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Member Polls and Surveys.

Chakra Poll

Many thanks to all who responded. There were 14 replies.

Chakra Poll results:

Below, for rough comparison, you'll find a list of the conventional chakras. The information is loosely taken from Leadbeater's The Chakras, Greenwell's "Energies of Transformation" and Jung's 1932 lectures "Psychological Commentary on Kundalini Yoga." I've mislaid my other books on chakras--so please bear with inaccuracies!

There were no real surprises, except for the fact that most people felt the chakras physically rather than experiencing them visually--more about that further on. The positions, and for the most part, colors, seem to conform to the literature.

The 1st chakra was felt by 10 people. Locations mentioned were base of spine and perineum. 4 mentioned feeling the area sexually. As for colors, one mentioned red, one blood red, and another Golden-white. One mentioned the shape as a coiling tube or spinning disc.

The 2nd chakra was felt by 6 people. Not much was said about it, however, except some confusion was expressed about its location. The locations mentioned were lower abdomen, spleen, kidneys, and adrenals. Colors mentioned were Orange and Red-orange

The 3rd chakra was felt by 8 people. Location mentioned was navel, solar plexus, abdomen and stomach. The color mentioned was yellow. One person felt this area sometimes when running, another felt it through the body--front to back. Two people mentioned stomach problems--pain and other disturbances. Another person connected this chakra with "an outer energy system that has other connections on the sides of the neck."

The 4th chakra was felt by 10 people. Location was mentioned as the heart. Colors mentioned were green and a green glow, differing from the more traditional golden, red, and yellow. One person felt warmth, another bliss, and another vibrations.

the 5th chakra was felt by 11 people. Location was mentioned as the throat. Colors mentioned were blue and sapphire. 3 people mentioned tightness, constriction, or lump in the throat.

the 6th chakra was felt by 10 people. Location was mentioned as forehead, 3rd eye, between the eyes, and brow. Colors mentioned were indigo, golden white and violet. One person described it as a desert sun with rays and warmth hitting the Ajna. Another felt it as an ache boring through the body. Another described it as "the earth rotating behind [the] eyes." Another described it as an eye-glazing, swooning/exploding sensation. Two people mentioned strong activity there.

The 7th chakra was felt by 11 people. Location was mentioned as the crown, top of head, and whole head. Colors mentioned were violet and Golden white and violet. One person described it as a white magnolia, and another as a guide putting his hands over the crown. Two people also mentioned strong activity here. 3 people mentioned discomfort, such as feeling a headband, or a scullcap, or fullness or heaviness. One mentioned tingles, another headaches, and another explosions.

Above the head. three people mentioned feeling a chakra above the body.

Hands. 4 people mentioned chakras in the hands--one describing orbs of white light in the middle of each palm.

Feet. 6 people mentioned feeling chakras in the feet

One Poll respondent said she didn't identify much with chakras. Another said she had no real centers, but visualized dots and spots and sometimes geometric patterns in multiple colors. Another felt the vibrations of a few of them.

Interestingly enough, although 5 people pictured the chakras visually, either by color or shape, 7 people felt the chakras physically rather than picturing them visually. The latter described aching and pain, heat, tightness, heaviness, and vibrations.

The root (1st) chakra felt sexual
the solar plexus (3rd) was associated with stomach pain and digestive problems
the heart (4th) felt bliss and vibrations
the throat (5th) felt constricted and tight,
and the brow and crown (6th and 7th) felt (head)aches, tingling, fullness, constriction and explosiveness.

A couple of people mentioned the symbolic nature of the chakras.

Three people mentioned feeling sensations in the back of neck or shoulder. I wonder if there is a center here that has not yet been noted in the literature. Certainly Krishnamurti also felt it!

As for the energy following a particular path, three people could discern no particular path, saying they felt no path, or felt the energy throughout the body, or said that "something" circulates.

Five people described more or less the classic pattern of K energy.
The first said it went up the spine, out the head and down the front of the body and that it was intensely hot.
The second described it as dancing like flames in spiral pattern in spine spewing out top of head,
the third feels the energy go up the spine, spread across the shoulders and up into the crown.
the forth feels it as electricity along the spine, chakras, and also the arms and legs, perhaps along chi lines,
the fifth feels it go from the sexual centers through the abdomen and then out the chest, forehead and top of head and also downward into the head from a funnel like shape. Note the mention of the chest and forehead as outer gateways.

One person felt the energy in three separate channels and also mentioned inner and outer gateways in hands, ears and eyes

One person said the energy at first went from throat to brow to crown, but not in the spine, but two years later she felt it burning in the spine from 2nd to throat and back down.

One person described traveling along the spinal column by making himself tiny.

One person described the energy coming in via the eyes by a biblical God figure--another example of the energy using "unusual" gateways!

Thanks again, everyone!


Root: perineum, base of spine
Conscious world
orange red
Security issues

Spleen adrenals? Kidneys?
Makara (sea monster)
vermilion (red)/sun
crescent moon

Navel solar plexus, abdomen
reds & greens, blue, golden, red

Gazelle (unicorn? Rhinoceros)
Golden, red
Two interlaced triangles

Elephant (again)
blue, Silvery, gleaming, purple, gold, moonlike
light blue
expression, creativity

Brow Forehead, 3rd eye
mystic union
white light
no animal, Linga
yellow and purple, white, red
dark blue
"command post"

Crown top of head
pure consciousness


above the head
back of neck/shoulder footer links for polls section
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