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Member Polls and Surveys.

Levitation Poll

So far, there have been four positive responses--one woman and three men (including the husband of a person on the list).

Some people have asked whether by levitation I mean *actually* lifting off the ground. The answer is yes. :) --although I wonder if perhaps there might be some connection between levitation and OBE's and dreams of flying.

Lesley wrote:

08:55:41 Wed, 2 Feb 2000

>One person after another hopped up off the floor and did it several times. Nothing around them, just a floor cushion they were on. And there was an open invitation to go visit the school. It boggled my mind to see. Try doing this from the Lotus
>position, as I did and see how impossible it is to
>jump up.

I saw this on TV. I was not in the least impressed at the time. After Lesley's post I decided to try my hand. I bounced up from the Lotus position on the first try. It is simply a circus trick using muscles not spirit.

In an interesting book *The Sanctified Body* by Patricia Treece, Treece lists over a dozen cases that have been witnessed and attested to--often by a number of people. Many of these seem credible even taking into consideration mass hysteria, possible fraud, etc. She states:

... Tibetans, Hindus, Moslems, Spiritualists, and Transcendental Meditators join Orthodox and Catholic Christians in claiming levitators. ...If--as perplexing as the thought may be--it appears that human beings do levitate, and that overwhelmingly those who do so are holy, the obvious question is, can we finger the psychospiritual-physical connection between sanctity and levitation?" ...Saints in rapture--and sanctified levitators...always appear enraptured--are bursting with a love that towers over springtime romance the way an elephant looms over an ant. ...isn't it possible the sanctified body, ravished by the love of God, at times breaks through gravity and actually rises in bliss?"

Treece quotes St. Teresa:

"[Rapture] comes, in general, as a shock, quick and sharp, before you can collect your thoughts, or help yourself in any way, and you see and feel it as a cloud, or a strong eagle rising upwards and carrying you away on its wings....I repeat it; you feel yourself carried away you know not whither....(You) feel how delicious it is....(At) times it was impossible to resist at all; my soul was carried away...and now and then the whole body as well, so that it was lifted up from the ground."

If there are any more responses I'll repost my results. I think it is remarkable, though, that we have four levitators here!

The comments:

I do remember having levitated once, was sleeping, woke up, not touching my bed with my covers on me. The fact of realizing that i was levitating, made me crash land on my bed, right away. Like Tom said, never did levitate since, and i do not claim to have the ability to do it on demand.

On the other side, this experience shows that it is possible, and like learning to move the nose or the ear muscle, learning to levitate must be possible. Only great time and effort of concentration must be needed to start to learn to play with those gadgets on the path.

I wonder if learning to moves one ears, helps one to walk or breath with less effort?

My husband experienced spontaneous levitation about 25 years ago during a great emotional and spiritual cleansing. He also had an OBE but has not experienced either since. I wonder if you need the great energy of adolescense combined with very intense emotion?


-Not me, although I have dreamt about it since I was 12.

I have never experienced levitation but I have felt like I was levitating many times. I feel as if I am floating above the ground....above my body. Sometimes I slam back into my body when there is a loud noise or some other distraction. I often think that people who experience levitation are actually doing astral projection of some sort and not actual physical levitation. But who knows? Stranger things have happened.


In ordinary reality state, real (hehehe) levitation... About 3/4 of a year ago, have experienced intense small tremors through my body that moved back and forth as in waves, felt myself lifting and moving, maybe almost like the slithering of a snake over a hard surface. The tremors made me make the tiniest levitations and I did move upwards, not too much as though a filmy energetic oil was underneath me, I was flat on my back. Just before that happened, I experienced my body as tight as a board, then the vibrations started... Is happening again the vibrating, tremors but now from my nose and inside of my mouth upwards... expect that the rest of my body will follow... is a lot of no-work
Nobody was watching... but it was definitely physically real.

I think this goes back to the fact that many people confuse the experience of psychic phenomena and the ability to conduct psychic phenomena on demand. Many people experience telepathy, psychokinesis, etc. but rarely have I met anyone who could od it on demand. I myself experience levitation during meditation one night, but I claim no ability to do it upon demand. And it
has never happened since.

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