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Member Polls and Surveys.

Gyrefalcon's Poll: Diet, Showers, and more, and their affects on K. activity

Thank you all for responding. I believe so real patterns show up in the results. Don't look at the bar graphs or the percentages because they are based on only one answer being correct. Instead look at the grouping of questions, the first 4 have to do with eating, the next 5 have to do with hot and cold showers. Look at how many responses there between the different choices in each group.

I did this because I had run into too much conflicting information and I think some authors out there haven't had that much K experience, so I wanted to see how a support group like this would respond.

Once again, thank you very much for your response.

Gyrefalcon Argenteus

Poll QUESTION: Diet - Hot and Cold Showers - and more, and its affects on Kundalini/Chakra activity.

Please vote for as many choices as are applicable, but only those which you have experienced, not those which you have only read about or might consider doing. I don't do many of these myself and my K can move mountains.

Thank You

Choices and Results:

Diet: 37 responses

- I find that the size meals I eat can effect on K., 13 votes,
- I do NOT find that the size of meals has an affect on K., 6 votes,
- I have never noticed K. being affected by the amount of food I consume., 12 votes,
- I consume smaller meals to facilitate more K activity. (Some literature on K recommends this), 5 votes,

Showers: 17 responses

- I find that cold showers will stimulate K., 4 votes,
- I find that hot showers will stimulate K., 7 votes,
- I find that cold showers decrease my K/chakra activity., 2 votes,
- I find that hot showers decrease my K/chakra activity., 4 votes,
- I take cold showers principally to stimulate K. (some literature recommends this), 0 votes,

Practices: 59 responses

- I practice yoga asanas (forms). , 11 votes,
- I meditate or attempt to, in formal sitting posture., 19 votes,
- I practice "walking" or informal meditation. , 19 votes,
- I do not practice meditation, but find that I can still my mind when necessary (and K isn't throwing me around like a rag doll.), 8 votes,
- I have difficulty stilling my mind and do not attempt to meditate in any way., 2 votes,

Reading: 75 responses

- I read fiction that I believe may have a positive effect on my spiritual path., 15 votes,
- I read non-fiction that is oriented toward spiritual growth and understanding., 30 votes,
- I gather my nonfiction material only from recognized spiritual sources, swamis, Buddha, OF THE EAST., 7 votes,
- I incorporate Eastern studies with Jewish, Pagan or Native American studies into my path., 15 votes,
- I rarely or leave my native, or born into religion when seeking spiritual wisdom., 0 votes,
- I find my path is more introspection and contemplation and do little reading of a spiritual nature., 8
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