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Is Kundalini energy Catching?

One thing I've been wondering about for ages:  Is Kundalini energy Catching?

1.  Many people have reported that once their K has become active, then their S.O.'s (significant other's) K becomes active also.

2.  Others say that friends--sometimes living long distances away, have K experiences at around the same time.

3.  Still others have K active friends before they themselves become K active.

4.  And still others have K/mystical parents, siblings, and/or children.

Question:  Have you had experience with any of these 4 situations?
Please explain?

And do you think K energy is catching?

Thanks to you all!  :))

Fifteen people responded to the Is K catching? Poll 
Seven people reported at least some K activity in SO's (Significant Others)

Five people said that close friends have been affected.  One person answered maybe to this question

Three people answered maybe or yes to the question of having K active friends before they became active.  Two people said they were born awake.

Seven people replied that family members also showed signs of K activity.

Ten people thought that K was catching.  Two others were unsure.  Three others didn't respond directly to the question.

Some comments:

Emitting the "K. radiation" for some 31 years, I've got some experience...
ºAnd do you think K energy is catching?

Definitely - but "temperament" is a decisive factor, in a sense that wet wood has to be dried before it can be ignited :)


   yup. Friends, lovers, slaves, clients, .. everybody in my life gets awakened. I am very contagious..


All K stimulated energy endowed person do not live just like enjoying their inner realms but they rather start contributing to society in thousand different ways, in arts, prose or verse, discoveries, problem solvings and all that stuff.

My K awakened my friend(who I opened up to about my inner me if you will) as my parents did not, who I kinda shelter myself from. If there is an energy that flows between people during intense conversation then this makes perfect sense. My energy which I shared with [my friend] energised his chakras(or whatever it is that releases K, whereas the lack of intense energy release in my conversations with my parents left theirs alone


I happen to have a guru/teacher. Her name is Mystress Angelique Serpent...
and I definitely caught something from her last spring! ;-)


I previously had two energy active friends--one for a couple of decades and one I met just before becoming K active.  I also had short contact with two powerful Tibetan's.  One decades before, and one shortly before K activation.

At the age of 2 my daughter told me about a Being of Light that came into her room.My daughter has psychic dreams that are valid and come true. She gave birthto a son who shows signs of spiritual awakening.

As for the idea that Kundalini is catching... 8-) ... Well, the flow of subtle energy does seem to be catching... just ask my boyfriend!

My best friend from college and my college boyfriend both had some k experiences at the same time as my awakening.  This was about 10 years after we had seen each other, one living in China and the other far from me in the US.

My youngest brother from the time he was an infant would fixate on lights on the ceiling, especially in church and go into a state of consciousness where his body was like rubber - totally pliable.   It would take some time to get him back into body consciousness.   My great grandmother (maternal) was the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter and a "fire talker" in the Appalachian tradition.   A very intense being.   I spent a lot of time when we were at her house when I was a child looking for her "magic broom".   I knew in every part of my being that she was some intense kind of witch.   When I think about it she may have played a strong role in stirring up my own K.

my wife thinks she is now getting the "crawlies" :o)

Kundalini is definitely "catching". In fact, one of the main ways the K masters teach is through Shaktipat awakening of the student's latent Kundalini (like a jump start from one car to another).


.  When I asked about the light that made me understand the purpose of life they told me that I should look up Kundalini..


I believe K is shareable, but it's like other forms of communication - there must be some level of understanding that something's being shared, and that this is a good thing. It doesn't necessarily have to be a conscious understanding, either.

And do you think K energy is catching?

I do not know.  I am tempted to say that the normal evolution process is somehow speeding up as well around me as everywhere.
Do not ask me what the normal evolution process might be! :)))

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