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Member Polls and Surveys.

Member poll

Time for another fun wacky member poll! Answer all or some of the questions, as you please!

1) What drew you to join this list? When did you join?
2) What do you like best about it?
3) What do you wish were different?
4) Are you awakened? Share your story.
5) If you were to add anything to the list website, what would it be? 6) Are you a lurker or do you like to post? What value do you find in each?
7) Are you on other lists? Which ones? What are your favorites, and why?
8) Would you like to have regularly scheduled chat parties? When?
9) What do you see as the end goal of the Kundalini process?
10) How do you define enlightenment?
11) How do you define self realization?


1. Joined 13/6/2001. A day after my own awakening.

I had a hint it was Kundalini. For some unknown reason the day before I received Serpent Power by Arthur Avalon. I felt a stirring for a while. In an unguided meditation at a Buddhist centre she (K) knocked me senseless. I believe anyone can awaken to K if they are ready.

2. The commune, the sharing and support of all involved. Without this list and specifically you (MAS) I cannot imagine where I would be. I have so much to be thankful of.

3. Everything is perfect :)

If anything, I do miss the humour and poetry of DB but knew he had to be moderated. There were many giggles and tomfoolery in that time but I know there were limits.


5. The Kundalini Teacher website is great. I can't say for this one as don't look too often. The archives are the most useful thing in my experience.

6. I think from participating, people will find more out about themselves and gain more than just lurking. I guess some are afraid to open up and share there ideas. I think there's a lot of wise souls here and there is room for massive growth if people can dive in.

7. Well I joined a few over the years...

NDS, HarshaSatsangh, Kundalini, Distant Healing, EgoDeath, GlbalHealingWeave, InnerSun, K_goddess, Kundalini_Reiki, KundaliniHeat, KundaliniYoga, KYTraining, MET, MT-newbies, ND Highlights, SacredKundalini, TheDevinePath, Kundalini Sex
Some of these I joined out of curiosity and desire to learn when there tended to be cross-posting about a year or two ago on the Yahoo Groups K-List.
I rarely look at most of them now.
The MET ones I was learning a long time ago. There a great way of releasing unwanted patterns but surrender seems more appropriate now.
My exploration has definitely moved into Tantra and goddess wants me to explore BDSM. Recent synchronicities have been astounding. My partner is what I've been informed as Asia's No.1 Dominatrix (in terms of skill and experience).
I'd love a list to do with Tantra (Kundalini Sex maybe) and also would like to understand more of Tummo.
8. Yes. Once a month would be great.

9. Enlightenment. Letting going of what isn't real.

10. To be change.

11. No-self realized.



1) 1996 -- wanted to understand what was happening to me

2) It's a safe place with lots of love around

3) nothing

4) "spontaneous" awakening owing to multiple and varied losses combined with t'ai chi practice

5) no ideas come to mind

6) both, at times. I lurk to read what I need to know on any given day and to read the posts of old friends. I post to find out what I think.

7) ND highlights, Harshasatsangh, Other Syntax. Enjoy reading various traditions.

8) My patience for the computer is extremely limited -- probably would not participate!

9) I don't know. Sometimes feel it might be transformation of the human race.

10) What begins at the moment of self-realization.

11) Seeing the insubstantiality of the personal self.



1) I was drawn to this list through a series of synchronicity.....I joined the list because I was looking for more information about k-awakening. I wasn't sure at the time if I was k-awakened, and I wanted more feedback about the process.

2) The openness, intelligence and wisdom of many of the members. I like that when you have a question, there's usually someone who knows the answer, or at the very least can give information to help answer the question. I appreciate that there's fewer list wars these days :) I enjoy the energy of the list.

3) More posting!! People don't seem to post as frequently these days.

4) I am awakened. In early 2002, I was meditating in bed, just relaxing and letting it all go. Suddenly my consciousness went to a place with a dark sky and grey rock formations all around me, hills and caves and such. A great wyrm came out of a cave and as I looked into its huge serpentine eyes, I was sucked into the dragon's eyes and into its body.....Shakti devouring me. Then a huge stone lingam rose from the earth, and the dragon/serpent/wyrm coiled itself three and a half times around the lingam. Then it slithered upward until it was standing on top of the lingam, breathing fire into the sky. As it breathed fire upward, I felt an overwhelming rush of power, strength, and k-fire. I had the sensation that I was expelling a huge amount of negative energy from my body as the wyrm breathed fire. I had this strange sensation of being all-powerful and infinitely strong..and it unnerved me, so I came back to regular consciousness. Shortly thereafter, I got some strange physical symptoms....throbbing/itching tailbone, infections, what felt like swollen organs in my abdominal cavity, heat in my lower body, insane sex drive. - couldn't switch it off if I wanted to!

Later that week, my friend and I were listening to the song 'Sister Awake' by the Tea Party. I said, 'Sure makes the kundalini rise, doesn't it?' She asked 'What's kundalini?' I said, 'I really don't know - I'll look it up on the internet'. So i went to a search engine, found and and joined this list. My kundalini still goes nuts when I listen to certain Tea Party songs.

5) A more detailed search engine for the archives. An engine where you can choose 'any of the words' or 'all of the words in this order' or 'some of the words' know. An advanced search engine! Its difficult sometimes to wade through a hundred posts to find what you're looking for.

6) I lurk for periods, post for others. I lurk when I have nothing to contribute or don't feel like sharing. I post for the opposite reasons. The value in lurking for me comes when I need to pull my energy inwards - there are times when the k-list inexplicably irks me. There have been previous discussions about the group shakti sometimes bringing up heavy issues to be cleared, and that's probably it. So when I feel that way, I lurk. The value in posting is that I get to share my experiences and thoughts, or get to ask/answer questions.

7) I am on the k-sex list. I was on k-goddess, which I believe is gone now. I was on kundalini tantra, kundalini reiki, HarshaSatsang, k_foodfights. These days I am only on this list and k_sex. The other lists I tried just didn't jive with me. I really miss k_goddess, and wouldn't mind seeing it come back, as I mentioned before. The k-sex list is nice.....but I'd like a more intimate space where k-awakened people can discuss BDSM, fetish, kink, know, the 'darker' stuff. For some reason, I don't feel comfortable discussing these things much on k-sex.....probably because it's a yahoo list with hundreds of members. If I'm going to discuss really intimate, graphic stuff I'd prefer to do so in a smaller, safer space, I guess.

8) I'd love to!! Anytime of the month is good.....I guess weekends are better for most. Later in the day is good too. Maybe once or twice a month?

9) I really don't know. Being more or less permanently grounded, I guess.....having inner peace. Enlightenment.

10) Being grounded and at peace permanently.

11) I don't. Self realization is a mystery to me. I've read lots about it, heard lots of people talk about it.....but I don't fully grasp the concept. I'll let other people define it here!

Whymsical Zepher


1) I joined summer 03. It was the sense of community, the quality of the posts, their depth and the apparent integrity and honesty of the posters that drew me!

2) I feel the quality of the posts and the K-list is a direct result of Mystress Angelique Serpent's and Hillary's (and any other moderators currently unknown to me ) own qualities that draw similar from the posters.

3) Print a little larger on the web site, and heavier on the K-list. here I betray my age, LOL! (I have already got my browser set to show print as large, BTW.

4) I don't know, is the honest answer, but something is happening. Dreams of snakes under my bed, lying straight and aligned with my spine, head at my head, tail end at mine :) Bitten on my inside left leg near top by snake. Bolts of lightning running down by my body woke me and stabbed my left big toe, which has remained numb ever since.

There is a pulsing in my spine; and sometimes sparkling energy goes up some way, memorably once all the way. Tingling swirling energy comes and goes, reading K-list triggers it, meditating also. Once memorably during a thunderstorm, I felt this energy build up and up before each lightning flash. The storm was over three miles away, I wonder what would have happened if it had been closer!

I am up against big blocks, though. The stunning headaches I have occasionally had, for a short while every time I meditated on the sacral chacra I would instantly throw up. The restrictions in my throat and now my eyesight problems, so easily dismissed as physical but when three different aspects, lens, retina and optic nerve all go wrong at the same time and affect only the top right hand area of vision of the right eye, it is time to look at what I'm blocking there, LOL!!!

6) For ages I did lurk timidly at the edge of the K-list 'pool' trying to get up courage to plunge in :)
Mystress Angelique Serpent kindly told me I could freely lurk until I felt ready to take the plunge, no hurry. I immediately felt welcomed and safe and accepted for who I am, thanks for that!

7) I am on no other Kundalini list; this one is just fine for me!

9) To radiate light and love and to be able to help others to do the same.

10) En-LIGHT-enment .filled with light, literally.

11) I suppose fully awake, in the Gurgjieffien sense, has to be a part of it and aware on all levels.tuned in to the infinite Wisdom, and having resolved the self with a small s!

Love to all


1) Wanted to draw in other peoples experiences to see if anybody else was having the same problems I was. Make new friends too.

2) The sharing of experiences.

3) Can't really think of anything.

4) No...not yet, but I will be soon;)

5) Can't think of anything.

6) A little of both. Just depends on mood I'm in I guess.

7) No, just this one.

8) Yes, every other weekend.

9) There is no end goal. We are all in a state of perfection it is a never ending task so we never get bored.

10) Not really sure.

11) I think when you finally realize the true "I am."



1) During a whacky few weeks of strange occurrences, I did some research and found out about K. After I uncovered the name of what was messing with me, I did some searching and luckily found the K-List website. It's been some time now, so now I have no idea when I joined but I'm sure it's on my profile.

2) The many unique friends with many unique experiences and stories. I also like the way that when I need assistance, people chip in their words that have always helped sort things out. K in nature is very frantic(or maybe just for me), thus at any given time I will most likely have a new question needing answering.

3) I like it just the way it is.

4) Yes, I'm awakened but not stable. My story is long and drawn out, so I won't bother, but it's on my profile.

5) I like the site just the way it is.

6) I do a bit of both. Sometimes I like to just read other posts to make sure I'm not missing something important(like new realizations to further advance K research and development), and sometimes I have one insipid-to few annoying-to many nagging yet tedious problems that I could end up seeming like one of those fish that suck to the side of the fish tank and don't leave for several hours.

7) Nope. The K-List is the only list I find appropriately beneficial specifically to my problems. It is the only necessary list that I can find.

8) At this point in the year, and so close to finishing my book, I really can't say I'm up for chats, but other times in the year it would seem like a fine idea. For this time of year, though, I find the regular list a perfect symposium of K-powered friends.

9) Give a moment to hunt down someone who's found the limit of the K evolution, and I'll get back to you. :)

10) When those little moments of peace, where you feel that everything around you is meant to make you happy and invite you to do something crazy but without fear, when those moments are every second of the day, I think that could possibly be enlightenment. Also, when a sudden purpose comes to you without outside suggestion, and you feel the strength and power to reach that purpose, I believe that(and maybe the other one too) is possibly enlightenment.

11) When you feel yourself finally cut the chain of humanity and become your own being. When you see people in a crowd and recognize that you are not them or one of them, but that you are a unique power, walking amongst creatures who are still being weighed down by humanity.

Just thoughts from yours truly, One Man Alone.


1) I had been given this site from a random chatter on some spiritual chat when it related to something in our discussion

2) The Posts, interesting people, experiences, and reflections

3) *shrugs*

4) Umm... not really... maybe??? My feet tingle sometimes lol

5) maybe more meditations and more art (visual, literary or maybe even sound)

6) At first was a frenatic poster for a little while going me me me!! Kinda doing the attention thing. now I lurk happily as I try and sift things out.

7) Was on K-sex, kundalini-yoga, and some other kundalini one that no one really posts too... at least not like here

8) yeah, would love em, (if I don't end up talking too much) wekkends or later at night (EST) would be good for me.

9) Umm... perhaps a lightness of heart or mind, or of heart mind body yadda yadda... an evolution of sorts

10) the pieces fit together

11) I don't really know... Thich Nhat Hahn said it better: "Please call me by my true names, So I can hear all my cries and laughs at once, So I can see that my pain and my joy are one."



1)I joined recently 1-2 month back.This Sept I felt in the root spine energy channel opening after warm rushes of energy upwards to my crown.I have been practising Kriya yoga for the past 1 year.Then I began hunting for the info on the net n found this list.Now Kundalini is awakened n I can feel it up to my Heart Chakra

2)A lot of info on practical experiences of the members n some other info on astro significant events.

3)I like it as it is.

4) As I wrote before partially awakened n want to be fully realised.Can anybody suggest some things?

5) Nothing particular.

6) I like to lurk as well as post also,but m facing this problem of spam filter of the list ,not accepting my mails.

7) I m not on any other list.

8) No,Don't have time.

9) Self Realisation.

10) Expanding self consciosness into cosmic consciousness n having visualising God.

11) Same as above.



1) I joined somewhere in 1997, after a conversation with an online friend who mentioned the word "kundalini" in response to some experiences I described. I found Bill Peay's KRC website, and the K-list, which at that time was on

2)I like the diversity, the conversational quality of the list, and the even-handedness of the moderators. Other lists try to write a lot of dogma and doctrine into the kundalini experience, and I find that very confining.

3) Don't know...perhaps a better signal to noise ratio sometimes, but it's also valid to suggest that times when the signal is out of phase with my expectations, it's in phase with someone else's.

4) I'm awake but frequently daydreaming.

5) No suggestions on what to add, but thanks for asking.

6) Currently a lurker, but trying to post a little more often. Lurking is like people-watching -- one learns a lot and risks little. Of course, the reward isn't as great, and one doesn't doesn't engage fully, but it also makes sense to lurk until one learns the basics.

For my part, I lurk to stay in touch. I don't have much to say these days (at least not much that's intelligent), but if anyone would like to contact me, I'm here.

7) I don't have time for other lists.

8) It would be terrific to chat. Monthly, on a given weekend, sounds fine.

9)There's a goal?



1) I'd never found anyone else to talk about this stuff with before. I joined a few months ago.

2) Generally positive, upbeat people.

3) I wish I could help the people who are in pain in some way. I never before imagined that there were so many people out there who have what appear to be painful, maybe premature K-awakenings. Compared to my own experiences, many people appear to be stuck on "Mr. Frogs Wild Ride". I don't think it's supposed to be that way.

4) Does anyone say no??? (heh, heh) I had some pretty cool spiritual experiences starting at age 16 or so. I'm

43 now and it just keeps going. I have had fairly continuous Kundalini stimulation in my upper 4 chakras for about 19 years through a type of yogic mediation which I found for myself and practice fairly regularly.

5) More visual art depicting what's going on with energy in our bodies and how to fix problems. I'm a visual kind of guy, but I'm definitely not an artist. I wish I could depict what I see though, if it would help others in any way.

6)Both. Hopefully my posts provide a viewpoint which is thought provoking or informative to someone. And I learn from others.

7) I'm active on the forums of , specifically one called "Psychic Self Defense". It is all about protecting and ridding yourself from malicious astral entities and psychic attacks. I have quite a bit of experience with that type of stuff and I like to offer help when I can.

8) My time is so limited that I might never be able to connect.

9) For me Kundalini is the Feminine or Mother essence of God. When this Light/Personality rises up the spine it triggers the descent of the Masculine/Father essence from the Higher Self or I Am Presence above. When these energies meet in the heart you have *Father + Mother = Son (Christhood)*. The uniting of these energies in our bodies gradually creates within us a suitable platform for habitation by our Higher Self. The logical conclusion of this process, which can take a number of lifetimes, is the Ascension or graduation into an enormously Higher Consciousness, free forever from further physical embodiments.

10) Understanding that we have the option and the resources to have or be whatever we desire. And then at some point realizing that there is nothing else you would rather be than God.

11)Experiencing the oneness of all life in a samadhi-like situation often enough that you are helpless but to live by a set of values which reflect the truth you now understand.



1) I joined in November or December 1997. I had been K awake for a little over a year, but didn't have online access to the internet at the time. I had done a search for Kundalini on a friend's computer and discovered El Collie's Shared Transformation newsletter which I subscribed to.

I found the k-list via the Kundalini Resource Center. At that time I think a search brought up only two or three pages of info on Kundalini. Now there are 311,000 hits! I'm not sure how I would have responded to such an overwhelming amount of information. I think might have crashed! LOL!

2)The connection with people from all walks of life and from so many different countries and cultures. The fact that people come here with questions and end up giving answers. :)) The sharing of extraordinary experiences. The fact that the list isn't overwhelmed with "canned" posts. The energy that comes from the posts. They still set me off from time to time. :))

3) Perhaps posts from more members. There are over 300 people on the list now, and only a small proportion seem to post. But the lurkers add their own energy. :)

4) Bits and pieces are in the archives...

After about two weeks of doing Hatha Yoga, I began to feel ecstatic and blissful waves of "energy" surging through my body and brain. This was in Sept. 1996 and I was 55.
Around this same time I was also enjoying discussions of new age philosophies with a recent acquaintance. The combination seems to have set me off. The experiences have been virtually daily since they began, and with more powerful episodes occurring at night. It's calmed down a bit, but I still I feel waves of energy and occasionally ‘Zaps’ up the spine which explode ecstatically in the brain.

>From my journal:

"9/17/1996; start rushing 9/24/96; so strong tell them STOP; 9/25/96 continue incredible rushes... like my body is made up of strings that vibrate until the vibration reaches my brain, sending it spinning into ether and beyond. What is going on? Like orgasm but in the brain. Is it in part due to the Yoga? or Melatonin? I wake up 2-3 times a night in this state and I don't want it to stop. 9/26/96 still rushing all night long. quiet morning. tea time. My mind will not hold onto it. 9/29 dreamt… with fireworks all night long... more than rushes Top of head exploding. Surprised I'm not tired in the morning.... I don't feel mystically inclined except that it is all mystically centered somewhere in the brain. Never felt anything quite so powerful except for LSD. "

5) Maybe a faces section for those who aren't shy..

6) I enjoy lurking, but can't seem to resist posting! :) Even after six years I find the various experiences fascinating.

7) I'm on a number of lists, but seldom if ever post and I'm No mail for most of them. I lurked on Kundaliniyoga list for a while and I recently subscribed to Kundalini list at yahoo. I used to be on Mareens' list (SacredKundalini) and Colette's list, but I seldom stay on any other list for long.

I occasionally look in on eheshare list and HarshaSatsangh to see how old friends are doing. I miss hearing from David too! :)) Harsha is a love.

Eheshare is sometimes interesting because it is academically/scientifically oriented. Other lists: kundalini_p , (very quiet!) , kundalini_sex, RavensAndDoves, ThePowerofNow, voxhermes Not sure what the last two are! :))

But the K-list I consider home.

8) I've never been comfortable with chat. Too fast paced for me :)

9)Chop wood carry water. Coming back down to earth. No end, really. (Just my opinion.)

10)The joy of discovering that love is all there is and you are it. That it's enough simply to BE. The realization that everything is as it should be and always has been. Cosmic joy.

11) The discovery that one's true nature is bliss and that we seem to be more than what we appear to be. Remembering...



1) Someone on a Reiki yahoo group told me about the list after I started going through some strange times. I think that was earlier this year, May or June.

2) I think the stories/experiences that people post.

3) Everything is cool. Can't think of any changes that need doing.

4) I think i've been awakened for quite a while but I don't know when it started. The time when I had really painful feelings is when I say it started. That was about 2 years ago when I didn't know about kundalini.

5) Maybe a Flash intro :)

6) I'm usually lurking. Sometimes I type out a post and then delete it, because it just feels wrong. Not that it's wrong to post, I just don't usually have much to say and if I did say something, it wouldn't mean much... or it would mean too much.

7) Nope.

8) Yeah that would be good. Whenever is easiest for whoever, maybe every month or so.

9) A big party :) everyone is invited.

See ya,



1) -It was to know about K . I dont remember maybe 4 or 5 years back

2) - Reading Mystress' emails explaining things , also Susan's . Everyones K experiences are also very dear .

3) - Nothing , except sometimes when people seem to gang up to attack a person & then the person leaves the group .

4) - No

5) - Cant thik of anything

6) - I lurk , i am only in learn mode .I dont have anything to say to benefit others .

7) - Yes . Kundalini, Sacred Kundalini ,Ksex . I like Klist & Ksex . I like what gets written , feels true .

8) - I would like be in them . But i dont know what i could speak about

9) - Evolution to greater levels, connect with various energies & explore & maybe mastering them all.

10) - Wisdom & understanding about the working of everything in the universe & being in harmony .

11)- Knowing oneself fully & our connection with all around & mastering all aspects of oneself



1) Pure synchronicity. I was always curious about Kundalini. My parents would talk about it when I was a child. They seemed fearful of it though. After I came to the USA in 1995, I seemed to have totally forgotten about Kundalini. Then, at the end of November of 2001, it came to my mind like a lightning strike and I felt compelled to do a google search and ended up finding this list (still a Yahoo group).

2) The loads of information and the openness of the members.

3) Nothing.

4) I don't think so. And I also don't understand what draws me to learning more about this energy.

5) I can't think of anything right now.

6) I'm a lurker simply because I don't see how I can contribute to this list. I have learned and grown a lot though through simply reading the great posts I find on this list. I read all of Angelique's posts and most of Jason, Hillary, Hety, Bhavin and others. Many are saved on a folder. Many served as validation (particularly Angelique's) Thank you Mystress for your dedication to this list and willingness to share your knowledge with us all.

7) No. I had the intuition a while back that I only needed this list for spiritual purposes.

8) I'd love to participate but I still don't know how I can contribute.

9) Is there an end to it? I have the impression that there isn't. It seems like an ongoing thing. Like the seasons.

10) A deep (non-intellectual) knowledge of the interconnectedness of all things. Of the oneness of it all.

11) The knowledge of who one is spiritually.


"Spiritual seekers look for self-realization or enlightenment in the future. To be a seeker implies that you need the future. If this is what you believe, it becomes true for you: you will need time until you realize that you don't need time to be who you are."
---Eckhart Tolle


1) I was looking for others going through the same thing, and this popped up.

2) It allows for expression of process that may not be appropriate or accepted other places.

3) Not much. Not enough notifications of chat times, but then again I catch the ones that do come by a couple days later. lol

4)I was blessed with a very compassionate teacher under the kashmir shaivist tradition. Was doubly lucky - his teacher was cognizant of both hindu and western culture variables, and the teaching allowed me to be who I am in life while learning how to wake up. The initial awakening was as gentle as I've ever heard, but the point of rebirth was the proverbial molten lead through the spine, ending with exploding into infinity. I'm still learning compassion and the way of Goddess; seems that that's where my feet are leading me now...

5) It's enough; I tend to get more out of the dynamics of interchange through this format.

6) I post when I need to put something out, which is rarely. I like to read others' posts to see similarities and find others' perceptions in what I'm experiencing or have experienced.

7) Ritual Magick, but I like this more - it's like comparing a biochemistry class to an outdoors botany one - in one you're analyzing, and the other, you're interacting with life.

8) I'm for it; times are difficult though - like others who enjoy this forum, my time for personal growth is gathered in little gasps of spiritual air.

9) Hehe. Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream. It's like asking an evolutionist what the end goal of evolution is.



1) A few months ago.

I'd started practicing kundalini yoga again, this time from a book. Then I read on the internet that the author's guru was surrounded by controvacy and it put me off, so I wanted to see what others thought about it. Then I became interested in what was being posted on the list and decided to hang about.

2) I find the posts to be interesting, mostly because they are quite weird

3) I was a bit surprised by the perception of the members of the list. I didn't make an introductory post (this being the first list I joined I don't know the etiquette), but I certainly didn't feel this welcoming support that others talk of. In fact I have been about to leave many times. I feel petty to even bother to mention it, but it is just my perception. Basically I feel that unless I agree with the prevailing mood of the list, then what I have to say or ask will not be accepted or even considered. I find there are so many contradictions between what members say about what they have realised compared with how they actually act on the list. For instance, although I find that living from the gut, rather than the head, is more beneficial for one's life in many instances, I find that many members talk down to others for intellectualising. Yet surely typing words out to talk about your experiences and debate certain concepts requires some form of intellectualisation and playing with words!

4) No.

6) Since I am not awakened (?) I do not post as I feel that I'm not sure what I would say and doubt its value, I also think I would get a lot of stick (or no response) from other members if I actually say what I thought (like now), or asked the questions I would really like to ask (really basic things that I don't understand about kundalini, but htat I am interested in).

7) No

10) Freedom; experiencing the reality of the universe.

11) The same



1) Been trying for almost one year to understand what was happening to me and so joined several yahoo groups. Was told there that I had a 'pre mature' kundalini awakening. Decided to check the term on google. I joined less than 2 weeks ago

2) this is the first list where I feel I can speak freely about my experiences without censoring myself. Feels great to meet people that can relate to what I am feeling.

3) Can't think of anything yet

4) I have spoken about my experiences in very recent posts, and was told I had 'a spiritual awakening' by Angelique. I feel I am in the process of being awakened, not awakened yet. To me, to be awakened implies much more than just feeling energy beams in my head and having had visions

5) I find the website very good as it is. Angelique's teacher kundalini site is incredible by its quality.

6) I prefer to post, having many questions related to my specific experience. I have much to learn and I also gain from reading others

7) I am on a few lists. My favorite one is Sri Ramakrishna because of the pure spirituality of its group members. I like this.

8) Yes I would. On saturdays (I live in France, so to be able to cope with time differences)

9) I asked this question in a previous post. I really don't know, but I read all your answers with great interest

10) How do you define enlightenment to adapt to 'reality', to see things as they are without our mental biases. Sense of compassion towards all living beings

11)get rid of the ego, live as One in God/ Goddess



1)I joined this summer (2003). I have practised meditation for a while, and are a seeker. I started getting strange sensations in my head, and soon after on other places on my body. (Other things also happened the same period) After Gooooogling over and over, i ended up with Kundalini (wich I had barely heard about). After some convincing & nice replies on my first post here, I decided not to go to a doctor ;)

2) Variety of people/backgrounds, some of them quite helpful.

3) Nothing

4) No, but had "glimses" of what to expect.

5) Nothing

6)I post whenever I feel its apropriate. There are times I'd like to post questions, but at the same time I kinda know I will figure it out on my own. Though I know answers to my questions may be helpful to others ;) (one foot on land, the other in the boat)

7) No

8)Yes, could be nice. Why not rig a channel on i.e Undernet ?

9) I dont know. Maybe there is something after Kundalini, and after that again.. and after that again. I take day by day.

10)End of suffering ? :)

11) ...



1) K woke up when I took a Qi Gong class. I was waking in the middle of the night with stomach muscles aching from wanting to contract, and during the day had horrendous back aches from it. A psychic told me my heart chakra was opening & that awakening K was responsible for the muscle spasms. Once I had a name for what ailed me I searched the Web for help. This list came up & I was immediately made welcome here-- about a year & a half ago.

2) The wisdom & compassion of the members, especially of Mystress Angelique and Hillary, but also many others, some who have left the list now. There are ups & downs, as everyone here is human, but on the whole people here share from the heart. There is always much to learn from everyone; even a negative reaction to someone on my part is an insight into my own thought processes.

3) Nothing the list can fix. I need to change my own circumstances.

4)See above.

5) I'll go along with someone else who suggested a different search engine. Other than that I like it just fine.

6) I mostly lurk these days, due to limited time available to me for surfing, etc. I don't have my own computer & usually read the K list over lunch at my work. But I love reading it every day & feel something is out of sync in my day if I miss it.

7) No others. This one is all I can handle.

8) Probably couldn't attend, but a great idea!

9) It seems to be to bring a person into nonduality. Beyond that I have no idea.

10) I'm still working on a definition. It has to do with living in the nondual state and approaching all beings with compassion.

11)Still working on this one too.

Wishing you all the sunshine & lovely snow I am enjoying this week,



1) I joined last month as a result of recently becoming interested in expanding my spiritual knowledge, specifically eastern thought.

2) Learning from the members posts

3) Nothing

4) No, at least I don't think so, and therefore, I most likely am not.

5) Nothing

6) This is just my second time responding. I don't feel I have much to share


8)I am interested in meeting other like-minded people, both on-line and in person

9) I hope to gain some perspective on life.

10) Truly seeing the big picture

11) Truly understanding your role in the big picture.



1) i originally joined the list to read posts by Mystress Angelique Serpent in early 1998...

2) but being a part of this wonderful community became what i love most about it... i've made such great friendships here...

3) i can never get enough of Mystress's posts... so, speaking greedily, i would love to hear from her even more...

4) aside from writing a long history, it's already been said better than i could say it now... so i will use a quote from a song:v "sometimes the light's all shining on me...
other time i can hardly see..
lately it occurs to me...
what a long, strange trip it's been..."
("Truckin'" - The Grateful Dead)

5) a faster search engine, if it ever becomes possible...

6) lately i'm more of a lurker... it is hard for me to type... i miss posting because it makes me feel more connected to my friends here..

7) Kundalini-sex (adult only), Kundalini-at-yahoo, K-Goddess and domf (bdsm-adult only), K-911 and K-politics, Solar-Heart... this K-Gateway is my favorite group for the reason mentioned above, and Kundalini-sex is my next favorite...

8) i have trouble keeping up with chat, so rarely join.. but weekly or bi-weekly seems optimal to me...

9) the beginning of it... in other words, no goal, just the playful drama of evolution/devolution.. God/Goddess's sexual ecstasy...


11) i don't usually like to use the terms... i just feel we keep awakening from dreams within dreams.. some folks do seem more awake than others... but there is little reason to judge and compare...

warmly and lovingly,

John Percyval


1) March/2003 Eight months ago. I started to experience spontaneous yoga and wanted to know what was going on and compare it with others experiences. It was a matter of time until I found this list. At first I thought it was abandoned, but later on I discovered that there was still life in here. :).

2) I think the average level of inner understanding is high compared with the rest of the lists I have found.

3) It is cool like it is.

4) There are pieces of my history all along this last months of the archives. But in short it was to discover that life wasn?t worh if it was going to be only pain and suffering. It gave me the resolution to let go everything and finally die ( metaphorically).

5) I like it the way it is. It could be, I would like to see the faces of the people. Somo photos. But it?s all right like this.

6) I usually enjoy a lot posting. But I respect all the people who just lurk. I don?t like to be forced to make any kind of presentation.

7) I used to be in some other list but I have gradually cutted from them, right now I usually check this one, kundaliniheat, laKundalini, and kundalini-survival forum.

8) It would be interesting but I?m not sure of what would be the result.

9) Harmony and inner strenght.

10) Understanding that just being is the best thing you can do in your live.

11) Once you are elightened (you understand you have to let go everything ) you start the process of ego-disolution. This trigger a smooth and spontaneous kundalini process who purifies your body and mind. When this comes to the end you are self-realized. In other words, when you go back to the healthy natural state we should all enjoy by birth right.




1) I think it was the domin8rex site. Early 1996 I believe, maybe February of that year? I found the list at a time when I had been going thru the death of me for about two years.

2) The resonance I felt in the beginning was such a blessing. I've always been outside the box and this place, though I wasn't 'inside' its box, was the nectar of life I was in great need of.

3) Its always different. It waxes and wanes like the moon. (Nothing)

4) Awake and watchful. But ignorant of any story to tell. This list put names and descriptions on the things that happen to me that I had previously chalked up to my craziness.

5) I don't know. Over the years the site has been a hugh resource for me.

6)Lurker to the core. Every one in awhile I respond to polls - but that's about it.

7) Solar Heart - used to be on ksex but don't know what happened to it.

8) I would only be able to do them sporadically, and late at nite, as always, but they are such fun I'd recommend them to anyone who hasn't experienced one.

9) I don't think there is an end goal - I think its all about Goddess experiencing Self.

10) Recognizing the dream within the dream, maybe.

11) Awareness of the Essence - its something that is felt within, though its bigger, and right behind the eyes.

: ) I'm celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow and with life's mirrors showing me how incredibly blessed I am, I in turn want to offer blessings to all of you.


Lady C


1) ;-) I was totally convinced that I was an "Indigo." So many strange things happening to me and whenever I'd close my eyes I'd see the colors blue and indigo. Believe I joined the list in 2001, but not sure. I kept searching the internet in order to find something that would explain how I felt.

2) That everyone in various ways shares many or all of the experiences I've experienced.

3) Not much I can think of.

4) I believe I am. The story began almost from the time I was aware as a child. Somehow I feel I've always had something going on with me, which I considered "normal" until I found out it wasn't! ;-) The crescendo came about in 2000 when I was attacked by a monster-demon (who I decided was me) after which I initiated my spiritual search in earnest.

5) It seems pretty complete to me.

6) Oh, I post when something hits me. Otherwise I lurk. Lately I've been so busy I just can't post until time comes available.

7) I used to belong to other lists, but now it's only this one.

8) My schedule probably wouldn't allow for chats. I'm pretty shy when it comes to that sort of thing. Good idea, tho'.

9) A conscious decision to come back -- or not to come back -- to this human and earthly existence.

10) Perhaps to know that we don't have the capacity, as human beings, to know all there is, but to be given enough glimpses into All There Is to find peace on this earth.

11) To have an active participation with "The Watcher," in order to laugh at our human-ness and our ego's mistakes!

What a great poll, Mystress! Well done!




1) Goddess must have led me to this list (6 months or so ago) and initially I posted on kundalini yoga list asking about sensations I was having. Had no idea it was k symptoms at that time and asked for some advice. The moderator said he couldnt post my enquiry as it would scare the other members on the list. It was just a simple enquiry I was asking, asking what the shaking and jolting might be during meditation. Anyway, after feeling much rejection, I found this list and it has been a real blessing. He also said that I should not refer to it as 'k' as it was not reverent. Ouch..

2) Reading the experiences of others. The compassion, the wisdom. The warmth. It is very supportive, just knowing others are going through similar things. Invaluable. I have learnt lots.

3) Not much I can think of.

4) Well I know I have been asleep, so maybe that makes me awakened.

5) Cant think of anything thats not there

6) Mostly lurk although I have posted. Have also privately messaged a few people who have been very warm, welcoming, genuine, helpful and receptive.

7) I am on k - sex, centre of friends, osho. This is my favourate. Always look forward to postings every day.

8) yes please .. anytime

9) Perhaps the journey is the goal


11) when there is nothing more to realise

Love you all, Maria -x-


1) I read some of the postings in your archives and decided to join - that was just this past September.

2)I like the fact that it seems to be an open forum and the moderator is very kind and supportive.

3) Nothing at present.

4) I've had experiences that go all the way back to early childhood. The K-energy has always been there but I never paid any special attention to it - I thought everyone had it. A couple of years ago (at age 50) I started having spontaneous orgasms (no hands!) and OBE's (in greater frequency and intensity than ever before) as well as some of the physical complaints that many of your contributors have talked about. I've also struck spontaneous yoga asanas and have learned (don't ask me how) to adjust spinal blockages due to pain and/or negativity. I've always had an interest in the occult, nature and spirituality but have led a practical and mundane life with no time or inclination toward spiritual disciplines. Until I looked at this web site I figured that most of what I am experiencing was menopausal in nature and expected that most of your posters would be middle-aged women like me. I must say I am surprised to hear from so many men! From what I can gather so far it seems that people who markedly experience kundalini are a small percent of the world population. We also seem to be (or perceive ourselves to be) "outsiders" in relation to the rest of society. Kundalini has no gender preference but I suspect that mostly women acknowledge and talk about it as this energy seems to somehow become unleashed during the years of the onset of the menses and then again at the end of the reproductive cycle - very tough physically. I'm really fascinated by this phenomenon.

> 5) I have nothing to add at present.

> > 6) This is my first post here. I am neither. I'll post if I think I have something constructive to say or contribute.

> > 7) I am on no other lists at this time. I used to participate in an on-line Theosophical book study group. Although structured and comments restricted to the topic of study, I found it educational and interesting. It was well done and the moderators put a lot of energy into it. Unfortunately, the group was eventually discontinued.

> > 8) I have never participated in a live chat room. It might be interesting...I'm open to that. Any time.

9) I have a sneaking suspicion that it is an evolutionary goal and less of an individualized one.

10) I would call it an "epiphany". When you get an inkling of what the truth might be and can begin visualize or try to understand it.

ll)When you have experienced the truth.


Anamaria H


1) I joined the old Yahoo group last year (2002) when I was having a spontaneous Kundlini awakening AKA "the Dark Night of the Soul"

2) I like reading what other members have to say about their Kundalini experiences.... it helps me know that I'm not going insane LOL

3) I wish there was more Magickal discussion.... my awakening had everything to do with Magick.

4) If by awakened you mean the Kundalini burned her way to my Crown Chakra... then yeah ! It all started with a girl... I met this girl... which lead to releasing a 2nd chakra blockage from 20 years ago (fear/repressed sexuality) and then all Hell broke loose... the energy kept rising until it hit the crown.... my head STILL hurts ! All this was happening while I was joining a witches coven and getting involved in the local pagan community. It seems the Goddess pushed me where I've always wanted to be... but I paid a price. I walked into two shadows last year.... a Magickal Shadow as well as a Romantic Shadow.

5) I wish there was a member list, so I could possibly meet other members in NE Ohio.... I'd also like to see a personals section.

6) I used to post a little on the Yahoo Group.... I hope to start again with the list-serve as long as I get used to posting via email.

7) I'm on a bunch of Yahoo Groups dealing with Kundalini / Tantra / Reiki.

8) Maybe so... I'd be interested.... Sunday evening seem the best for me.

9) Since my spontaneous awakening happened only last year... I'm thinking I need to learn how to GENTLY raise the energy into each chakra and explore each one as a start.... I'm still amazed at the heat/energy I'm feeling from people... it's still a strange new world for me. I do see myself practicing Magick.

10) That we create the world around us.... the external world is a creation of the internal.b
Being stripped of ego and of time.

11) Don't know ! I'm just taking things day-by-day and trying to let my life grow organically.

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