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Medical Sensitivity poll


Seven people responded to Laura's poll (with Laura, that makes eight)

Four people said they had become much more sensitive to medication after becoming K awakened. Two said they became sensitive to sugar, and two replied they did not become more sensitive to medication.


Hi folks,

I am thinking this is a k-symptom, am wondering how many of you have this experience???

I have been getting outrageously sensitive to pretty much all medications and drugs and it is getting worse, I mean sensitive to the point of extremely low doses of topical steroid creams that no one should feel, but it jacks me up like i have had 5 cups of coffee (my nose starts to bleed, insomnia, breathing labored, loss of appetite, overwhelmed by sound and people) and i don't even drink 1 cup of coffee since it is too intense of a drug experience that might send me to the emergency room, so when i try to inform the doctor that i am having this reaction to a harmless topical skin cream so i can find out if i should discontinue and how to manage the reaction, she disbelieves me and tries to blame it on psychological/emotional anxiety or paranoia and not an actual physiological response to a drug, yikes, i know my body-mind enough to know a drug induced overload.

has there been a poll on medication sensitivity and how to relate to western doctors?? i did not see one, and if there is one please ignore this message. i have never designed a poll, and don't really know how to collect the responses, but i would love to ask folks:

1) have you become hyper-sensitive to medications and is this related to K? all sorts or specific types?

2) how has this effected your interaction with health professionals?

3) what have you done in response to this sensitivity? found alternative means of treatment, relied upon faith, found k-friendly doctors who understand it, etc?

4) how do you speak to health professionals about your medication sensitivity (so they don't think you are having a head trip and take you seriously)?

two feet on earth,


Good idea for a poll Laura.

> 1) have you become hyper-sensitive to medications and is this related to
> all sorts or specific types?

Whenever I've taken anti-depressants they've had no effect whatsoever even on the most powerful doses. However I had a massive reaction to lithium, which is a difficult drug to take at the best of times as blood has to be monitored for toxicity levels. Even on the mildest starter dose, it made me throw up non stop for 8 days - couldn't even hold drops of water down. Was so weak I had to be carried - even turning over in bed required the most massive effort. When my blood pressure disappeared off the scale (ie none!) they carted me of to casualty with the blue lights to be rehydrated - my blood wasn't even toxic when tested - an 'unheard of' reaction they said....

I have never been so physically ill - |I truly thought I was going to die. Whether this was because of K I can't be sure but since mind body spirit are 'one' then it has to be a factor.

> > 2) how has this effected your interaction with health professionals.

Ha!! For years I've been telling them anti-depressants don't work on me - they never listen.

> 3) what have you done in response to this sensitivity? found alternative
> means of treatment, relied upon faith, found k-friendly doctors who
> understand it, etc?

Relied on faith - illness as natural process etc. In my case depressions come to their natural end. Of course the docs say, well at last so and so drug kicked in .... I know different and I keep telling them but it's like banging your head against a brick wall.

> > 4) how do you speak to health professionals about your medication
> sensitivity (so they don't think you are having a head trip and take you
> seriously)?

They're a bunch of tossers - gross blanket statement of the century but I've seen a lot of docs and shrinks in my time and even the most kind, sensitive, arty ones at the end of the day will not step outside the bio-medical paradigm... Profs prepared to take the spiritual dimension seriously are in a tiny minority - I've yet to be treated by one.

Until they're prepared to take the opinions and experience of the patient seriously I will view them with the contempt that they deserve.


I don't tend to take medication very often, but I find my sensitivity to things like sugar, coffee and pollen growing. The Kundalini burns away a lot of the toxins that have built up over the years, and I find my body rejecting them with greater voracity than ever before.


After my K-experience I got a sugar -allergy. It is not easy in a world where they put sugar in everything. Even in food you do not suspect there is any sugar in ! It is a very cheap filler for manufacturers to put in food. But my body cannot hold that anymore !


I've been trying to figure how to put all of my thoughts into one readable e-mail, since it deals with all of the above topics and my history with migraines, chemical and drug sensitivity and now finally, detox -- and perhaps suggestions for you all on the List who are experiencing the same. So to try and be brief...

My migraines started about eight years ago when I moved to New Mexico and this incredible spiritual center in the Espanola Valley. I believe this was when my K activity started as well. I had never had migraines in sea-level Phila. So I blamed them on the altitude here. Then I blamed them on hormones as I was moving into my 40's. About two years ago I had major surgery that of course included an immersion and diet in drugs...I couldn't take the post-op morphine; I remained totally lucid and the pain didn't abate with higher and higher levels of morphine, until I got to the point of realizing I was going to throw up and burst all the stitches -- PANIC! As my K activity increased the more sensitive I've become to being around chemicals (cigarettes, perfumes, CROWDS (lol)) and the migraines started to become more frequent...OK, here's the interesting part...

I found a kinesiologist in Espanola, who owns the book Power vs Force BTW, and also hosted Kundalini yoga classes in her office space. Wonderful woman.

Well, I thought she was going to tell me I needed black cohosh, vitex, natural know, for the aging process. Nope. My body "told" her that I had overloaded my system with chemicals and had developed a level of toxicity that has me undone. She said to picture a vase full of water and then picture a glass of wine or a room full of people wearing cologne as the drop of water that causes the vase to overflow. As a result of my body telling her the problem I'm currently taking a glandular extract (this may be tough for some vegetarians to take) and folic acid. That's it.

The process hasn't been easy, but I feel much better only after one week. The kinesiologist believes it will relieve the headaches and the lethargy, and allow me to participate more in our "chemical-laden" world. This certainly isn't the answer for everyone, but it may be for some. If you can find a spiritually-oriented kinesiologist in your area, I guarantee you will be able to look into many issues, healthwise and spiritually. Oh, BTW, for the detox process I've been holding off with yoga and meditation...I feel it would be too much of an overload at this time.


I am also very sensitive to medication and respond very quickly and always end up being in the 1% of probability where exceptionnal second effects of hypersensibility is reported. Because of my Fibromyalgia, several doctors have made me try out a great amount of medication. I also had a similar experience with acupuncture. The old chinese doctor I was seeing said that in his whole career he never met a patient who responded so well to his treatments and when they did respond well it was only after several months of treatment when in my case it was after only a few treatments. Plus, he couldn't even use the actual needles but a machine designed for children that is much milder and uses a very gentle electric current and of course, he would put it on the lowest level. I had to stop because the gland related to hypoglicemia was being stimulated and I was getting sick from it. At that point, he had a bit of trouble believing me and thaught it was something I was eating that was causing the hypoglicemia although I assured him that it wasn't the case. So I stopped.


I just wanted to say I have had no problems with any medication sensativity sense I started waking up. Never had any before either. Tylenol has never worked for me--before or after. :^)


Ditto. No medication sensitivities before or after K. I do find that alcohol has a little less effect, though.

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