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Member Polls and Surveys.

Health Mini Poll

Date: 4/12/99
Question: How many of us....

1. Feel we are healthier because of K? Mentally? Physically?
2. Feel we are unhealthier because of K? Mentally? Physically?
3. Feel K resulted from illness?
4. Feel illness resulted from K?
6. Have cured ourselves or others?
7. Feel the positives of K outweigh any possible negatives?

There were 17 responses.

1. All but two people felt that they were healthier mentally because of K.
One felt mentally "over excited." But even those who have been hospitalized with bipolar illness felt benefits--citing increased creativity or healthier interactions with self and others.
Others mentioned feeling mentally healthier despite experiencing some mental imbalances.

12 people felt physically healthier than before--fewer cold/flu bugs.

2. 4 people felt they were healthier before K. Two people mentioned being unhealthier mentally due to being more driven, or obsessed.

3. Five people felt that K resulted from illness--but mainly in the sense that overwhelming stress, either mental or physical, resulted in breakthroughs, and that illness was a means to force the clearing away of imbalances. Ten people answered no.

4. To the question did illness result from K, 6 answered no, and 6 yes and 2 were unsure/ambiguous. The illnesses mentioned were:
. Early menopause (2)
. leg pains/numbness (2)
. Bi polar disorders (2)
. Gastric upsets and other food sensitivities (2)
. Migraines and headaches were mentioned twice, but one as being caused and the other being cured by K
. Allergies were also mentioned twice, and again, one as being caused and the other cured by K.

6. Ten people said they had cured themselves or others. (6 mentioned curing others--one that she has cured others but not herself). Some of the cures mentioned were: Headaches, backpain, asthma, allergies and sleep disturbances, finding relevant cures, astral attack.

7. There was near unanimity here that K is overall a positive experience--despite traumas and health problems. Some responses:

* if i feel i see a positive and a negative, i know i'm not totally there.
* Nothing to do with qualitative feeling...had no choice...did I!!!
* Yes. An incredible experience. I want another - but would like it to be less dramatic. :)
* Although the K. experience as whole has been disconcerting, given a choice I wouldn't give it up! And realize that at some level I probably requested it.
* Yes, but it's been like a bad rollar coaster ride; it's a heck of a ride, thrilling at times, but I'm glad when it (some of the stronger symptoms) ends.
* Absolutely. This is for everyone!
* although it is very difficult and painful for anyone to proceed with k awakening, once you get though a hurdle....its purely sublime.

Thanks everyone!!

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