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Love Poll

Poll Question : How many of us feel that "love" had a part in their *awakening*. I leave the term vague on purpose. I thought it would be interesting to see the variety of ways in which love is defined and experienced in conjunction with K.

Fifteen people answered the poll.

All but two people answered that love had something to do with either their awakening or with their K experience.

For 4 of us a relationship triggered K.

For 5 people *Love* was an integral part of a dramatic Awakening--energy pouring into the body--with such descriptions as "all encompassing gold liquid love," "divine energy," "holy spirit is love," "pouring into myself was love, divine love," "I knew without a doubt that God was love."

For another 4, the experiencing of the energy as love was more gradual, but nonetheless profound, with such descriptions as "pure undiluted unconditional love," "overwhelming sense of joy," "loving everything. "

As a side note, 4 people experienced trauma of some sort before their awakening.

Below are excerpts from people's descriptions...

Not in the beginning. ...After a couple of years I started having attacks of "feeling connected" and kind of loving everything. ...I somewhat "know" or "feel" that Love is the key.

And as I experienced the awakening, the most powerful force that I both experienced pouring into myself was love, divine love, and the most powerful first change that came about in me was an opening of love within me such I had never known before, love for everyone and everything. At times, I seem to just 'glow' with love

In my plea's to God/source I was answered with an all encompassing gold liquid love that went all through my body. It was so intense that words don't really explain the magnitude of the experience. I knew in that moment that God loved me and everyone the same and that I was to love everyone also. The answer is love.

I felt times where I'd stop and just start crying because the love and overwhelming sense of (contentment? joy?) around me.

Love wasn't just a part of my awakening, love was my awakening. I really didn't have a clue what love was until the divine energy poured from the base of my spine, up my back and out the top of my head early one December morning in 1981. I knew without a doubt that God was love, that I was loved, and that salvation was a free gift for all.

... I had an experience where I fell in love with someone. I became them..... it was love that transformed me. The holy spirit is love and I believe it descended upon me.......I was never with the person I fell in love with, but through my own feelings I discovered this connection with the universe....And I do believe the greatest of these is love....

I still don't pretend to know what love is. My awakening came at the time of the breaking down of self-hate. Perhaps it was the beginning of self-love, I don't know.

...when the energy became really noticeable in the heart chakra, the energy itself was felt as nothing but pure and undiluted, unconditonal love... When the energy filled the heart chakra, it was felt as the physical manifestation of love, not sexual attraction or erotic love, but love as a vibration and an energy in itself, god manifested as love and loving, caring and healing energy.

I finally have come to feel that love is what we all are--what the essence of the universe is.

For me love was THE Kundalini thing, it flushed away (pealed off) all the pain, anxieties, anguish and fears. ... To return to love in its original state, I had to get THROUGH the pain. ... It became easier as I became more daring and and started to trust love's real energy as (first) inner strength that was not afraid to expand itself in loving others into (secondly) outer strength, strengthening others.

So anyway, love didn't start it but I ended up with it in everything.

My k began about 8 months after the terribly difficult ending of my last relationship -- one in which l'd forced myself to let go of someone l still really loved. One thing l did which enabled me to move on was intensify my meditation practice, and it wasn't long before k awakened. At the time l looked on it in a way as my reward for having giiven her up. l felt l'd done the right thing, suffered tremendous pain in doing so, and that God was rewarding me for it

No words relating to this experience were spoken between us, but the energy flying around that room (for 10-25 minutes?) would have powered Toronto for a day. It powered me for three months....

I never had seen "love" play any role in my awakening at all. In fact, no emotions were involved in it at all. However, it has been working its way into my life recently, and it's definitely tied to kundalini.

Love love love.. love from the Mother underground when I was two made the love of my physical Mom seem like a joke.. not good enough. ... Love for my first love at age 18 slowly sent me into spiritual winter for a few years, a broken heart from another lost love in 1989? made me desperate and focused enough to set aside my ego and go into the light to talk to angels.. and learning that I wouldn't be getting him back knocked me back to Earth again... but wiser.
Love love love.. what else is there?

Many thanks to you all! footer links for polls section
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