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Member Polls and Surveys.

Color preference poll


Poll Question:

Now here's an idea for a poll ...How have your life/psychological changes been reflected in colour preferences?? Here are mine:

Childhood: Nice calm blue.

Ages 16-21: Oooooer!! K awakes and it's all very intense. I wear black, yellow and deep purple. At the same time!

Twenties: My trendy London media days - fully indulging my masculine career drives and unconciously fighting all that deep inner yuck. Black darling. Plus a bit of white. Went through a beige phase cos basically I was gently unhappy and pretty miserable underneath that buzz.

Thirties: MUCH clearing out - very dramatic/traumatic but exciting and progressive and meaningful. Last 5 years have been mad for red/pink/orange.

Will wear these colours mixed together in moderation. Have also had a return to my blue roots!!

As for green, it's never been my favourite, but I will go for a nice subtle minty shade. Dark muddy green - yuk. The colour of a room I had an 8 month breakdown in.


Hardly a poll and hard to give findings as every one likes completely different colours. Blue and blue-purple came up a lot thought, as did earth colours. Purple seems to associated with powerful stuff - ie 'empowering', 'erotic'.

Something interesting - the colours you paint your walls may be different to the colours you're comfortable wearing. A number of people for example mentioned yellow walls (and I'd not be without my yellow kitchen...), but not that many would wear too much of it. One even mentioned it caused pain to another.


Re: the poll... I went though a red phase then and electric blue phase, these days I am into purple and jewel emerald green. Always wore a lot of black, too.

Put me down for royal and electric blues since K woke me up ( I was all into deep reds before) ......I find purple very empowering.

when K. put me through a protracted "dark night of the soul" period. I would often "see" electric pink, always accompanied by electric blue. Seeing either color was a harbinger of some strange event involving the other color.

Anyway, I'm still kind of interested in the electric blue/electric pink thing, color compliments and their clairvoyant potential, and color in relation to the chakras. For me, the chakras each have a very distinct feeling, but the only color I ever see is a deep blue (usually with a pale yellow fringe) in the third eye.

What chakra is pink? I just can't get enough pink in my life these days - a colour that used to do nothing for me.

The heart chakra is pink and green, tho I usually tell people to visualize white light there. Pink describes a quality of love I cannot describe in words. Not unconditional love, which is a transparent heat shimmer, (clear light) not romantic love (red passion) or compassion... just, love. Sweetness.

In response to Kate's color poll :) my favorite two colors are magenta pink and like a teal green. I am addicted to them use them all the time. When I was a kid it was emerald green and ocean blue (I still love them but they have been replaced by my new favorites).... I love pretty colors never been much for black, browns or greys but have noticed in certain periods of my life dark colors attracted me more than light.

...what is purple's signifcance?. I went on a purple binge .. started about two years ago, it was almost an erotic thing... towels, rugs, shirts.. (purple onions) even went by the Royal Purple Frog in chat for a while... ...and green. (light green - mint) But I've always been one for complimentarys.

I too started this huge purple bing about 3 years ago. I don't think you will ever see as much purple velvet in anyone else's wardrobe. It's almost obscene. And it's mostly all burgundy velvet. And shortly thereafter, started a red bing. The significance of purple is that it is primarily a 3rd eye color. It acts as a grounding color for high-strung, psychically sensitive people and is also an energizer. However, too mcy meditating with purple can make you feel spaced out. Certain shades of it are anesthetic.

Blue was my favorite for a long time, lately lots of purple/fuchsia type colors. And i do like earth-colors, all kinds, terracotta and so on.

My room is a dark red color. As a joke when i moved to this house, i was telling my parents a red and black room and then they mad eit dark red! It still looks really cool though, i have always liked dark red and green colors, thats my adition to the color poll deal.

I have bought some saris for curtains - sort of a spice with gold. And some purple smaller sari bits to cover the electronics and tv. Green butterflies all over the table . . . oriental rugs on the floor. Cannot do without color.

Theoretically I like clean, zen design - but it's never what I end up doing - I like to have luxurious juice around me. Even in my office cubicle I have a spread and an embroidered red pillow on my guest's chair and a Pakistani rug covering the corporate issue mauve.

color is something i so respond to and also visualizations/energywork, painting, photographs..the beautiful light in my apartment as i type. i live in an old house with 14ft ceilings. the walls in the living room are pale greygreen..the ornate victorian trim around the doors and edges is offwhite. it's increditly calming...light wood floors. my kitchen is an earthy brown. warm. bedroom, colors i would never have imagined i would grow to really enjoy...light warm yellow walls with trim done in a medium orange red. of course, the mantle over the fireplace is silver! zing! everything was this way when i moved in and i can't imagine changing any of it.


Hehe. I've been trying to force myself into black 'n white, but every time I go out to buy clothes, I land into browns and earthy greens. Feels great when I wear it, though... I was green 'n blue for many, many years.

I had a student, completely deaf. One day I wore a very bright yellow jacket to class. (I know I said my closet is neutral, but this was a summer jacket on sale....). He came up to me and asked me to take the jacket off, it hurts him to much. There was real pain in his eyes. If color can heal, I guess it can hurt.

I really liked the yellow - the pictures on the wall looked great in relief and so did the windows. It was energizing. It was a warm, cozy, supportive yellow.

This is doevtailing into thoughts I've been having about the third chakra lately.

I think that's interesting that there's an "east/west" split in liking yellow. Does the "west" have more third chakra issues, culturally, historically? Seems plausible to categorize it that way.

Well, I seem to be coming out of my everything-must-be-celadon Martha Stewart phase, and find myself really wanting to paint my bedroom this color that I saw in the bathroom of a local yoga center, this really ethereal sort of periwinkle-ish cornflower-ish blue-ish purple. Also known, I came to find out, as Benjamin Moore #1425. I think Benjamin Moore needs to hire a new person to name their colors, by the way :0).

I like white, too. Like white walls and white furniture and jewel-like color against that backdrop. Like single yellow freesias in cobalt blue bottles lined up on a white mantle. Clarity

When my K. was first released I used to see spirals of colors circulating into a counterclockwise rotation. The colors ranged from red to green to deep blue. Now when I close my eyes the spirals are usually a grayish white. After mediation they are usually a deep blue again. I imagine I was seeing the the different colors of the chakras. At first it was difficult to sleep because of all of these visuals, but they seem to have stabilized now.

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