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Member Polls and Surveys.

Movie poll

I'm curious if any of you have seen "Powder" the movie. I just wanted to say I love it, and it makes me think of K... hehe kinda childish, but a fun fantasy I guess. Anyway, what do you all think about it.

Also, if you would, name or talk about some movies, music, art or other things that you feel are K related, or things that you just really like *Shrugs*

(consider it a lighthearted poll) ;P

Keithie Poo


ok, some movie-recomendarions: (not k-related, but definetly gives perspective of things.)

Baraka - Somebody travelled around the planet, taped everytthing from wild nature to tribe-traditions/rituals. A beautiful piece of art. Music and scenes, no talking.
If you like this one, also try the trilogy Powaqqatsi, Naqoyqatsi and Koyaanisqatsi.
(They are made out of the same concept as Baraka. (titles are from Hopi-language.
Powaqqatsi means "a way of life that consumes other ways of life". Koyaanisqatsi means "life out of balance". Naqoyqatsi means "life as war".))
The music in these movies fits quite nice.

Waking life - a nice one. Its a cartoon-like movie, but I think the clips are real scenes thats re-painted as cartoons. Its about different kinds of people discussing various "ideas" of life. An interesting movie that can be seen more than once.

Liquid Crystal Vision - A more psychedelic orientated movie. Quote from the creators: " For psychedelic drugs are simply instruments, like microscopes, telescopes, and telephones. The biologist does not sit with eyes permanently glued to the microscope; he goes away and works on what he has seen.". There are sequences with various kinds of people, among a siddhu i really got a good feeling with :)

I cant help enjoying Gary Larsons far side...

I dont want to get into music here, but since Dead Can Dance is mentioned it the cybrary, have a look at their live- movie, "Towards the within". You may also like Lisa Gerrard's solo album "Duality".

Hope this was useful :)



Yeah! I really loved Powder--definitely a K movie! :)) A bit strange as I remember, though. I saw it several years ago.

The movie thread comes up quite often :)) I'll think it's time to add "Movies" to the "Threads" site at

Who else has a favorite to add?

Love, Hillary

Some of my favorite metaphysical movies are:

2001 A Space Odyssey. Dir: Stanley Kubrick
Walkabout. Dir: Nicholas Roeg (Incredible movie)
Zardoz. Dir: John Boorman
Exorcist II, The Heretic. Dir: John Boorman (one of my favorite directors)
Contact. Dir: Robert Zemeckis (based on Carl Sagan novel)
Fearless. Dir: Peter Weir
Golden Child. Dir: Michael Ritchie (Eddie Murphy) (I loved this movie)
Shine: Dir: Armin Mueller-Stahl
Barbarella. Dir: Roger Vadim
The Last Wave. Dir: Nicholas Roeg
A Beautiful Mind: Ron Howard
Cocoon: Ron Howard
Don't Look Now. Dir: Nicholas Roeg (warning: scary!)

Haven't seen but hear are terrific
Altered States. Dir: Ken Russell


David's list

Blade Runner
Dark City
Jacob's Ladder
Lord of the Rings
The Matrix
Run Lola Run
The Royal Tenebaums
The Secret Garden
Waking Life


Hi, David--so glad you're still with us!! Thank you for mentioning The Secret Garden in your list of movies. Probably by no coincidence at all, over the weekend I just re-read the book by Frances Hodgson Burnett. It was a childhood favorite & I was astounded at the spiritual depth of it when I read it again. I know I enjoyed the old movie that starts in black & white and ends in color, but it has been a long time. A more recent remake, maybe from the 80s or 90s, wasn't as satisfying in my opinion.



Hi Carol, there is a lot spiritual depth. Likely why the story has survived. Didn't see the older version but there were 2 modern remakes made several years apart. The one I saw I enjoyed very much. My mother saw a musical play of it years ago.


I just looked it up. I saw (actually own) the 93 version. Produced by Francis Ford Coppola.

There was also a version produced in 87

(and the original in 49)

It's a tear-jerker.

If you think you're tough test yourself.


Keith Chapman wrote:

>Hey you guys, it's so funny... I asked the movie question because I was >home from school over thanksgiving and I ended up watching tons of movies >on tv. (I don't watch tv at school *shrugs*) It's funny you mention the >secret garden because that was on this weekend. I didn't watch through it >all, but I remember how I thought it was an interesting movie... it has a >totally different feel.... anyway... cool :)

> >Keith


Hi, David & Keith,

This is so cool! I think the one I didn't like as well was a Hallmark Hall of Fame production. I will look for the Coppola version for sure.




"McCleod--This is THE Quickening!" .............Highlander

There Can Be Only One,

Jason B


A person as sensitive as I am to energy will create (manifest) as he feels and thinks very, very fast. I have to be very aware and deliberate in choosing my surroundings and things that has an effect on how I feel such as Movies, readings, music, news, conversations. Talking about diseases is one of the last thing I would do now as it make me feel sick almost immediately.

I love movies that are dimensional but I have to be careful because not all of them are helpful in my co-creative process. A lot of them are negative and can have such a negative effect on the way I am attracting things in my life. A lot of them bring the idea of those people who has psychic abilites as poor, un-understood, hopless, and ususally lead to a big drama. I try to stay away from drama and horror movies as much as I can. Movies that make me laugh has great positive influence.

I like "field of dreams" good dimensional + success in achieving a life purpose.
I tend to like movies that talk about a person who is gaining, discovering and using his powers successfully like "the Matrix" I did not like the "reloaded" version, too commercial. Also I love The X-men and X-2.

My suggestion to those who are going through a kundalini awakening is to not be in a guarded place and not to read those negative stories about k awakenings only the good ones if possible.

I will think more about movies and I'd like to know if you have other suggestions.



Here is a gallery from Baraka, for those interested :) (scroll down) (There are also other interesting movie-links etc. on the same site)



I have seen Altered States which I enjoyed. However, if you're picky about "cheesy" special effects and whatnot, you probably will be turned off like my brother was. One event may seem a bit silly, man turning into an ape, but I still found it quite fascinating and the idea it centered around. It's about a man experimenting with drugs and finding out about different level of consciousness.

I've probably mentioned both of these before but they are by far my favorite painter and my favorite band.
Alex Grey paints anatomy/spiritual human forms... it's breathtaking and beautiful, must see.
As to music, the band Tool is incredible and their album Lateralus comes to mind when it comes to becoming awakened and whatnot, positive messages, letting go etc.



Thanks for all the great suggestions. I find that movies jump from the shelf into my hand. Anything with Robin Williams is exceptional. I don't think he "does" anything but messages from heart to spirit or spirit to heart. Just watched Patch Adams...what is life, anyway....;-)



I watched "The Sixth Sense" on the weekend.. psychic boy sees ghosts.. accurate, including the cold feelings of emotionally upset ghosts..

I'd also include, "Harold and Maude".. Woman with Grace helps out young dysfunctional rich boy..

Great movie called "Touch".. young monk with healing power and stigmata falls in love..

Kate bush video-movie, The Line, the Cross and the Curve.. young woman wishes to be a dancer, gets cursed with the Red Shoes and takes a walk through Hades.. beautiful scene of the Lesser Banishing Ritual.



Does anyone remember the movie "Cocoon"? It's been a long time - but it seems the love scene between the alien girl and Steve G. awakened him.

"The Mouse and the Motorcycle" is the 1st book I recall reading. "The Call of the Wild" and "Aboard the KonTiki" are two I really got into. Probably no spiritual type books when I was young - I was afraid of the secular stuff. I saw ghosts one night when I was 12 or so - strange thing: I woke up spread eagle - half on the bed/half off - as if someone was trying to pull me. I layed there in total darkness (no windows, no lights on) trying to figure out what was happening, and then I saw two white lights on the ceiling of my room - moving from one side to the corner. I got up - still disoriented in the darkness - trying to feel my way to a wall to find a lightswitch by holding out my arms and swinging them back and forth. When I did find a wall and lightswitch - I was in the family room - across the hall and through *another* door. Couldn't figure out how that happened either. It was a few years later that I saw a book that showed the same type of lights I had seen and defined them as ghosts.

No invisible playmates when I was young - one of my sisters had one though. I think it was a dog. "Doggie-dough-c" was his name - maybe 'dog you don't see'?

I see lights mostly blobs of images - sometimes visualize places but don't get clear pics of where they are...walkway to the door of a house, garden or woods, things like that. I also dream in color.

uh-oh work calls - great to be gone, nice to be back. Later.



********* Movies



Hey all!

Hollywood seems to be a symptom of our transformation. I tend to get all huffy puffy about Hollywood, how rediculous the imbalance of $ is and the fame and loss of intimacy. But, it is just a symbol of the whole midset. And, we can be happy to see such changes, in the types of film. We are finally welcoming in the "what dreams may come" and "Sixth Sense"... little steps.

We also have to be aware (I speak to myself) that even the horror twist on movies like "Hallowman", or "what Lies Beneath", are as well a symptom of our unresolved fear of the big unknown. Once again little steps. And, if I want to see happy stuff, I must refelct it.

Even the movie itself, is a symbol of a dream or thought, the projector the mind, and the screen your open eyes...

I live in LA. Grew up with this Hollywood virus around me. And many times reject it so much, I became depressed. But, i am coming to grips that I chose to be born in such a life, and there are gifts of insight for me when I am ready. I don't go to movies often because I would rather not spend the money... But, I did go to The Cell lastnight. I thought I would hate it, but I was surprised at how closely it touched my little ideas about "mental illness", and the mind of a lost ego. It is graphic, but no more graphic then the Hell it is to have siczophrenia. Finally shaking the possibility that this "crazy person" maybe the most creative and gifted person we meet... And they just happen to have had (more often then not) a truamatic childhood, or maybe past lives unresolved truama... thus they live in a cage or cell of the ego.

I have been working with the "mentally ill" since I was able to comprehend what that label was. Like a personal drive to understand this amazing and very belittled spiritual entrapment. None of this is by accident. This life thing, is the playground and school of the soul. It is true we seek to learn and teach others of what we want to understand in ourselves. The two things we seem to battle he most, death and insanity. Or as others may say God and the Devil... All in all just symbols, and what we relate to we identify with.

Amazing that we fear death as we fear God... We embark on the Event Horizon of our souls... what we see before us is beyond our comprehension at this time, so it seems to be beyond our discription. Maybe Kundalini is the the cord that holds us as we jump in...

I will stop myself... this is my most intrested topic, and I could go on and one for... well... until I don't have to anymore :)

Thanks for listening...

Love to you all!



Hi, I was watching some of the posts on Dune. wonderful movie. Then thought of some other really amazing stuff I've seen, like the movie "pi", and most recent experience, the "Matrix". This Matrix is a very weird one for me. I am not a movie goer.



In a message dated 8/3/00 8:15:38 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<< It was one of the most direct depictions of k I have seen but my own k resonates with other k rich themes even if they arent directly about k.

The intimacy of lovers depicted in Bliss made me cry.


After making that snooty remark about BLISS finally qualifying as a k movie, let me clarify that l have had the same experience many times with other films not at all ostensibly about k. lt often surprises the hell out of me. Example: just the other nite l'm watching the film GLADIATOR -- hardly a k film, right? Yet there was a moment toward the end in which the combination of beautiful cinematography, music, an exquisitely beautiful leading lady and powerful themes led to a surprising release of energy and heartfelt emotion. You never know.

As we've been discussing films with spiritual impact, l have to mention a film we had last month, COLOR OF PARADISE. Has anyone else seen it? lt's an lranian film, made by the same guy who made CHILDREN OF HEAVEN last year, which was also a wonderful film. COLOR OF PARADISE is absolutely one of the most beautiful films l've ever seen. lt's about an 8 yr old boy from a peasant farm family in lran who is blind. He's an amazing kid with a huge heart and spirit, but his father doesn't see or appreciate any of this and sees him only as a burden.

ln the first scene the boy is kept waiting for hours by his father to pick him up to bring him home from school (for the blind) for vacation. He hears the chirping of a baby bird fallen (or thrown) out of its nest. He painstakingly locates the bird, picks it up and climbs a tree and places it back in its nest. lt's an amazing scene. Everyone loves him except his father, who finally tears him away from his family and dumps him far away from home at a shoe repair shop so he can learn a trade and become useful. The little boy -- in deepest despair -- cries out to the repairman that " l only want to see God! Why can't l see God with my hands??"

Everything about this film tore at my heart. lt's beautiful in every way and has a simplicity that you just don't find in films made in the west.



So good to here Kate Bush get a mention!! I love this video representation of the album 'The Red Shoes'. Kate Bush's Music/videos have related so much to me for years.

On the Red Shoes Album for instance, tracks like 'Lilly' - a direct reference to psychic protection. 'Rubberband Girl' to me is completely about flowing with K. - 'See those trees bend in wind, I feel they've got a lot more sense than me, you see I try to resist' - 'If I could learn to give like a rubberband I'd be back on my feet'.

Ahem! back to movies. 'Powder' - very K. relevant.

Another film springs to mind is 'Contact' with Jodie Foster.





Hi, List,

I vote for "Big Trouble in Little China". I can watch it over & over & still laugh out loud. Also "The Circus of Dr. Lao" (or it might be "The 7 Faces of Dr. Lao"--I can never remember) Anyway, Tony Randall plays all the parts. And for me the all-time best cheesy spiritual movie EVER is "The Gods Must Be Crazy".

Have fun,



on films:

watched PI a few years ago and it amazed me [ not only the film, but the syncronicity of it's content with my mind at the time ].

the same directors following film "Requiem for a dream" is also extremely deep in a good way, a much sadder tale, showing almost parallel frustrations in two seemingly opposite situations....

i'd also recommend "altered states" ( especially to those into Terrence MacKenna World )


************** I recommend: "The never ending story" a story about co-creation. "Crouching tiger, hidden dragon" that is my favorite.

that's for now



My favorite movie is The Straight Story -- it's more about grace and the spiritual path than about kundalini but it's wonderful. Holly


I look forward to my movies now. I don't have any time, good bad? I remember telling you all about this movie and I just rented it again and it's the greatest thing: The Legend of Bagger Vance.

The last movie email I wrote said something about Robin Wms. Add Redford to that. Both awakened individuals, K? we don't know, but definitely awakened. Anything they do will have you cryin' -- with joy. Bagger Vance...Junah is Arjuna. Bagger is Krishna. The Story is the Bhagavad Gita...

OK, the MILAGRO BEAN FIELD WAR!!! Yep, Redford again. However, made in New Mexico. God/dess Bless. GOOOOOOOD Movie!

While not "Kundalini" per se, kundalini in the sense that someone has to get it....why not us? Tears help.




No one has mentioned 'Bull Durham'....One of my most favorites! : )

Lady C


Here's one - "Star Trek - Insurrection"; the scene where Anij shows the Captain how to stop time, and then says that it took them centuries to learn that it doesn't take you centuries to learn...



>No one has mentioned 'Bull Durham'....One of my most favorites! : ) >Lady C

or Porky's Revenge II



Has Groundhog Day already been mentioned? A few more . . .

The Umbrellas of Cherbourg
The Princess Bride
Meetings With Remarkable Men
Why Has Bodhi-Dharma Left for the East
and way preceeding the Matrix, Brazil.



star trek.... ohhh... now you're getting on dodgy ground :-)

so, while we're there:

Babylon-5 - for anything ever said by the Vorlon named "Kosh".....

in the words of the series writer M Straczynski: "Is Kosh what he/she/it appears to be?

Kosh is always and forever *exactly* what he appears to be, no less and no more. At the same time, Kosh is absolutely *nothing* like what he appears to be.

These are not contradictory statements. And this is about the straightest answer I've given yet on the subject, believe it or not.

" Martin footer links for polls section
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