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Member Polls and Surveys.

Heritage Poll.

Wim wrote sometime back:   Any more Dutch people on the list or some Dutch descent?

I was wondering if heritage has an effect on whether we are more likely to become K active.  I know there are a number of people here of both Dutch and Irish descent.

So my question is, where do you or your family come from?

(I'm half Irish and at least a quarter Welch and the rest English and Scottish..) 

Heritage Poll results
Date: 12/14/00

36 people have responded to this Poll.  I can make additions as time goes on.
The results are as follows:

German 13
British 10
Scottish 9
Irish 8
Native American 9
French 6
Dutch 5
Swedish 4
Russian 3
Indian 3
Hungarian 2
Lithuanian 2
Norwegian 2
Spanish 2
Welch 2
one each:
The Steppes (Asia)
Aluliiq (Native Alaskan)

I find it fascinating that the percentage of people with Native American heritage responding to the poll is so high! (over 26%)

Thanks to all of you who responded!


i am 90%+ irish, a little english, and my mother's [great] grandmother was an full-blooded american indian (northern new york but we don't know thespecifics) mother's side of the family has a history of psychic knowledge/happenings/tendencies mainly with the females...

Basque, French & Apache Indian on mom's side (chiracahua) my mother's grandmother was a professional medicine woman (bruja) in Los Angeles in the nineteenth century (fascinating bits of folklore...)

... these recent posts remind me of a meeting I had with a powerful psychic in South india. While we chatted he mentioned that the huge population in India is because lots of souls choose to incarnate in India to go through a more varied range of go through more here per lifetime than most other places.

I also have a theory that most people drawn to Kundalini experiences probably had a past life or three in India, or at least in a Hindu society.  I remember back in 1979, the first time I entered the Hindu Temple in Flushing.  I stood in front of the <murthi> of Lord Ganesha, and lost consciousness for about 20 minutes.  When I regained my senses, I was still standing, but my face was wet with tears and I had the feeling I had finally "come home."

Basque, French & Apache Indian on mom's side (chiracahua) my mother's grandmother was a professional medicine woman (bruja) in Los Angeles in the nineteenth century (fascinating bits of folklore...)

My mystical side appears to have come from my father's line, whose Scotch heritage was begun by a Hungarian gentleman in the 1400's. I guess it takes a really long time to thin out that Hungarian gypsy blood, because my grandmother was an avid follower of astrology and other metaphysical subjects, and she had an uncle who was well known for being able to levitate the furniture! :-)

Interesting that folks are also talking about their ancestors and about feeling that additional groups are "their people."  I come from a long line of religious dissidents.  The first that I know about was hung in 1666 for rebelling against the Ch. of England.  I myself converted to Judaism because of how powerfully that connection pulled me.

I know the closest family talks have been... all about spirit, UFO's, strange  happenings all around us. My grandpa could light a lite bulb in his mouth and was also an inventor, he had alot of   Cherokee Indian in him.
My sister is a prostitute and drug addict with an outregous sense of humor
...but the bizarre things that happen when you are with her a[re] baffling. Thru her laughter... time, people and machines alter.  So which Nationality is she using of our 7...
Anyway maybe it runs in families, and not Nationalities.
Maybe we all do it ...just that some Nationalities are more apt to talk about it!!!

there is a charactor in our scottish clan known as the "wizard" ;). Funny.

I had only one past-life memory...I witnessed a war where many children >died. The word "kiva" came to me very strong. I looked it up the next day and found that kivas were ceremonial huts used by the Anasazi Indians, the ancestors of the Pueblos. Anasazis were known for their beautiful pottery, which is funny to me because I'm a potter. So, I'm convinced I must have lived as an Anasazi Indian.
My ansectors are Irish, Dutch, & American Indian. I think my mystical side relates to my mother's family. They are from Kentucky and have Melungeon roots. Melungeons were the mountain gypsies, dark-skinned people. No one is sure where they came from.
On Dad's side, my Irish-Catholic Grandmother had K-like experiences of seeing the devil and groups of angels. Unfortunately, they "cured" this by giving her electric shock treatments to the brain (this was in the 1950s).
Sometimes I wonder if she had K or not. She's gone now so I guess I'lLnever know.

I am one of the silent listeners on this list. I come from South India, from Tamilnadu, that is as far as my ancestory goes.

My father's ancestors were nomads on the steppes of west Asia.
My mother's were from the Black Forest area in Germany. Both were born in the US but their parents were from the respective countries.  Generations before that were quite the travellers.  Small wonder I can never stay in one place. When I meditate I get clear pictures of the past....usually it is images and thoughts/feelings firsthand from my ancestors.  I often hear people speaking, and then I realize that in this image, the person speaking is "me", but my intuition tells me it's actually someone else and I am simply hearing and feeling what they heard and felt.

I think heritage has a place in helping set a "starting point" for kundalini activity.  It also plays into the relative ease or difficulty of taking the kundalini gift to the next level.  Heritage is one of perhaps a hundred variables, but it is surely one.

I am an American born and raised. This is what I've been told.  My strongest ties to my past is through my grandmothers wisdom and belives from her ancestry from the charokee indians.  She instilled so much belief in all things that we cannot see or hear but feel in our heart.  I remember questioning some of the old wise tales shrugged off by disbelievers and instilled so deeply that I too almost lost this precious gift.

END  Thanks everyone!

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