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How to reactivate K.

> I.m new to the list. My K was fully activated a few years ago. It was a difficult time, but also the most wonderfull,  brightest, and fullest time of my life. Everything had the extra "surge" that was most ecstatic.
Since then life has seemed like I lost the real meaning I found then. I've tried to re-activate with meditation, but it doesn,t seem to work the same way.
If anyone has any suggestions, I would be  gratefull.  Thanks


Here are a few suggestions:

- Try breathing exercises.

- Try hatha yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gong or martial arts. Try Kundalini yoga.

- Do Gratitude meditations to get yourself into a state of Gratitude.
Blessed and Bless others. Remove negative thoughts and monitor your

- Practice love meditations. For example, inhale through your heart and exhale that love energy to those around you. Feel yourself filled with love; feel your heart chakra expand and live in a state of Pure Love. Also, practice forgiveness meditations.

- Do various chakra energizing and clearing exercises. For example, go up the front of your body and down the back, putting your consciousness at the front and back of each chakra position. Or stop at each chakra, imagine it's color and say for example at the root chakra: "All orange in red, return to orange. All yellow in red, return to yellow. All green in red, return to green." And so forth. Doing it for each chakra.

- Try chanting Mantras. Pray.

- Change your diet to a 'lighter' one with less cooked foods, more organic foods. Bless and energize your food and water.

- Learn to do some form of energy healing and then practice this energy healing on people.

-  When you say your tried to re-activate with meditation, was this only occasional meditation? If so, start meditating as often as you can every day, even if you can only fit in 15 minutes at a time.

- When you meditate, try feeling the energy flow in your body, and in your palm chakras.

- When you meditate, try putting your tongue in various positions on your palate, expecially at the back of your mouth, the bliss position.

- With your tongue touching your palate just before your front teeth, imagine the energy flowing up your spine and down the front of your body, many times.

- Do grounding exercises, such as the one on Mystress Angelique's webpage.
Store as much energy as you can inside yourself, in your belly,  and in your aura.

- raise your vibratory rate, through buoyant, joyous energy. Laughter, playfulness, fun, inspiring experiences, elation, bliss, wonder, ecstasy and abounding love are all avenues to higher vibrations. Also beautiful music, being in nature, harmonious interaction with loved ones, peaceful relaxation and being in tune with the Infinite.

- Lose all fear and attachments to Ego.

- Listen intently to your Inner Voice. Get in touch with your intuition.

Many blessings
Emily :) footer links for polls section
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