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Kriyas Poll

I was wondering what Kriyas people on the list experience.
Date: 01/31/99
21 people responded to the Kriya Poll.

Many people, feel the energy coursing through the body. This is described variously as: Jolts of energy, currents up the spine, convulsions through whole body, rippling sensations, bubbling, shudders, shivers, jerking, rushes, trembling, and full body orgasm.

The time duration of some of these experiences can be anywhere between lightening-like for the jolts of energy, and lasting for hours in the case of jerking and trembling.

Sometimes the experience is localized in various parts of the body--most commonly the legs but sometimes in the head or neck area, causing jerking and twitching.
Pressure was also mentioned.

The desire to move with the energy seems common. Sometimes the whole body is compelled to move, with serpentine, undulating motions, or dancing or Hatha Yoga positions or simply feeling the need to run or move the body. Violent turning and twisting was also mentioned. For eight people this desire took the form of hand movements (mudras) which varied from (what sounds like) classical mudras (thumb and fingers meeting) to a prayer positions, and hand slapping or performing acupressure. The tongue being forced to stretch out or cleve to the palette was mentioned three times.

Conversely, the feeling of the body "freezing," was also mentioned.

Verbal expression was mentioned three times, including lion like roars.

Eye involvement was mentioned four times--twice eyes felt forced open, unblinking, and twice it was mentioned that eyes blurred due to the energy.

Sometimes the energy is described as blissful or "delicious."

Thanks to all who took part! :))

Some comments:

when K was aroused I would sit cross legged on the couch and then I would find my fingers doing strange stuff, like circle thumb to first finger and then going down the line... to the little finger. Then there was the shiver up one side of the body, and then the other side. And infinitesimal bubbles that are ever present throughout entire body

My Kriyas were like mudras...hand movements...some other unintentional body movements in the back, neck, usually working their way up from the hips to the head and definitely "serpentine" in motion. When they first happened, I thought there was something wrong with me,

Two summers ago, my body decided several times a day to do the snake dance.
It wanted to weave and undulate from back to front in a very elegant movement.

At night I frequently wake up in a modified Hatha Yoga "fish" pose. I feel the need to stretch the spine.

Among the many previously mentioned kriyas others have listed, I repeatedly experienced something like a full body orgasm. I had no idea what kriyas were then, either, but I felt like I was being made love to by God. When I found this list several years ago, I discovered this was happening to others as well which was a great relief!

I had a strong urge to do yoga every day... I'd do an hour a day and still feel like more at the end of the day... Thats gone now.
I still get currents going up my spine. Some are so strong they straighten me up instantly. Others make me shake as they go up... usually at the head level.

The Kriyas involve every movable part of my body and joints, some with a poetic flowing movements like Tai Chi, and some very fast and tense. I had virtually every imaginable styles and shapes, pun intended.

The most persistant syndrome lately is the 'freeze up' phenomenon. In meditation i just do not want to move, its like im part of the earth and sky.

The Kriyas I undergo are as follows:
1) Numerous varieties of Pranayama including Bhstrika, Suryabedha, Sheetali, Kumbhaka, sometimes followed by making animal sounds (mostly of lion)
2) Nemeruos Mudras including Bhujangi, Mahamudra, and numerous gestures involving hads, eyes, tongue, penis
3) Some Hatha-Yogic postures including varieties in Savasana and other Asanas
4) Bandhas - mostly Uddhiyana and others
5) Dance Movements - mostly related to Bharatanatya and Kadhakali
6) Other movements: Hands slap and massage various parts of the body; hands draw some figures if I pick up a pen and paper; hands perform some movements with water and food morsels, eyes make an effort not to wink continuously as long as possible, tongue always stretches out etc.

I experience ... numerous mudras, pranayama, Indian dance movements, long forced opening of the eyes;
animal sounds, mostly like a lion or tiger; tongue stretching out or up into the back of the palate; hatha yogic postures, mostly previously unknown;
violent turning and twisting of the body, especially at rest; the hand slapping/massaging of various parts of the body...,
breath retention; and an invloved thing the hands do which is like automatic acupressure and some other kind of work with the energy the body--hard to describe--where the hands automatically apply pressure to certain areas, then pull out the energy in some kind of balancing activity; I can feel the subtle energy coming out of an area at that point.

my kriyas have been and are:
night sweats, energy rushes straight through my body, headaches, burning in my back around my heart area, occasional jolts of energy through my body right after falling asleep, intense dreams.

I tend to get strange ripling sensations through my body.....twitching muscles...muscles moving in ways I could never do on purpose. (Especially in the facial area.....forhead...eyes....cheeks....jawline)
My feet and hands/fingers tingle with energy......sometimes my vision blurs a little...... footer links for polls section
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