, not to mention increased intestinal permeability. I am worried that this can potentially cause problems during or after pressure headaches, perhaps contributing to a hemorrhagic stroke or aneurysm. However, I have no proof of this. I understand that codeine-based pain killers can also increase brain swelling - look at the PDR - and are not recommended after a concussion. So they are out, particularly when combined with alcohol.

But my feeling is the greatest overall danger is frequent, casual use of NSAIDs. Don't use NSAIDs if you don't need them.

Hope this helps.

> ... I wonder if panic attacks and/or hypoglycemia are K >connected.

While there may be some K. connection with both, the specific symptoms are different and distinct. It's been so long since I've had a panic attack I can't describe the feelings in great detail, but I still get hypoglycemic from insulin reactions; so those symptoms are fresh.


Very low energy, feeling faint, shaking, cold sweats, blind spots (bright blobs that obscure vision), craving for sweets, seemingly profound thoughts and odd behavior

Panic Attack

Gut-wrenching fear (anxiety), tunnel vision, mild hallucinations, "electric" feeling, expanding feeling, feeling like you're going crazy

Of the two, I'd say that panic attacks were more K.-related, in my case, caused by the ego wanting to remain in control. Hypoglycemia is simply the body running out of fuel (sugar). A glass of orange juice or a couple hard candies provides quick relief.

I do have hypoclycemia too.
... I need to eat every 3 hrs. and I can wake up in the middle of the night 2 or 3 times to eat something sweet....or whatever..... I thought it was my DNA, but I guess it has to do with K. again !!! LOL
I used to be good for diets, nowadays, Is impossible to keep a diet... and during the night... snacks.. !!!
Even more when K wakes me up.... LOL
Panic attacks as well, breathing helps, never thought it could be related... learning...

Concerning the subject of panic attacks. It brought home some pain full memories. I to have been gripped by these eposodes especially at meetings and classes or on buses. i start perspiring and getting hot and wanting to get out of the situation. the longer it goes on i get all sorts of physically discomforts and i have never escaped this problen and always make sure i have a quick avenue of escape when with people that way i am not nervous

not long after I started doing hatha yoga nine years ago I started having breathing problems. I went to the emergency room a couple of times very anxious because I felt like I just couldn't get a good deep breath. All asthma tests were normal. I still sporadically have the problem, and just have to tell myself I'm getting enough oxygen, and ignore it till it goes away.

Years later, when chest pains and strange heart sensations started, I visited the emergency room a few times, very freaked out. Everything always tested normal. I finally got around to wearing a holter monitor for 24 hours just recently, because of my continuing unusual chest sensations, which always/only occur when I am at the threshold between awake and asleep. The doctor never even called me with the results, which I took to mean nothing alarming showed up. I have been quite sure that this is heart chakra activity; I can feel activity in other chakras as well. I just went for a check up about it because I have an 8 year old to be responsible to.

So, check it out, if it alarms you; otherwise, you may just have to get used to it!

I used to have panic attacks as a teenager. It happened rarely but I can see a connection with K now. I remember concentrating and controlling my breathing during panic attacks. It is interesting that I now do yoga and breathing is so important to me. Until my K woke up I was also extremely sensitive to blood sugar level. I still am but now I am able to ride the waves (and see them as opportunities for meditation) and do not react with mood swings.
Also, I would add headaches to the list of previous K related symptoms. I used to have severe migraines and night terrors as a child. These were accompanied by intense hallucinations of my body expanding to fill the room. If I had only known!

About 14 years ago I suffered a nervous breakdown from working under much pressure at work, this lasted about two years. After the work pressure stopped off, I suffered with what my GP called "post traumatic stress disorder". I began to have many panic attacks, especially in the early part of the illness. My physical symptoms included, sweats, shaking, palpitations of the heart, The panic attacks use to send me into a mental state of utter fear, I literally thought I was going mad, or believed I was going to die, I became extremely frightened and found life, threatening. being in public made it worse. Any sudden load noise would make me jump a mile. - My girlfriend at the time did not know what I was going through. It was a very traumatic and lonely experience for me. And the fact that my family did not understand what I went through, made it harder more so. It took 3 years of prescribed medication i.e.. tranquillisers and anti depressants (while under the supervision of my psychiatrist and GP) before I finally recovered.

Well, no panic attack, no diabetic issues. These didn't occur in my family, either. I drink coffee daily, and sometimes go a day or two without it. No issues w/ caffeine, and it doesn't seem to have a major effect on me.


> Only a few people have responded to the Panic attack mini-poll. Any others?? Here is the conversation to date.

Reason for my not responding was that I could not comprehend biology I have an innate turning away from science

> my chest and stomach got so tight, > my heart felt like someone was sqeezing it

These are certainly functions of K movements

> this was my third asthma type attack

Breathing gets troubled during K experiences Because the admixture of prana and mind is what is K

> but I just know it wasn't that.

Your intuition is always right

> Kundalini does not fit into the system of medical doctors

Never mind. The medical doctor for K is the Satguru

> Living in the moment and doing Kriya Yoga cured me.

So, it is. Living in the moment is a great art. It is only spiritual masters who are adept in it Immense faith in God ensures living in the moment

"Do the birds lay up for the morrow" by Lord Jesus sums it all up Reading St John's Gospel daily enhances devotion and faith Also, the daily reading of "Colossians" of the New Testament

> it seems the brain continues to react

When awakening of K is completed in the 1st stage, thought process gets completely disengaged from the brain It goes on outside the body all around
It originates from above the head

Patience and persistence in spiritual effort is needed And, must insistently question "Where does thought originate?" An inquiry of the type "Is it from the brain?" will be found helpful

> if you test these foods in isolation while meditating, you can observe the effects
> Never exceed the recommended dose or take them for longer than recommended
Moderation in food and medicine is the best. This controls prana. And, central tendency in thoughts is the best. This controls mind. Together, both control K automatically.

> Very low energy, blind spots, seemingly profound thoughts and odd behavior due to hypoglycernia

All these could be symptoms of K

But, odd behavior is due to insufficient understanding and devotion to God For, all inner transformation need not be reflected outwardly One needs the Grace of God, the Guidance of the Satguru

> Gut-wrenching fear (anxiety), tunnel vision, "electric" feeling, expanding feeling, feeling like you're going crazy due to Panic-attack

Fear is due to the disengagement of the K energy from the 2nd chakra below the memory chakra
And, that releases a person from involution in the nether region This is a direct operation of the Grace of God

Feeling that one is going crazy is due to insufficient understanding and devotion to God

> A glass of orange juice or a couple hard candies provides quick relief.

This has been recommended in Paramahamsa Yogananda's Kriya yoga system

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