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Member Polls and Surveys.

Food Poll.

In order to try to limit bandwidth on the perennial Meat VS Vegetarian discussion that seems to go on *forever,* LOL, maybe a quick Poll would let people vent quickly and quietly on the subject. So How many of us are:

Omnivores (meat eating)?
Other? :))

There were 28 responses to the poll or to related posts.

22 omnivores

6 vegetarians

Some omnivores became vegetarian after becoming K active. Some vegetarians became omnivores after K--citing, among other reasons, better grounding and needing more energy.

One thing seems certain--becoming vegetarian for many is not always easy.

The Poll did not prevent the annual food wars! It has a life of its own, it seems. Save your posts for next year!

Many, many thanks to all those who responded. :))

Some Comments:

There are Predators for Carnivors, Omnivores, Herbavors, and if there wasn't there would be no balance in the world. YES I agree that we are going out of balance by our over use of our power as Humaniods and that circle of power will be reversed if we are not careful and aware of what we are doing. I don't feel that any Plant, Animal, Insect, Reptile should eliminate part of their natural diet.

From Taoist perspective, we are part of Nature and using live forms for food is law of nature. But there are limits, like, no waste, moderation, kind intention, etc. Also, any strong sentiments of one way or another may be regarded as attachments and therefore should be discarded.

I think it is clear, given the natural cycle of life, that we were intended to be omnivores. Killing for food is not an act of violence, rather a continuation of life. We should be grateful to the "sacrificial lamb", so to speak. :)

We all eat God.
Does it matter if we eat God dressed as a chicken or a leaf?

I once read a hilarious retort from a non-self-righteous vegetarian who was asked if he only ate vegetables because he loved animals. "No," he replied, "I'm a vegetarian because I hate plants."

There's no need to argue about eating meat or not . When K moves up more meat eaters will become vegetarian. Just give them time and space to do the things they need to do.

I think you are quite right, here. My own meat consumption reduced as I simply began to realize how it affected how I feel, and function, in all contexts, physical, emotional, and psychic/spiritural, began to simply loose my taste for it, without any conscious choices, moral/humane considerations,

I eat MEAT! Most of my childhood and adulthood I was a vegi. After K awakening, I found out that if I ate meat I could live on this planet, otherwise I space out, don't eat anything that is not spiritual in nature, I float away with energy, burn up with it, even. To me, meat is the weight that holds me down on this earth, I have responsiblities here and when they are gone, I will no longer eat meat and float away into samadhi.
An intriguing corollary, and possibly what makes this discussion so volatile, is the nature and sense of identity we have based upon our diet. When I was a vegetarian, I *was* a vegetarian. I self identified and was identified as the *vegetarian*. Oh, the contortions though which I put my loving friends and family! Finally, the wise Mullah taught me some manners...or maybe it was his donkey?

If you want to avoid causing pain, quit eating altogether, or eat just fruits and nuts. Better yet, quit breathing. Every breath we take inhales entire universes of life. And don't forget walking--we thoughtlessly crush blades of grass and tiny insects with every step.

I feel much lighter when not eating meat but have trouble doing really heavy work when not eating meat..

These days I don't eat meat much though, although I love it. Not because I have a problem with causing death - how can you worship the earth and have a problem with death? But purely because most of the animals we eat in this country anyway don't even get to /have/ a life before we kill them, and I do have a problem with that.

> > The logic is simple. Humans don't have claws to
> > tear the meat, they don't have sharp canines to bite
> > into it either. So, they were never meant to be
> > carnivores.

To put it simply, hogwash and horseshit. Humans are the ultimate adapters. We are omnivores and because of our brain and tool making skills we don't require talons and fangs. Let those pure carnivores wear out their fangs and talons and energy! I'd just grab a club and Whang Bam, dinner is served!

I think that this is an absolutely idiotic position!! Any person who is in a sincere search for enlightenment will naturally want to minimize the amount of pain he doles out to the world around him.

I wonder why God made meat tast so good? I am trying to find alternatives. I'm not saying I'm perfect, and I'll never slip back into purchasing a burger from a fast food joint. But I am focusing my efforts to minimize meat intake, and cut it out altogether. This makes sense spiritually.

yep...if God didn't want us to eat animals, he wouldn't have made them out of meat...

this topic has a nasty tendency to get nasty..
carnivores as dart boards skewered on the horns of "peaceful" herbivores show sharp claws and teeth in response. :) Nip that annual fracas in the bud, thanks.. :)

Well said. When we step over onto another's path in order to judge it against the standard of our own, we have strayed from our own path.

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