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Member Polls and Surveys.

Full Moon Effects.

15 people responded to the full moon poll.

9 people said they were definitely affected.
2 people said they weren't affected
2 people said they used to be affected before self realization but less so or
not at all since.
1 person commented about another's post

Many many thanks to all who took part!

Poll questions:

Are you affected in any way by the full moon?

How does it affect you?

It's a day or two before the full moon something turns me on and just around 7 am in the eastern sky whenever I had looked at, a big safron circle of light then again I look at it when it's out in the middle of the sky almost midnight. The change in mood is quite often mixed with the feelings if sudden bubbling of inner energy I feel and why it is that there is a greater stream of emotions, memories and as if cupid of love bugs me and prompts me to write or carry on with the train of generally positive thoughts and emotions full of love when moon is full.

I think because I have such an abundance of fire in my system, triple fire sign, K and such, the watery aspect of moon energy is not so strong. Interestingly enough, the Aurveydic system recommends full 'moon baths' for my predominantly pitta "fiery" characte to soothe me. I do enjoy that, particulary when the ocean surf is pretty wild at the beach.

I would say that I am
most certianly affected by the phases of the moon. Chakra and K activity do happen throughout the cycle, but they seem more intense around and just after the full moon.... There are tangable signes of K throughout the
month but they tend to be stronger around the "three days of the full moon."
This would be the full moon in leo ! Lions eat fish and I'm a pisces.
I used to be more affected by the full moon than I am now( After Self-realization).

| Are you affected in any way by the full moon?

I am not aware of that yet.

Yes, I have very strong energy rushes at night when the moon is full. And, excuse me for getting personal here, I've noticed that K is MUCH stronger when I am on my period. The two seem to be closely related.

Hell, Yeah!
Different every time.. this time is was fuzzy-mind, restless, introverted and unable to write, impatient with myself for not getting anything done, but not enough focus and motivation to do anything....

so funny that you ask this. I just asked my husband not 20
minutes ago when the full moon was because I am feeling so...... like it's the full moon. Hard to explain. ....I feel very full of energy.
Often my solar plexus area feels full. Exercise and writing about things < that I
feel strongly about seems to help. ....I often have a feeling of extremes. On one hand so thankful for things around me and on the other, worked up and angry
about other things- sometimes at the same time. I seem to be able to focus very strongly on things. I also bounce around as it feels like I am doing with this email.

<< I often have a feeling of extremes. >>

That is exactly it.

I find my "energy" usually is *much* stronger during the full moon. I also seem to be less able to concentrate--perhaps too stoned. :) Oddly enough, I'm more *aware* of the moon effect now than I was at the beginning.

Not anymore, since I now play with energies and forces in freedom and< independent of the usual conditions and conditionalities.
The play does not increase or decrease the universal energy the source of which now is tapped directly....I do know that it affects my clients, so indirectly I am affected by being busier....Depressions in my clients appear to be deeper, or their application of solutions appear to be more energetic.
I always find that changes that ppl. go through during full moon are not superficial but work deeper and farther.

Sounds familiar. My "fuzz-brain" status makes it impossible for me to accomplish anything. I also find it impossible to focus my energy on one thing, and as a result I tend to start several things , but finish nothing. I have absolutely no self-discipline , and seem to want instant gratification far more than usual. I tend to blame the moon for my compulsive/impulsive shopping binges too

Up until know I haven't noticed my reactions related to the moon cycle.
Thought if I believed the moon influence, I'd be externalizing responsibility of my action[s] to an outside influence. Now...I am convinced that every object in my environment affects me. The moon, the sun, the cosmos, the grass are all intersecting with my energy and influencing me....Great insights over the past few days but words don't express appropriately. Like bringing a beautiful energy down and freezing in "word matter."
...Moon has brought healing. Wrote someone I haven't spoken to in
years....Feeling free. Freer than free. No longer have this weirdness in the closet of my memories. Beautiful moon freed me.

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