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Spiritual Experiences with Music; Poll Addendum.

I too heard the most melodious music and then I heard some voices as though they were in unison . In the morning after this episode I thought I was losing my mind because I had read so many psychology books. There were more strange phenomena that occurred but I did not get caught up in them and I continued to follow the sutras of Patanjali that strongly suggests that one continue their own development. These incidences all follwed the experience of estactic bliss.


For a certain period of time, right in front of my students (luckily they didn't seem to notice) I experienced what I can only call, the angels singing! I didn't hear anything with my ears, it was not a sound hallucination. And it's not singing per se, nor were they angels as humans appearing with wings. Though I could certainly understand why medieval mystics called it the angels singing the glory of God. That is the closest approximation to what it was like.

They were 'humming', 'vibrating' in chorus (though it was neither humming nor vibrating), all different notes though it was not music either at all.
But it was harmonious. They were in ecstasy, but again, that is not the right word to depict what they feeling. I couldn't really see them, though the first vision of human-like angels did appear, to be replaced with an image of small triangles all fitting together to form one huge triangle which also disolved into something else which I can't remember because it was beyond my brain to remember/grasp.

I felt they were ecstatic because of gratitude and compassion. These two feelings from humans made them ecstatic. First that a human would feel gratitude is the greatest vibration that they respond to. Then if a person feeling gratitude is also feeling compassion for all creation, they vibrate even more.

Just like in medieval texts, I felt they only existed for that, for 'singing' the glory of God, though I didn't feel a God or Goddess.

This is all so difficult to describe.

And I felt they were responding to my own 'vibration'. They were 'ecstatic' that I was 'getting it,' that I was joining them in 'praise.' I wanted to soar up and join them in heavenly bliss.

I had to go back to being a teacher but felt that when I had some time to myself, I could rejoin them. But I couldn't. Although I did feel bliss for hours afterwards, I couldn't find rapture again. It even made me depressed on my way home, like life had no more meaning once I'd experienced and lost that rapture.

I spoke to my friend who is guiding me through all this K stuff and he said that the Hindus call these beings the Gandharvas. After our talk, he wrote to me the following:


We have talked about these ³Gandharvas². May be you can find more on the net. This is not a new experience for some, although it is a rather rare occurrence, it takes a certain degree of refinement of the nervous system to be able to reach that level of sensitivity. In the Scriptures there are many references about them. footer links for polls section
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